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Swoop Squad Application

Personal Information


Full name:          N-number:     


 Date of birth:             E-mail: 


Where are you from?  City:     State:


Cell phone number:        Emergency contact phone number: 


Do you currently work anywhere else on campus? 


When are you available to start?  


University Information

What is your UNF status?  


 Freshman   Sophmore   Junior  Senior


How many credit hours have you completed at UNF at the time of this application? 


How did you start at UNF? 




If you transferred, please list the other colleges/university you have attended:                                                             



What is your current intended major?      Minor? 


Special Talents and Abilities

Please record your response to the statements below.  

On the scale, 1 is Strongly Disagree, 2 is Disagree, 3 is Agree and 4 is Strongly Agree.


I am comfortable initiating conversation with strangers. 


 I am comfortable with facilitating small-group discussions.


I am comfortable with speaking in front of a large crowd. 


 I am comfortable working as a team player. 


 I always greet early morning events with enthusiasm.


 I am comfortable memorizing large sums of information accurately. 


 I like to take initiative and work independently.  


 I can generate creative ideas.  


 I always arrive to work and events on time. 


 I possess customer service skills. 


I possess outstanding Osprey pride and school spirit.   


Extracurricular activities

What on-campus organizations (social and/or academic) are you involved in or plan to join?



What extracurricular activities are you involved in off campus?



Essay questions

Please select one of the following questions. Answer in a paragraph (approximately 4-6 sentences).

  • What personal characteristics do you possess that will make you a unique and valuable addition to the Swoop Squad?
  • Describe your public speaking and presentation experience.
  • Why did you choose to attend UNF?


Please select one of the following questions. Answer in a paragraph (approximately 4-6 sentences).
  • What does Swoop Squad mean to you?
  • Describe your own campus tour experience, and the experience you would like to create for future Ospreys. 
  • What are your personal goals and how does Swoop Squad relate to them?


Please select one of the following questions. Answer in one to two sentences.
  • If you were a kitchen appliance, what would you be and why?
  • If you were give a high school superlative to describe you what would it be?
  • Describe your happiest memory using the letters of SWOOP.