Operation Identification

The students, faculty, and staff of The University of North Florida were the victims of property crimes, totaling over $325,000 in 2006. Since national studies indicate that less than one in three victims of theft actually report their loss to the police, true losses at UNF could exceed $500,000 annually.

Nationally, less than 30 percent of the property taken in thefts is recovered. Most of that property cannot be returned to the rightful owner as it is unidentifiable as belonging to the victim. This means much of the recovered property is sold at police auctions, destroyed, or in some rare cases, returned to the thief upon demand when the actual ownership cannot be established. As a result, the efforts of the police are neutralized and thieves profit from their criminal activity with a less risk of apprehension.

The University of North Florida Police Department is taking proactive action to minimize the risk of theft and to help ensure the return of stolen property should a theft occur. This proactive action is Operation Identification. The program has proven to be a definite deterrent to thieves by assuring them that the potential stolen property can be identified by the police anywhere in Florida as belonging to YOU.


Points to Remember

The UNF campus community is served by the University Police Department. You can help us better protect you and your property if you follow these six suggestions: 

  • Keep your vehicle doors closed and locked being sure your property is stored as securely as possible. Any articles, especially electronics, that are plainly visible or lying unattended is an open invitation to thieves.
  • Keep a light on in your residence at night! Effective lighting is still the #1 deterrent against crime.
  • Activate in anti-theft or burglar alarms you may have.
  • Do not leave your residence for any period of time with the door ajar or unlocked. It only takes seconds for even the most inexperienced thieves to steal from you.
  • Promptly report any loss, theft or damage of your personal property or University property to the UPD.
  • Promptly notify the UPD any unusual or suspicious person, vehicle or activity in your area.


If you would like further information, please contact the University Police Department: (904) 620-2800 or e-mail, unfpd@unf.edu.