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The project Voces y caras (Voices and Faces) has grown from a series of interviews performed by students in professor Constanza López’s Spring of 2012 course Communications and Communities for Speakers of Spanish. These interviews focus on the rapidly growing Hispanic community of Jacksonville, which – as this project makes evident – is very diverse. The interviewees come from, or have connections to, fourteen Spanish-speaking countries. They occupy different roles in our community; some are doctors, business owners, teachers, architects, engineers, students, parents, grandparents, etc. Some have been here for many years, and others came recently. Some escaped political repression and violence in their own countries, others came looking for a better future, and some came following their loved ones. They all represent a happy, vibrant, family-oriented, hard-working community whose members strive to achieve their goals and dreams. They have assimilated to American society while maintaining a strong cultural identity. This desire to keep their own culture, or to become bicultural, is non-negotiable, because this varied group is extremely proud of its customs, food, music, language, and above all, of their families.

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Alberto López Chávez Junior
Interviewer: María Meliza Caicedo
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View Alberto's Interview Poster


Alejandra Eva Outeiral
Interviewer: Brian Dunbar
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Ana Salvador
Interviewer: Patricia Alvarenga
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Bernabé Murguía
Interviewer: Jake Fagan
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View Bernabé's Interview Poster

Carmen Yontop Graves
Interviewer: Héctor Vásquez
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View Carmen's Interview Poster

Constanza López
Interviewer: Ida Morales
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View Constanza's Interview Poster

Dora M. Velásquez
Interviewer: Diana Rojas
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View Dora's Interview Poster

Edmundo Nava Honc
Interviewer: Abra Maxey-Billings
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View Edmundo's Interview Poster

Elizabeth Sánchez
Interviewer: Elizabeth Tapley
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View Elizabeth's Interview Poster

Evelyn Castellanos
Interviewer: Abneris Serrano
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Fausto Álvarez
Interviewer: Alexandra Foust
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Luis Daniel Báez Sr.
Interviewer: Elizabeth Marroquín
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View Luis's Interview Poster

María Hernández
Interviewer: Daniel Rombola
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View María's Interview Poster


María Angélica Palacios
Interviewer: Anneke Toomey play button


View María's Interview Poster

María del Carmen
Interviewer: Tracey Ezell play button

Mercedes Saldaña de Cabrera
Interviewer: Gina Aguilar play button


View Mercedes' Interview Poster

Nancy Michelle Sutton
Interviewer: María Lorena Avilés play button


View Nancy's Interview Poster

Molly Miller
Interviewer: María A. Miranda play button


View Molly's Interview Poster

Norma Spencer
Interviewer: Amanda Martínez play button


View Norma's Interview Poster

Pedro Di Bella
Interviewer: Stefano Di Bella play button


View Pedro's Interview Poster

René U. Pulido
Interviewer: Franklyn Taylor play button


View René's Interview Poster

Rigoberto Martínez
Interviewer: Charmaine Martínez play button


View Rigoberto's Interview Poster

Sergio Alejandro Lencina
Interviewer: Carolina Lencina play button


View Sergio's Interview Poster

Verónica León
Interviewer: Evelyn Castellanos play button


View Verónica's Interview Poster

Víctor Ravelo
Interviewer: Tiffany Malloy play button


View Victor's Interview Poster


Constanza López is an assistant professor of Spanish in the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. She obtained her Ph.D. in Hispanic Literatures at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her research interests include Latin American Literatures of the XX and XXI centuries, women writers, autobiography and testimonio, gender and violence, film and documentary, human rights and activism, migrations, and Hispanics in the U.S. She is author of Trauma, memoria y cuerpo: el testimonio femenino en Colombia(1985-2000).



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