Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, September 1, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by President Chip Klostermeyer at 12:15 p.m. There were approximately 100 individuals in attendance and there was a quorum. The President Klostermeyer recognized the outgoing Faculty Association officers for their service and presented plaques to outgoing Vice President Scott Hochwald and outgoing Secretary Katrina Hall. He also acknowledged Georgette Dumont for her contributions as FA Parliamentarian for the last two years. President Klostermeyer passed the gavel to incoming President Radha Pyati. President Pyati thanked President Klostermeyer for his service as Faculty Association President and presented him a plaque of appreciation for his presidential leadership. President Pyati introduced the incoming FA Officers, Vice President David Fenner, Secretary Dan Richard, and Parliamentarian Scott Hochwald.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – May 12, 2016 (2 minutes)
    A motion was made to approve the minutes from May 12, 2016.
    The minutes were approved. (The June 1 and July 6, 2016 Association meeting were cancelled.)
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (10 minutes)
    2016-2017 Faculty/Staff Annual Giving Campaign
    Kate McClung, Assistant Director of Annual Giving announced the annual giving campaign. She mentioned that payroll deduction is the best way to give to the campaign. This can be found in the MyWings portal.

    UNF Homecoming
    Jennifer Perkins, Associate Director of Alumni Services, informed the faculty that the 2017 UNF Homecoming is scheduled February 4th – 11th. Faculty wanting to provide input into the homecoming activities can contact Stephanie Race, Homecoming Committee member, or visit the website, www.unf.edu/homecoming.

    Albert D. Ernest Caring Award
    Josh Merchant, Vice President of Development in Alumni Affairs, discussed the opening of nominations for the Albert D. Ernest Caring Award. The award is given to students who volunteer activities express values of caring and compassion for others. Mr. Hugh Jones, Trustee Emeritus, discussed the award and projects funded by this initiative, including a project that helps local school libraries renovate their facilities. Faculty are encouraged to nominate deserving students.

    Academic Programs Committee (APC) Deadline
    APC Workflow System Catalog Deadline to be reflected in the 2017-2018 UNF catalog is Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

    Other important information items are included in the packet.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

     Academic Programs Committee – Michael Bovenzi
    The committee chair offered a reminder that the deadline for submission of items for inclusion in the 2017-2018 catalog is October 11, and that there is a schedule for all APC deadlines in the agenda packet. The committee has three items on the legislative agenda. The next meeting is scheduled for Oct 6th in the OFE/FA Conference Room.

    Academic Standards Committee – Steven Williamson
    The committee met August 19th. The committee has one item on the legislative agenda and several information items. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Sept 16th in the OFE/FA Conference Room.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Elizabeth Gregg
    The committee last met on the morning of September 1st. Elizabeth Gregg was elected Chair of the committee, and Catherine Silvers was elected as Secretary of the committee. Marianne Jaffee will be the guest at the next committee meeting scheduled for October 4th at 10:15 a.m.

    Budget Advisory Committee – Alan Harris
    The committee last met on August 29th. Alan Harris will serve as Chair of the committee. Janet Owen will be the guest presenter in the September meeting. The committee decided to have slightly longer meetings to allow for speaker presentations and committee business.

    Campus Technology Committee – Jose Franco
    The committee has not met this academic year. The committee plans to meet on Friday, September 2nd, and will elect a Chair at the upcoming meeting.

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Gordon Rakita
    The next meeting of the committee will be Thursday, September 8th, at 12:15 p.m. in the OFE/FA Conference Room. The committee will elect a Chair. Also on the agenda is a review of the Senior Survey, a name change of the Biology flagship program, a review of a survey of faculty perceptions of research, and a discussion of student behavior issues.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Paul Eason/TBD
    Last year, the Faculty Enhancement Committee (FEC) was charged by the Provost to review an external review and report on the activities of the Office of Faculty Enhancement (OFE). The FEC recommended to the Provost that the resources associated with Summer Teaching Grants be re-allocated to a summer course development program for high enrollment and gateway courses through OFE. The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 2nd, at 1:15 p.m. in the OFE/FA Conference Room and new chair will be selected.

    Nominations and Elections Committee – Patrick Kreidl
    There is nothing to report from this committee at this time. There are vacancies on committees that are being addressed by the FA President and the Nominations & Elections Committee.

    Research Council – Aisha Johnson-Jones
    The committee last met on August 17th. The committee reviewed the guidelines for the Faculty Research Development Grants. The committee encourages faculty to serve as reviewers for these grants. The next meeting will be on Monday, September 12th in the Special Collections Library and Aisha is chair.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee- Pali Sen
    The committee last met on August 30th and elected the new Chair, Paul Eason.

    Support Services Committee – Brian Kopp
    The committee has no report. The first meeting of the committee this academic year will be in September.

    Executive Committee – David Fenner

    The Executive Committee last met on August 16th. The committee set the agenda for the September FA meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 20th in the OFE/FA Conference Room.

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)
    President John Delaney
    The practice of Mandatory Freshman Housing will be dropped in the Fall of 2017. The removal of the mandatory housing policy was supported by the Florida Governor. Associate Vice President Jay Coleman provides a prediction formula regarding graduation rates that has been successful in making plans for incoming students.

    Budget cuts started in 2007. On average, university funding has increased approximately .6% to .75% per year. Based on inflation and increasing costs, our budget shows a reduction over the last 10-11 years.

    Fall, UNF will be urging students who are taking 12 credit hours to take 15 credit hours instead. This likely will have an impact on graduation rates. This will not work for all students, but for some students, this should speed up graduation. UNF will monitor the program for impact.

    UNF administration visited the Honors College at Arizona State and the University of South Carolina. UNF administration will be visiting the Honors Program at the University of Georgia to look at examples.

    Enrollment numbers are slightly up this year for freshman and slightly down on transfers. UNF has been adding student housing and will add another 500 more beds within the next year. UNF still will encourage students to live on campus.

    Thanks to David Courtwright for helping to collect photos of university physical changes over the years. The physical environment of the campus has improved dramatically within the past 10 years.

    The UNF Foundation raised 22 million dollars last year in private donations. This is about twice what is normally raised within one year. UNF students as well as faculty are doing inspiring projects, and these projects continue to provide evidence of the quality of UNF.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen

    Currently, there is little legislative activity to report because the 60-day state legislative session convenes in March of 2017, and the interim committee meetings leading up to the session won’t get underway until after the New Year.

    Florida's population is growing at a faster rate than other states which is good news since this is the state’s primary economic engine. However, the state has had some challenges this summer which could negatively impact the revenue forecasts for the next fiscal year. The hopeful news is that the incoming Senate President is putting state university funding at the top of his list of legislative priorities during the 2 years of his presidency. It also appears that there will be four state legislators who have UNF degrees.

    United Faculty of Florida – John White
    The United Faculty of Florida (UFF) has had an active summer. The “Guns of Campus” issue likely will be an issue in the coming year. The UFF will provide information to faculty about how to get involved in the 2016 election. Contract negotiations are starting up again this fall. Salary usually is a part of these conversations. There likely will be a family leave discussion. The UFF has received feedback from faculty on the Thesis/DIS baking system, and they will be working to respond to this feedback in the coming months.
  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    Responses to questions are posted on the Faculty Association website and included in a future agenda package.

          1. Anonymous question for President John Delaney 
    Why was there no call for faculty applications for the Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies position? What is your response to those faculty who might have been interested in serving in that position who were denied a chance to put their name forward? When will a permanent Dean of Undergraduate Studies be selected? Will the process be open to qualified faculty? 

    President John Delaney will provide a written response.

          2. Anonymous question for President John Delaney and Provost Earle Traynham
    What can they do to ensure that administrative searches are conducted with integrity and that the voice of the search committee and the faculty are taken into consideration when final decisions are made on the hiring of academic administrators? There have been a series of searches from the Provost to the COAS Interim Dean and others that did not fully respect the principle of faculty governance or the value of search committee input in the selection process.
    President John Delaney and Provost Traynham will provide a written response.

          3. Anonymous question for Provost Earle Traynham
    Did I miss the call for applications for the Interim Dean of Undergraduate Studies? There was one for the COAS interim dean. There were even interviews for that position. It would have been nice to give the appearance that faculty had input into this latest appointment.
    Exactly what is the rationale for paying an interim dean a salary higher than a sitting Associate VP and Dean especially given the fact that the Interim Dean chose to leave his permanent position? Seems to me a deal could have been reached to just increase his salary by a token amount. It appears that we continue to drive up deans' salaries to ridiculous levels that are not consistent with our stagnant faculty salaries or the deans' performance.
    Provost Earle Traynham will provide a written response.

          4. Anonymous question for Provost Earle Traynham
    Would the Provost please explain how Dr. Moon, with only three years of experience as a chair, was selected as the Arts and Sciences Interim Dean when the search committee ranked as stronger two applicants, Dr. Kimball and Dr. Corrigan, both with much more experience as department chairs, one also with several years experience as Associate Dean?
    Provost Earle Traynham will provide a written response.

          5. Anonymous question for President John Delaney
    Newly appointed Interim Dean, Dan Moon, makes roughly the same salary as Dean Pam Chally. Is there any way to explain this that does not make reference to the fact that Dr. Chally is a woman and Dr. Moon is a man?
    President John Delaney will provide a written response.

          6. Anonymous question for FA President Radha Pyati
    The job description for the search for a Dean of the Honors College seems to limit all acceptable internal candidates to just Jeff Michelman. Is this another example of a "fixed" search?
    FA President Radha Pyati will provide a written response.

          7. Anonymous question for President John Delaney
    Why was the decision to require UNF scholarship recipients to take 15 credits per semester made, seemingly, without faculty input? This decision seems like it will have many negative consequences such as: students attending other universities instead of UNF, students taking heavier course loads than they can handle well, especially if 4 credit courses or labs are involved.
    President John Delaney will provide a written response.

          8. Anonymous question for President John Delaney
    There are reports that this may be President Delaney's last year with UNF. If that is so, should we not begin planning the process to find the next president? If not, could President Delaney tell us his plans for the future?
    Vice President Tom Serwatka provided a response from the floor.
    This is not President Delaney's last year. When President Delaney does decide to step down, there will be a plan for a search in sufficient time.

          9. Anonymous question for FA President Radha Pyati
    Given that we are last in the state metrics and likely to stay there, given that we have no serious strategic plan, given that the failed experiment of raising the freshman profile has resulted in backfilling with unprepared transfers, given that the failed experiment of requiring freshmen to live on campus has cost us enrollments and revenue, given that there are no raises for faculty while certain administrators continue to get five-figure raises, what is the process for calling for a vote of no confidence in John Delaney as President of UNF?
    FA President Radha Pyati will provide a written response.

          10. Jose Franco asked a question from the floor.
    Is there a way to revise the procedure for gaining access to classrooms on campus such that a faculty member filling in for another faculty member will be allowed into the room by the campus police?
    Vice President Shari Shuman provided a response from the floor.
    If a faculty member is not attached to a course, there is a safety and security measure with allowing individuals access to classrooms who are not authorized users. A faculty member wishing to substitute for the faculty member of record for a course would need to have the Chair of the department call the campus police and inform them of the substitution. Shari Shuman will follow-up with the Chief of police to clarify the process.

          11. Pali Sen asked a question from the floor.
    Once a grade is posted, can a student petition the grade after it is posted, for example to change an "F" grade after the final exam to make the grade a "W."
    Provost Earle Traynham provided a response from the floor.
    Students are able to petition grades. The process involves review and recommendations by the faculty member, Department Chair, the College Dean, the University Appeals Committee, and the Provost.
    At each stage, recommendations regarding the grade change is determined and communicated to the student.

          12. John White asked a question from the floor.
    Is there a rule regarding who has voting rights at Faculty Association meetings, and is there a system to determine whether there is a quorum? This question relates to who has the ability to vote on academic programs and academic changes.
    FA Past President Chip Klostermeyer provided a response from the floor.
    Everyone who is a faculty member (including Deans, Chairs, Librarians, etc.) are eligible to vote on Faculty Association agenda items. The quorum requirement for voting during Faculty Association meetings is 40 faculty. Information about these guidelines can be found in the Faculty Association bylaws (https://www.unf.edu/unffa/Bylaws.aspx), Article III for Membership, and Article V, Section 15 for quorum requirements.

          13. Laura Jackson asked a question from the floor.
    The Interpreting program requires that students only take 12 hours per semester. How will the 15 credit hour rule affect students in this program?
    Provost Earle Traynham provided a response from the floor.
    Those programs that allow students to take no more than 12 credit hours per semester would be exempt from the 15 credit hour rule to maintain scholarships. The 15 credit hour rule actually states that students must complete 30 credit hours per year; therefore, if a student does not complete 15 credit hours within one semester, the additional hours could be taken in another semester or during the summer term to satisfy the 30 credit hours per year requirement.

          14. Laura Jackson asked a question again from the floor.
    Is it true that students taking 12 credit hours will receive only 80% of their financial aid funding?
    COEHS, interim associate dean, Jennifer Kane provided a response from the floor.

    Student grants are adjusted based on the number of credit hours they take, with the expected number of credit hours being 15 credit hours. Student scholarships are not affected by the 15 credit hour rule.

    There were no Consent Agenda items for the month of September.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list; 20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)
    Agenda Item# 1 - FA 16-29: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate; 3 packages)
    Change a degree-major of an existing program; Master of Science-Mathematical Science Major
    Change an existing non-degree program; Certificate – Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Applied Mathematics
    Change a degree-major of an existing program; Master of Science-General Psychology
    The APC chair moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 2 – FA 16-30: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate; 1 package)
    Change a degree-major of an existing program; Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
    The APC chair moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 3 – FA 16-31: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    Brooks College of Health (Doctoral; 1 package)
    Change in a degree-major-concentration of an existing program; Doctor of Nursing Practice-Nursing Major Nurse Practitioner (Family) Concentration
    The APC chair moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 4 – FA 16-32: Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee
    Delaying Class Withdrawal Date Later in the Academic Calendar
    The item establishes the last course withdrawal date for two weeks before the end of classes and three weeks before final exams. The item also removes the WP and WF designation from the list of possible assigned grades, being replaced by W. Discussion included a question as to whether punitive grades are possible for students who engage in academic misconduct. It was discussed that punitive grades cannot be dropped. The change is to be implemented in the Fall 2016 semester and ongoing.
    The ASC chair moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 5 – FA 16-33: Submitted by the Adjunct Affairs Committee
    Proposal for Outstanding Adjunct Teaching Awards
    The item establishes a Faculty Association Award to be given to outstanding Adjunct faculty. The award is funded by Academic Affairs.
    The FA Vice President moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 6 – FA 16-34: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    University Matriculation Calendar (2017-2018 Academic Year)
    The item establishes a calendar related to course begin dates, add/drop dates, graduation, etc. for the 2017-2018 academic year. A friendly amendment was proposed to amend the Matriculation Calendar to accommodate the changes passed during this meeting,
    The FA Vice President moved the item, and it was seconded. The item passed with friendly amendment.
           Academic Standing
    Admissions – Transfer Students (Undergraduate)
    Admissions – First Time in College (“FTIC”)
    Graduation - First Baccalaureate Degree Requirements
    2016-2017 Promotion and Tenure Timeline
    Parking Advisory Council Report by Paul Mason
    APC 2015-2016 Annual Report
    APC Workflow System Packages 2015-2016 by Colleges and Departments
    APC Workflow System WfS Checklist (Click on the Link)
    Links from APC WfS Checklist (Click on the Link)
    APC WfS – Frequently Asked Questions (Click on the Link)
    Program of Study (POS) Guidelines & Requirements (Click on the Link)
    2016-2017 Standing and University Committee Directories
    2016-2017 Faculty Association Schedule
    2016-2017 Academic Programs Committee Schedule
    2016-2017 University Matriculation Calendar (Click on the Link)
    The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.