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April 2003.

Virtual Libraries:
Resources and References

This Web site is designed to acquaint researchers with the concept of the Virtual Library and to provide quick access to selected national and international initiatives devoted to developing Virtual Libraries. By no means a comprehensive reference, this site attempts to focus on the main concepts involved in creating a virtual research system and on some of the most notable attempts to date to make such a system possible.

The concept of the Virtual or Digital Library has been evolving since the inception of the Internet. Within the context of the resources available here, Virtual Library means an electronic access system that provides users with the means for discovering and retrieving information online. The information may be retrieved directly from within the hosting system or through links to other external systems. The intent is to offer the same types of resources and services that are available in a brick and mortar library in digital form.

Note: The idea for this Web resource came from a research project completed as part of the Masters of Library and Information Studies at the Florida State University. The original project is archived here.


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