I love music, I enjoy travel, and I like good food. Life is fabulous with those three things.
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Before coming to the U.S. for my doctoral study, I had a lot of fun playing with several all-female rock bands in Taiwan. It was the time when everyone tried so hard to express themselves and to pursue their dreams.
A little touch of Classical
I took three music theory classes at USC. It was my first time learning about the “basic” classical composition rules. I will never forget how much I enjoyed Dr. Krausas’s classes.
Dragon in the Castle (Fall 2005)
It is an extended version of my final project in a music theory class. Let’s see how many rules I broke! (Although the piece is called dragon in the castle, the picture I drew actually shows “a castle on top of a dragon”...)
Spring Dance (Spring 2006)
It is a 3-minute experimental composition using the software called “Impromptu.” In Impromptu, there are no defined tools for scale or meter. Instead, people construct those concepts using their perceptions through try-and-error (at least that’s the case for me).