Skills and Knowledge for Anthropology Majors

Reading, writing, and even arithmatic - all of these are skills developed during the study of anthropology. The links below are excellent resources for reading and study tips, presentation tips, citations, and statistical analysis. Many of these links are hosted by other universities, and can prove helpful in subjects other than anthropology.

Anthropological Theory

Anthropological Theories

Anthropological Theory: A Guide for Students by Students


Tips for Writing Anthropology Essays

UNC Writing Center Handout


Guide to Reading Social Science: How to Work Through Long Reading Assignments - a guide by MIT, this proves extremely useful.

Notetaking and Reading Strategies - sponsored by Muskingum College, additional strategies can be found here.


Research Methods Knowledge Base - this comprehensive site addresses a broad range of topics regarding social research and data analysis.

Interactive Statistical Calculations - a directory of links to webpages that help you to perform statistical tests and calculations.


Presentation Tips

Presentation Zen