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The Culture War and the Rise of Inequality
University of Kentucky, March 28, 2014
Presented at the Conference on Economic and Political Inequality, this illustrated lecture considers whether Culture War issues have become a political Trojan Horse for wealthy individuals and corporarations, as Thomas Frank has argued, or whether rising inequality is the product of more fundamental forces.

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Learning from Las Vegas: Addiction, Limbic Capitalism, and Pleasure Meccas
UNLV Lied Library, May 9, 2013
In this Gaming Research Colloquium talk, David Courtwright discusses three overlapping features of modern history: the global spread of potentially addictive pleasures, limbic capitalism (the production of goods and services that stimulate pleasure and emotional responses in the brain), and the rise of "urban pleasure" meccas like Las Vegas.

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ASKIMO - One on one with an expert
March 19, 2013
Culture War Politics

The History of Drug Use and Drug Policy
Tobacco Industry
What do alcohol, tobacco and other drugs have in common?

The Global Drug Wars
London School of Economics panel presentation, October 23, 2012
Professor David Courtwright, Nigel Inkster, Dr William B McAllister, Dr Ethan Nadelmann

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The Politics of Nixon's Drug War
David Courtwright's address to the 35th Anniversary Conference for the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention, Washington, D.C., March 24, 2007 (Craig Gormus, videographer; introduction by Robert DuPont)

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