Curriculum Vitae

F. Dan Richard

Department of Psychology
University of North Florida
Building 39/4033
4567 St. John’s Bluff Road, South
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Phone: (904) 620-2807
Fax: (904) 620-3814
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Academic History:
Ph.D.    2002    Texas Christian University, Experimental Psychology, Social
M.S.    1998    Texas Christian University, Experimental Psychology
M.A.    1992    Northeast Louisiana University, Experimental Psychology
B.S.     1990    Northeast Louisiana University, Psychology

Professional Experience:
2001 - current  Assistant Professor
                                    University of North Florida
                                    Jacksonville, Florida
2000 - 2001     Senior Consultant
                                    Tangram Corporation
                                    Fort Worth, Texas
1994                Instructor, Part-time
                                    Northeast Louisiana University
                                    Monroe, Louisiana
1992-1996       Psychological Associate
                                    G. B. Cooley Services for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
                                    West Monroe, Louisiana

Professional Memberships:
American Psychological Society
American Statistical Association
Society for Personality and Social Psychology

2000  Dean’s Distinguished Teaching Award, AddRan College of Arts & Sciences,
            Department of Psychology, Texas Christian University
Social Psychology                                      
Behavioral Research                                  
Psychological Testing and Measurement             
Abnormal Psychology (Team)
General Psychology 

Social Psychology                                      
Statistics/Research Design                          
Social Cognition


Current Research Interests:
Social psychologists have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge and have developed theories about human social behavior. The non-scientist also accumulates knowledge and develops theories about the social behavior they see everyday. My research evaluates how lay knowledge and lay theories guide social behavior and how these beliefs influence the evaluation of relevant scientific research outcomes. I have substantive interests in social cognition including processes involved in the evaluation of others and the assessment of interpersonal relationships. I also have an interest in meta-analytic procedures and how these techniques have influenced research in social psychology.

Selected Publications:

Richard, F. D., & Bond, C. F., Jr. (2003). One Hundred Years of Social Psychology Quantitatively Described. Review of General Psychology, 7, 331-363.

Bond, C. F., Jr., Wiitala, W. L., &
Richard, F. D. (2003). Meta-analysis of raw mean differences. Psychological Methods, 8, 406-418.

Richard, F. D.
, Bond, C. F., Jr., & Stokes, J. J. (2002). “That’s Completely Obvious . . . and Important”: Lay Evaluations of Social Psychological Findings. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 27, 497-505.

Bond, C. F., Kenny, D., Horn, E., Stokes, J. J., Richard, F. D. (2000). Multivariate analysis of triadic relations. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 35, 397-426.

Battaglia, D., Richard, F. D., Datteri, D., & Lord, C.  (1998). Breaking Up Is (Relatively) Easy To Do: A Script for the Dissolution of Close Relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 15, 829-845.

Richard, F. D. & McGahan, J. R. (1998). An evaluation of the conditional probability strategy and rule-analysis methodology in judgments of covariation. Psychological Reports, 82, 819-831.

Grant Experience:

2001-2002 Statistical Consultant: Social and Cultural Risk Factors in Sickle Cell Disease; Primary Investigator: Dr. James Dzandu; Receiving Agency: Sickle Cell Disease Association of America/Fort Worth Texas Chapter; Awarding Agency: Texas Department of Health, Award Amount: $200,000


Richard, F. D. (2002). Pursuing an Availability-Heuristic Explanation of Lay Evaluations of Social Psychological Research Findings. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX.

Supervision of Student Theses:

Mary E. Dietz. (2004, August). Obvious and important: Lay judgments of social psychological research findings and motivation. (Master’s Thesis).

Rebecca L. Ammon. (2003, May). The influence of biology and commitment beliefs on jealousy responses. (Undergraduate Thesis: Recipient of Undergraduate Student Research Award; Presented at APS, 2003).

Michele A. Shams. (2002, May). The availability heuristic in judgments of research findings: Manipulations of subjective experience. (Undergraduate Thesis: Published in The Osprey Journal of Ideas and Inquiry, Vol. 2).

Other Professional Activities:
Ad Hoc Reviewer: Journal of Personality (2002)
Officer: APS Student Caucus Past President (2001)
Judge: SWPA Poster Submission Review (2000)
Officer: APS Student Caucus President (1999-2000)
Judge: Psi Chi Guilford Undergraduate Research Awards (1999-2000)
Officer: APS Student Caucus Graduate Advocate (1998-1999)
Chair: APS Student Caucus Student Research Competition Committee (1999)
Chair: APS Student Caucus Student Grant Award Committee (1999)
Member:  Human Subjects Committee (TCU; 1999)
Member:  Southwest Regional Steering Committee for Psi Chi (1999)
Judge: Psi Chi/Allyn & Bacon Research Awards (1998-1999)
Judge: Psi Chi Neuman Graduate Research Awards (1998-1999)
Judge: Lawrence Erlbaum Student Research Award (1998-1999)