University of North Florida I have taught the Mathematical Physics class, the Basic Astronomy Class, Calculus-based Physics 1 Lecture, and the Physics 1 Lab. I have incorporated some of the active engagement techniques in nearly all of the classes I have taught at UNF. I am looking forward to continued development of these courses, specifically adding a lab component to the Mathematical Physics course, adding a computational physics course, or moving towards a studio format (see the description below) for our introductory course sequences.

Colorado School of Mines My principal teaching duties at CSM included the development, implementation, and maintenance of the introductory mechanics class delivered by the studio method to approximately 500 students per semester. Studio physics is a student-centered, interactively engaging method of instruction that utilizes an integrated learning environment emphasizing collaborative problem solving and conceptual understanding of content rich material coupled with hands-on lab measurements. Our students showed significant improvements in normalized gains on the Force Concept Inventory relative to national averages of courses using traditional, as well as active engagement, instruction methods. During my time at CSM, I was very inspired as the department witnessed the largest growth it had ever seen, from approximately 50 majors to well over 200. Many thanks to the graduating class of 2007 for selecting me for the Annual Outstanding Faculty Member Award.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago As a graduate student, I also held an adjunct faculty position at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This was an especially rewarding experience where I taught calculus and introductory mechanics to art students who typically had little background in science and math. I very much enjoyed the unique challenge of presenting the material in an engaging and interactive manner while being accessible to such a diverse audience. As a professional scientist, I think it is very important to work to generate interest and knowledge in science among non-scientists.