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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, June 4, 2015 at 12:45 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chip Klostermeyer at 12:45 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – May 14, 2015 (2 minutes)

    The minutes of May were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

    • 2015-16 Standing and University Committee Directories. 
    • We need a volunteer for the Support Services Committee CCB representative (9/17)
    • We need a volunteer for Commission on Diversity and Inclusion – At-Large (term 9/16)
    • APC Website Updated –FAQ posted
    • Summary of the results of the DL learning –posted in Information Section
    • We will not meet in July or August
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee – Michael Bovenzi

    The APC has one agenda Item. They met this morning at 10 a.m. They had ITS staff to discuss the APC Workflow Online System improvement. The FA  website is already posted the APC FAQ section. Their next meeting is September 3.

    Academic Standards Committee – Edwin Harris
    No report.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Not available

    No report.

    Budget Advisory Committee – Julie Ingersoll/Richard Patterson

    No report.


    Campus Technology Committee – Donna Mohr
    No report.


    Faculty Affairs Committee –David Fenner/Steven Williamson
    No report.


    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Kristine Webb

    No report.


    Nominations & Elections Committee – Pingying Zhang

    No report.

    Research Committee – Courtney McLeland

    No report.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee- Pali Sen

    No report.


    Support Services Committee – Robert Schupp

    No report.


    Executive Committee –Scott Hochwald       

    We met and crafted the agenda. The scheduled Executive Committee meeting for Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 12:45 PM in the OFE/FA Conference Room, Bldg 16, 3rd Floor, Room 3108 has been cancelled as well as July FA meeting is cancelled, too.

    There is an information item about the School of Music name change approved at the last meeting.

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President John Delaney

    The legislature is back in session. It appears that higher education will get some new money. Because of the looming metrics, UNF feels they need to reserve any additional money to build up reserves. The provost search committee will be meeting in the morning. If you have feedback, email the president or send information through the deans or chairs.  As mentioned last month, the strategic process is starting; it is an iterative process.  Areas of focus include: retaining and hiring of quality faculty; retaining and graduating students; and improvements in facilities—almost half the campus is new. We need to lock down where we need to go with regard to research. The metrics issues will be under discussion at the Board of Governors; this year it looks like the state college system will soon go through a similar process. They hope to persuade the legislature not to penalize those universities in the lower quartile.


    Question to President Delaney from Chip Klostermeyer asking about a metric being proposed in regards to student loan default rate.

    Answer: UNF has the lowest # of students who take on debt and who default; this doesn't look like a metric that will hurt us.


    Question from Dr. Pyati, chair of Chemistry Department: A lot of states are using performance-based funding, but it’s not as detrimental. Is the BOG open to reducing the impact of the metrics?

    Answer: The Senate and Governor seem to approach this as there need to be winners and losers. Last year a University in the bottom may have lost money, but it was put in escrow. This year the approach is different, and may cause permanent loss of funding. We should compare universities peer-to-peer rather than across the SUS. It makes no sense to compare the universities in Florida to each other. UNF does well when compared to its regional peers.  Second, we ought to eliminate the bottom three ideas; to publicly declare that these universities are failing affects the universities’ ability to recruit.


    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen  

    No report.

    United Faculty of Florida – John White

    We will keep the same officers for next year; we look forward to working with the president and administration. The numbers in the union are trending up, which is good news. We will be meeting and working over the summer and encourage you to come and work with us. 

  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    Question for President Delaney (Anonymous)
    The current Academic Affairs administration has been particularly non-consultative and lacking in transparency. A graduate dean was appointed without faculty consultation. An undergraduate dean was appointed without faculty consultation. A formula for reallocation of faculty lines – justifying the removal of 18 lines from Arts and Sciences – was created and implemented without faculty consultation and without transparency. A formula for compression and inversion raises was implemented without any explanation; even if the formula was created by the union, the faculty at large had a right to know – from AA -- what the formula was before it was implemented and mass confusion and frustration ensued. There are strong rumors that UNF may create a College of Honors and a College of Nursing – and that both of these new units are borne on potential gifts to the university -- yet no faculty consultation and no transparency about these major academic changes have been forthcoming. Question: how long will we have to endure this trend? 

    President Delaney will respond in writing. 


    Question from Dr. Williamson: What is the possibility of UNF getting a testing center in the near future?
    Answer from Earle Traynham. We have a testing center, but they administer primarily SATs. You may be talking about one that would serve DL courses and others. There has been some discussion, but no immediate plans.  We will be looking for space for a testing center that is easily accessible to all.


    There is no consent agenda item for June meeting.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item# 1 -FA 15-21: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COAS (Undergraduate) – (Communication, English, & Music): New Courses & Course Changes
    (3 packages)

    The item was moved; no discussion; item passed.


    • REQUEST: To change the name “Department of Music” to “School of  Music”
    • Faculty Retirement Benefits
    • Parking Advisory Council Annual Report
    • Summary of the DL survey:
      The Faculty Association conducted a survey on Distance Learning during May/June 2015. This survey was initiated because of comments on the Campus Climate Survey, discussions with administrators regarding getting a sense of the faculty on the subject, and some controversy about issues related to Distance Learning (e.g., should faculty be required to take a course in DL prior to teaching a DL course). 127 faculty responded. A summary of the results follows.
    • What percentage of course sections should UNF offer by distance learning?
      The most common responses were 10% (44% of the vote) and 25% (39% of the vote)
    • How many programs should UNF offer by distance learning?
      74% responded “Ones chosen by department faculty”
    • What percentage of courses should your department offer by Distance Learning?
      The most common responses were 10% (41% of the vote) and 25% (29% of the vote)
    • How many programs should your department offer by Distance Learning?
      The most common responses were “Some” (46% of the vote) and “None” (40% of the vote)
    • How should courses be chosen to be offered online?
      The most common responses were “Faculty Member’s Choice” (44% of the vote) and “Departmental Choice” (36% of the vote)
    • Who should evaluate faculty that teach DL courses?
      70% said department chairs.
    • Should faculty have to take formal training or demonstrate competence with DL teaching methods/tools prior to teaching an online course at UNF?
      The most common responses were “Formal training should be required” (43% of the vote) and “Competence certification should be required by not necessarily formal training” (42% of the vote)
    • On what should the Distance Learning Fee be spent? 
      More than one answer was allowed and all the possible answers received support (Faculty Stipends, Infrastructure, CIRT Staff, etc
    • In the free response section, the most common comments seemed to related to the time required to develop and teach DL courses, means of quality assurance and academic integrity for DL courses (including academic coaches, LMS, and the need for a proctoring center), issues with CIRT having too much control/power, and concerns about the UNF deviating too far from its mission if too much emphasis is placed on DL.

      The meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.