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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 12:15 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

President Chip Klostermeyer called the meeting to order at 12:16 p.m. Dr. Klostermeyer thanked the group for attending the meeting

Meeting Minutes

  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – September 4, 2014 (2 minutes)

    A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes from September 4, 2014. The minutes were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

    • Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Awards are being accepted. The deadline is Friday, October 10th, at 5 p.m.
    • The APC Workflow System Catalog Deadline is Tuesday, October 14th at 5 p.m.
    • Jeanne Middleton spoke on the 20th Annual Family Weekend scheduled October 24-26th. She encouraged faculty to get involved.
    • The Wine and Refreshment Party is scheduled in the Faculty Lounge on Friday, October 17, from 3 to 5pm. Faculty can use their key in the elevators.
    • The Research Committee is seeking one member from CCB (9/2016). Please let Dr. Klostemeyer  or a member of the Nominations and Election committee know of any nominations.
    • Jeff Michelman noted that the UNF Reads Program will host speaker Trey Csar on Tuesday, October 16 at 6pm in the Lazarra Performing Hall.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee-- Michael Bovenzi
    Bovenzi announced that the committee met October 2. The next meeting is October 30. They are working on creating a more comprehensive site to education faculty on APC process and to assist with the filling out of forms.

    Academic Standards Committee — Edwin Harris
    Edwin Harris was elected as chair on Tuesday, September 30. Dr. Scheirer continues to serve on the committee. They meet next on October 14th at 12:15 PM in COEHS Building, 3rd floor, LCSM Conference Room. After continued discussion and modifications of degree requirements for posthumous, they are getting feedback from Registrar. They will continue to look at two new policies on dual degrees, majors, and withdrawals. 

    Adjunct Affairs Committee — Melissa Hargrove
    Robert Schupp noted that they met on September 9th. Their next meeting is Tuesday, October 7th in 51/2201.

    Budget Advisory Committee — Julie Ingersoll/Paul Mason
    Ingersoll noted that the committee met on September 18th. The group is comparing UNF salaries with CUPA salaries by rank of years and service. Their next meeting is October 23rd at 10:30 am in 32/2126.

    Campus Technology Committee — Donna Mohr
    Donna Mohr noted that the committee met Wednesday, October 1. The topic was the final revision on faculty technology survey. They are trying to continue discussions regarding technology in auditoriums. They do have some comments on the proposed bylaw changes, but will hold for the discussion period. They meet next on Wednesday, November 5th at 9am in Arts and Science Building, 3rd floor, Rm 51 COAS Deans conference room.

    Faculty Affairs Committee-- David Fenner/Steven Williamson
    Dr. Fenner noted that the committee talked about digital P&T dossiers, faculty award eligibility and purview of the bookstore, as well as online ISQs and their uses. They meet Thursday, October 9th at 12:15 pm. They will continue to work on defining service learning and engagement. The committee is working on an APC flow chart and timeline. 

    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Susan Massey/Paula Eason
    The next meeting is Wednesday, October 15 at 10 am in the OFE/FA Conference Room. They made announcements that the 2015- Faculty Summer Development Teaching Grants are open and due October 17th. They have implemented some changes, including a rubric that is in the grant application packet. To assist applicants, there is a panel discussion this afternoon (October 2nd) from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Student Union Room 3805.

    Nominations & Elections Committee-- Albert Loh
    Albert Loh noted that they are accepting nominations for the Nominations and Elections Committee until October 23. The committee members hold two year terms that will run from Jan 2015-2017. There are a number of openings. Only those from the college can vote for their members. The committee meets Friday, October 3 in the OFE/FA Conference Room.

    Research Committee — Courtenay McLeland
    Dr. Chip Klostermeyer reported for the Research Committee met on Monday, September the 8th and discussed the proposed changes to the structure of the committee, the recommendations of the 2012 ORSP Task Force, and the review process. The committee will meet again on Monday, October13th at 1:00 pm in the Library’s Conference Room.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee — Pali Sen
    Dr. Sen noted that the next meeting is Tuesday, November 4th and October 7 mtg is cancelled due to the conflict to meet President John Delaney. 

    Support Services Committee — Robert Schupp
    Robert Schupp noted that they met on Tuesday, September 2. They are meeting next on Monday, October 6th at 2pm in Bldg 42 Room 2204.

    Executive Committee – Scott Hochwald
    Dr. Hochwald noted that the Executive Committee developed the agenda at the meeting on Tuesday, September 16th at 12:15 p.m. He noted there are 2nd Readings (voting today) on APC changes, voting on Campus Technology and membership of standing committee. There is a first reading of Research Committee changes. Their next meeting is Tuesday, October 21st at 12:15 PM in the 3rd floor, OFE/FA Conference Room.

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President John Delaney
    President Delaney is unavailable to come.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen
    Vice President of Governmental Affairs Janet is in the Tallahassee.

    United Faculty of Florida – John White
    Dr. White said that he has been sending out emails on the bargaining efforts and that progress being made. Faculty feedback is welcomed and they want the faculty to be informed, so please ask questions. The deadline to register to vote is Monday October 6. Vote early by mail and you are removed from the call list. 

    Faculty Intercollegiate Representative- Jennifer Kane
    Interim Associate Dean Jennifer Kane noted that she is the Faculty athletics representative—she was appointed by the president to represent faculty with issues related to student athletes. She took over from Jay Coleman, who did a wonderful job. She wanted to answer questions about forms. She introduced Dee Kennedy, associate athletic director for student support and Donna Kirk-Senior Associate Athletic Director of Compliance and Academic Services/SWA. Both can help faculty with questions and concerns. University policy regarding athletics is that the athletes are participating as part of university-sanctioned events. They should be allowed to make up work and should talk with the faculty. There are forms—travel letter- -comes at the beginning of the semester—will give you dates that the student athletic will be missing class. Grade report- they are given to faculty at the midterm to check the progress. These are very important and should be submitted in a timely manner. There is mandatory study hall for all freshmen and new transfer students. The number of hours is based on GPAs and mid-term grade reports. If student athletes are injured, they may miss class—if they miss due to an injury, they should have medical documentation; one current issue is concussions—UNF will ensure the student will get best care and are out until they are ready to participate. Sometimes that takes time, as they have to pass a post-concussion test before they can return.
    Return to play and return to class might be the same amount of time. Pete Magyari asked if faculty will be notified of resolution of issues regarding student athletes and injuries and Dr. Kane said yes.

    Equal opportunity and Diversity- Cheryl Gonzalez and Mark Snow
    Senior Associate General Counsel Mark Snow talked about legal framework for Title IX. About 4 years ago, there was a big emphasis on change in Title IX regarding victim rights and sexual assault and some guidance from Department of Education. The guidance was vague but included required training of all students and faculty regarding Title 9. They are currently working with departments on training as well as at-large sessions to meet obligations for Title 9 issues. The gist of what is required is noting that each faculty member is a reporting authority and must report issues of sexual assault. Mark Snow said that he appreciated the feedback from the document sent out earlier. He wants to make sure that everyone knows where to report, where to find services, and how to help students. He noted that there is a 30-minute presentation with a link to a power point on the website. Snow asked that the faculty review it and send questions to Mark and Cheryl. There will be workshops forthcoming to ensure that faculty members know what to do. By default, please contact UPD or 911.
    Director Cheryl Gonzalez said that she wanted people to understand what constitutes sexual assault and sexual harassment. Faculty must report this as part of their standing. This has happened on more than one occasion. There is a victim advocate office that is a first line of assistance. That extension is 1010. There is a Title IX page. Gonzalez gave those present a copy of a power point on sexual violence/misconduct and a flyer for the office. A sign-up sheet was passed around to those present to confirm that they had received the information.

  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    1.            It was reported in the Jacksonville Business Journal that UNF would be purchasing The Flats apartment complex for $30.5 million. Where do the funds come from to cover this expenditure? Would this purchase be necessary if we did not have a mandatory housing requirement for freshmen?

    Dr. Klostermeyer noted that the BOT approved the purchase last week.
    Shari Shuman
    noted that the $30.5 million was sales price, but the appraisal was $31.3 million. The purchase was not impacted by the mandatory freshmen housing requirement.  No general dollars were used; revenues from the housing will be used to pay a mortgage taken out for 85% of the purchase price.  


    2.            A question was posed on needing information on how to do the APC workflow process.

    Dr. Klostermeyer said that David Fenner and Michael Bovenzi are addressing that concern with their committees. The Academic Programs Committee is working on creating a more comprehensive site to education faculty on APC process and to assist with the filling out of forms, and Dr. David Fenner is assisting worked on an APC flow chart and timeline. 


    3.             A question was asked on February 6th regarding the over-administration of UNF. Dr. Serwatka responded on March 13th that the title of “director” had been used too freely.  He indicated that the UNF HR department and Institutional Research department needed to make a change so that administration is accurately counted.  As a follow-up to this, 1) Has this process been started in an effort to resolve the misperception that Dr. Serwatka identifies?   2) Should the Budget Advisory Committee be involved in this process?   
    Dr. Klostermeyer noted that Dr. Serwatka had been emailed and asked to provide follow-up on the first question.  


    3.1           As a follow-up to last month’s question, could the administration please provide the faculty with the following public information: The total salaries (including any salary funds drawn from the Foundation) for 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 for the following individuals: Tom Serwatka, Shari Shuman, Pam Chally, Barb Hetrick, Mark Tumeo, Ajay Samant, Larry Daniel, Jay Coleman, Len Roberson, Jeff Michelman, John Kantner, and Mark Workman.
    3.2           Two recent pieces of information cause me to ask: Is UNF “over-administrated”?

    First, in Florida Trend’s June 2013 issue, it was noted that the number of administrators at UNF increased by 15.7% from 2007 to 2011. In 2007, there were 235 administrators, and in 2011, there were 272 administrators. As a side note, in Fall 2007, there were 16,406 students and in Fall 2011, there were 16,368 students.
    Second, we recently learned that Tom Serwatka received a $60,000 raise. I think a thorough analysis of this issue is warranted. Has the Budget Advisory Committee looked into this? Is there another group of non-administrators that should be examining this issue?
    Response from Dr. Rakita: “I’ll answer that and I’ll answer it from the floor. The answer to the first part—Has the budget advisory committee looked into this issue? No, to my knowledge, the budget advisory committee has not looked into it. Should they or should some group of non-administrators look into it? I would ask that the Budget Advisory Committee wait the response from the President’s office about the salaries that were asked and then given that response, make a recommendation to me about any action the Faculty Association may want to take on this issue. 

    4.            There is an incorrect answer posted to the following question on the Faculty Association Website. The answer posted related to a different question.
    This past June, the university received an email message from a visiting instructor from the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction Management who was frustrated with the re-hiring process. Though we all probably agree that his method to communicate his frustrations was inappropriate, this does not mean we should ignore his message. Visiting instructors throughout campus face job insecurity and a lack of opportunity. Some have suffered in this position for years. Is anyone looking at this?
    The link is fixed.  


    There is no consent agenda.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item# 1 - FA 14-24: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading
    Academic Programs Committee Charge Changes Proposal
    This item was approved.

    Agenda Item# 2 - FA 14-25: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading
    Campus Technology Committee Charge and Membership Changes Proposal
    The Campus Technology Committee has no objections and noted that many of the ex-officio members are already serving. A question was asked if the University Technology committee was going away. Dr. Klostermeyer said that the new group would decide, but that it was to streamline the process. 
    The item was passed.


    Agenda Item# 3 - FA 14-26: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading
    Proposal for the College of Arts and Sciences Additional Representatives on the Standing Committees
    It was noted that there were some typos that were fixed.
    The item was passed.


    Agenda Item# 4 - FA 14-34: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading 
    Proposed Change To Makeup and Name of the FA Research Committee
    The purpose was to modernize the committee, which would continue to serve in an advisory role. Dr. Kantner supports this change.


    Agenda Item# 5 - FA 14-35: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    COEHS (Graduate) - (Childhood Education, Literacy, & TESOL): New Course & Change of Programs of study
    (1 package)
    Dr. Bovenzi noted that this was just a course addition that was approved but inadvertently omitted from the package last year.
    The item was passed.

    Agenda Item# 6 -FA 14-36: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    CCEC (Undergraduate) - (School of Computing): Course Changes, Course Termination, & Change of
    Programs of Study (3 packages)
    The item was passed.


    1. Nominations for the Nominations and Election committee  
    2. UNF Rental Rates comparison for TALON room and elevators  

    The meeting adjourned at 1:18 p.m.