Welcome to Managerial Accounting!

Fall 2017


I know you are excited to get started on your journey through managerial accounting! You will be happy to know that managerial accounting is easier and less intense than financial accounting. Many of you will find ACG 2071 easier and more practical than ACG 2021. However, you use many of the concepts you learned in financial accounting in this course, so I hope you remember financial accounting!


The course syllabus materials are posted and can be found on the course website at TannerTown. Note that you will access through the course website (not through Blackboard or Canvas).


Here are some 'first day' ACG 2071 activities to get you started:

1. Read the course syllabus information. Access the main page of the course website at http://www.unf.edu/~dtanner/index.htm, and then click the yellow menu bar on the left of the screen. The third section of the menu (ACG 2071) contains the course syllabus, course schedule, and a link to Study Hall where you will find study materials. Be sure to read through all sections so you will know how to get through this course successfully.

2. Buy a BAII Plus Professional calculator (best price at Amazon.com), a NXT clicker from the UNF bookstore, a package of 4" by 6" index cards, and a Magic Rub or White Pearl eraser. No textbook is required as all materials are free and posted online on the TannerTown website. See the syllabus for more detail. 


3. Want to earn 5 bonus participation points? Register your clicker by reading and following the directions in the course Canvas site by Monday, August 28 at 9:00 AM, arrive to class on time, AND 'submit' your attendance 'on time'. From the Canvas course, choose Modules, then Classroom Clickers, to find information on clickers and the registration process.


4. Go to the course website and access the course schedule: Class Schedule. A legend appears at the bottom of the schedule. Links to the pre-lecture videos, assigned readings, PowerPoints, and class problem (CP) handouts you will need to bring to class are posted. Prior to each class, watch the pre-lecture videos, read the assigned chapter readings, and bring a copy of the class problem handouts (CP) with you to class. Note that the schedule may be updated twice a week to reflect class coverage.

5. You can access the Study Hall page from the ACG 2071 section of the slide out menu which appears on the course website. Study Hall contains a number of study sheets, study probes (problems from previous exams), managerial accounting review videos, and tutorials. Updates will occur throughout the semester.


6. Be sure you are able to log into the Managerial Accounting Canvas course. Your participation grades, clicker registration, and important announcements will be posted in Canvas.

7. Be sure you are able to access your Osprey email account, as this is where you will find frequent messages from me. Read email at least 3 or 4 times per week (you may find time sensitive bonus point opportunities posted). Contact the ITS Help Desk if you have email problems: Technology Help.

You can find my contact information including real time and online office hours by selecting Contact Information from the first section of the slide out menu. As an option, you can contact me directly through the AIM widget on the main TannerTown web page. Office hours begin on August 21.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday, August 21, as we begin our ride through managerial accounting. Because there are students on a wait list for this class, attendance is mandatory on the first day of class. To avoid being administratively dropped, be sure to sign the class roster on August 21 either before class begins or at the end of class. Note that parking is a nightmare during the first two weeks of class, so plan to arrive early. Your best option is to park in the north lot or lot 53 and ride the shuttle to avoid being late for class.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask anytime.


Professor Diane Tanner, CPA, CMA, CFE

Associate Instructor of Accounting

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