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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Chip Klostermeyer at 12:15 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – January 8, 2015 (2 minutes)

    The minutes of January 8, 2015 were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

    • Thank you to President John Delaney for today’s lunch and for sponsoring the lunches for the past year.
    • The Standing and University Committee vacancies for the term of years 2015-2017 are listed on the Faculty Association website, Homepage and Hotline web page.  Nominations will be taken from the floor at the March Faculty Association meeting.
    • APC Workflow Program Changes deadline is Tuesday, February 10, 2015.
    • Dr. Michelman announced that they are hoping to refresh the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Organization and are planning to start a Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. He asked that faculty sign up if they are members of either and if they can assist.
    • Dr. Klostermeyer mentioned that the faculty might consider raising Promotion and Tenure standards as a way to improve departments and colleges.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee – Michael Bovenzi

    They met this morning at 10 am. Next meeting is March 5th. They ask that the college committees meet more regularly to help with the flow of the programs through the process.

    Academic Standards Committee –Edwin Harris

    The committee has a meeting on Wed, February 11th at 10:30am in 57/3201.  Guests from Registrar’s Office will be at the meeting. Information item #1 includes the Latin percentages by college, which range widely across the University. They will discuss tightening the standards and will be sending the faculty a survey to determine faculty thoughts on standards.  Agenda item FA-15-04 is the Online Accelerated-Term Policy.  Mr. Harris answered the question about WP/WF grades and noted that the WP/WF are available as an avenue for faculty when students drop after the deadline.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Melissa Grove

    Robert Schupp reported for the next meeting is February 13th at 11:oo AM in Bldg. 51/Rm 2121.

    Budget Advisory Committee – Julie Ingersoll
    They met January 23 and Richard Pattison will be co-chair. They have two projects—one is to take the salary data and analyze the parallel data for administration and staff. They will also look at the budget and prepare a report on how the budget is allocated.  Their next meeting is TBD.


    Campus Technology Committee – Donna Mohr

    They met on Tuesday, January 27. They developed recommendations based on the technology survey sent out last semester. The recommendations included better technology in classroom and a mini-grant for faculty to develop their technology knowledge. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 24th at 12:15pm in the OFE/FA Conference room.

    Faculty Affairs Committee –David Fenner

    They discussed the climate survey and discussed student incivility to professors in emails. They will have OSRP come talk at the next meeting; will discuss ISQ content and faculty scholarship grants. The next meeting is Thursday, February 12th at 12:15 pm in the OFE/FA conference room.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Paul Eason

    Dr. Kristine Webb is new co-chair and Susan Massey is on the sabbatical leave.  They will review the teaching grant parameters at the next meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 25rh, at 10:00 am in the OFE/FA Conference Room.

    Research Committee – Courtney McLeland
    The next meeting is Wednesday, February 11th at 9:30am in bldg. 12/Rm 2405A, and Research Grant Recommendations & Funding Report was already submitted to the Executive Comte.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee- Pali Sen

    The committee met on last Tuesday, February 3rd at 12:15. We met with our guest Provost Traynham.  Our discussion covered issues related to the future strategic planning at UNF.  The provost reported that UNF had a good year this year as far as meeting the requirements in the matrix for the Board of Governors.  President Delaney will speak more on that.  One of the biggest focuses at the Academic Affairs for this year will be to retain more students at UNF while keeping the quality high.  The provost request more faculty involvement in nurturing students to stay.  This may be a challenge with increased focus on Distant Learning courses. The provost reported that the strategic plans from each college were coming in and each college had prioritized their programs.  He will review them in the coming months.  He has also mentioned about his recommendation for next year for two new faculty positions in the College of Health to keep the faculty adjunct ration at about 75% to 25%, which is UNF’s goal.  The provost also mentioned that since associate deans and chairs were not in unit faculty, they did not receive a raise this year. He expects new recurring money for the next year and will recommend a salary increase and adjustment of stipends for associate deans and chairs, which is good news for them.  Members of the SPA committee requested a presence in the upcoming strategic planning meetings beginning next Monday. The provost will recommend it to President Delaney. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 3rd at 12:15pm in the OFE/FA Conference Room.


    Support Services Committee – Robert Schupp

    The January meeting was a reorganizational meeting for the committee. The next meeting is February 26th at 2:00 pm in 42/2004—Mark Snow will be the guest.


    Executive Committee –Scott Hochwald
    The committee met January 20 to craft the agenda. The next meeting is Tuesday, February 17th. There are no agenda items, but there was an advisory council meeting on January 30. They discussed the distance learning and the bill regarding guns on campus. The group crafted a resolution on the gun bill that will be presented later.

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President John Delaney

    Regarding the Search Committee for the Provost, they recommended a candidate; he was invited back last week. In the interim, he talked with four dozen faculty who felt that the candidate was not suitable for the university. He met with the Search Committee this morning, and they discussed a second candidate.  She will be back on February 19th


    The Board of Governors has not yet released its calculation of the metrics, but UNF has been looking at the data. They do not want to be in the bottom three; at this time UNF tied for 6th of 11th (tied with FSU).  The graduation rate jumped significantly, so the fall 2008 freshman class graduated at a higher rate—55% graduation rate. They anticipate it being about the same this year, which means next year’s score will be lower by 5 points at least. At least five of the universities will be in the poor performing category.  What is now problematic is that the new money awarded last year is non-recurring; and the universities used that money for recurring expenses. This year they anticipate that $200,000,000 will be taken from the regular budget and given to the higher performing universities.  A group is meeting every month to work on the metrics.


    He references the gun bill in the Senate, but the feeling is that it will not go through. 


    President Delaney said the faculty activity reports have been helpful; the numbers of transfer student numbers have dropped; there is a mix of views from the vice presidents regarding changing the admission requirements to admit more students.

    One of the 10 metrics is on distance learning; UNF selected this metric because they have a lot of energy from faculty and UNF’s distance learning offerings are low. Faculty can choose the manner in which they deliver their course; UNF has a commitment to quality, including for distance learning. The DL task force/committee is working on the DL issue.


    Regarding the contract, President Delaney thinks the agreement is close and that he anticipates it being done in a few weeks.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen 
    She is in Tallahassee, so no report.  

    United Faculty of Florida – John White

    UF has all the tentative agreement articles done and signed by both groups; an update will be sent to faculty with the links. They anticipate the agreement being reached in a few weeks. The group is lobbying in Tallahassee against the gun bill.


    CDRC Report- Pam Bell    
    Pam Bell of the Child Development Research Center said that students do not know that they exist, and she would like faculty to help spread the word. They have a special rate for faculty; major population is 2 ½ to 6 years old (no kindergarten) and open for children up to age 10. She has brought fliers for the group.


    IDEA Survey- Judy Miller  
    Dr. Miller noted that the IDEA ratings will be going out; emails were sent about a week ago for the provost and possibly the dean and/or chair. The invitations go to full-time faculty, but not visitors. The evaluation started last week; reminders will be sent every 3 days and end February 11th. They aim for a 65% response rate.  The evaluations are important because the administrators take them seriously and they are part of the periodic rating system for the administrators.  In the past, faculty have expressed concern that the responses are not anonymous. She noted that in the survey, the demographic information is either optional or not asked for at all; no one at UNF will know if faculty completed the survey; please be careful when making comments which can be identifiable. There is more information in the packet.

  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    A faculty member has a health concern about the geese droppings; wants to know solution.
    Shari Shuman will look at options and will respond in writing. President Delaney noted that there are few options.

    No agenda items for consent.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item #1- FA 15-04:Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

    Online Accelerated-Term Programs Proposed Policy

    The item was approved.


    Agenda Item #2- FA 15-05: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Resolution Opposing Guns on Campus.  The resolution passed. Kathy Robinson asked to make a comment; she said the Advisory council of the Faculty Senate has worked on resolution; will go to the president of the senate, the house, and the chancellor.


    1. Latin Honors Numbers by College for 2013-2014 Graduates
    2. Service Learning and Community Engagement Definitions
    3. Annual IDEA Ratings of Chairs and Administrators
    4. Faculty Association Standing and University Committee Nominations
    5. A list of Standing Committees Membership
    6. Standing Committee Charges (2015-2016)
    7. Standing Committee Vacancies (2015-2017)- Revised Membership
    8. University Committee Vacancies (2015-2017)

    The meeting adjourned at 12:39 p.m