Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, September 5, 2013 at 12:15 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:18 p.m. by Faculty Association President, Gordon Rakita, who thanked President Delaney for providing lunch.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES - June 6, 2013 & No July minutes (2 minutes)
    The minutes of the meeting of May 9, 2013 were approved as posted on the web. The minutes of the special called meeting of June 6, 2013 were approved as posted on the web. There was no meeting in July 2013.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes) 

    Interim Vice-President of Development and Alumni Affairs Ann McCullen introduced Mr. Hugh Jones, former CEO of Barnett Bank and founder of the Albert D. Ernest, Jr. Caring Award for UNF students.  He also established the Bill and Angie Halamandaris Endowment to permanently fund the Caring Award Internship. 


    Mr. Jones spoke about the two awards, the Caring Award and the Fellowship Award.  The Caring Award is given to "persons whose volunteer activities reflect unselfish and unconditional caring in giving to others."  The Fellowship Award is a 10-to-12 week paid internship in Washington, DC with Heart of America.  Literacy and rebuilding public school libraries are the foci of this award.  The major sponsors of this internship are Target and Capital One.


    The most recent recipient of the award student Anneliese Delgado-Cate, a senior in Communications, spoke about her internship experience in Washington, DC.  She spent the past summer in DC at Heart of America working on this project.  She helped re-design a library for under privileged youth in DC.  She also got a local internship in DC for the local Fox affiliate, due to being in this program.  

    Student Advocate Alin Cepoi  represented the Student Government at the Faculty Association Meeting.     


    The 42nd Annual Fall Convocation will be held on Monday, September 23, at 10:00 am in the Lazzara Performance Hall of the Fine Arts Center.  The University Picnic will be held on the Campus Green from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. 


    The annual Promotion & Tenure Celebration & Welcome Newly Hired Faculty Party will be held together on Friday, October 11 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. Invitees are asked to RSVP to Cindy no later than Monday, September 23.

    Tuesday, October 22 is the deadline for the receipt of APC Workflow packages to be entered in the APC Station if the proposals are to be processed and approved in time for inclusion in the 2014-2015 UNF Catalog.

    The Faculty Association schedules (including schedules of the Faculty Association and the Academic Programs Committee) for 2013-2014 are in the agenda packet and on the website.


    The University Matriculation Calendar for 2013-2014 is on the Faculty Association  website.


    Note that the agenda packet has a handout describing the functions of the Faculty Association

    - Faculty Association President Question Box located into the Home Page

    - CIRT & OFE Information Included

    The Faculty Association special election results for members of the Search Committee for Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs are included in the agenda packet as an information item.


    Information on Faculty Retirement Benefits  is included in the agenda packet as an information item.

    Usage Rules for the Faculty Lounge & Talon Room  are included in the agenda packet as an information item.


    Faculty/staff Resources Page is included in the agenda packet as an information item.

    Directories of the 2013-2014 Faculty Association Standing Committees and the 2013-2014 University Committees are included in the agenda packet as an information item.\

    A list of all courses that have not been taught in the past five years may be found by going to the current agenda item on the Faculty Association web page and clicking on the link for Information Item #7.   

    Also in the agenda packet is an information item from the Campus Safety Advisory Council concerning whom to call for problems regarding maintenance issues, computer and technology issues, or safety hazards.


  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee - Candice Carter/Cheryl Frohlich
    Cheryl Frohlich reported.  The committee met on September 5.  The committee will meet on October 3rd at 10 a.m. in the OFE/FA Conference Room.  The ITS for APC Workflow System met with the committee and discussed some possible changes and improvements to the workflow system.


    Academic Standards Committee - Oliver Schnusenberg/Saurabh Gupta

    Kathy Brown reported.  The committee met on September 4 and elected co-chairs,  Saurabh Gupta and Elinor Scheirer.  The next meeting will be on October 11 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, with the location yet to be determined.


    Adjunct Affairs Committee - Peter Magyari/Daniel Dinsmore

    Peter Magyari reported.  The committee has not yet met this year; the committee will settle on
    a date and time for their next meeting, which will be within the next two weeks. 


    Budget Advisory Committee - Jeffrey Harrison/TBA

    Paul Mason reported.  There is a committee meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 10 at 11:30 am in Building 39, Room 4032.  The committee will choose a co-chair and start looking at the budget for the year.


    Campus Technology Committee - Diana Tanner/Donna Mohr

    Diana Tanner reporting.  The first meeting is scheduled for September 20 at 10:00 am in Building 42, Room 2004.


    Faculty Affairs Committee - David Fenner/ TBA

    Elinor Scheirer reporting.  The committee will meet on Thursday, September 12 in the OFE/FA conference room.  The first business will be to elect new co-chairs.


    Faculty Enhancement - Katrina Hall/Georgette Dumont

    Alan Harris reporting.  The first meeting will be on Thursday, September 19 at 12:30 p.m. in the OFE/FA.  The committee will start working on summer teaching grants.  Faculty members can be prepared to be asked to be reviewers for the grant proposals.


    Nominations & Elections Committee - Steven Williamson

    Steven Williamson reporting. The committee has not met yet.  Albert Loh is incoming chair, and will call the first meeting. 


    Research Committee - Caroline Guardino/Tammie Johnson

    Tammie Johnson reporting.  The committee met on Tuesday, September 3.  The meetings will be every first Tuesday at 9 am.  Caroline and Tammie met with the new Assistant Vice-President for Research John Kantner and Interim Provost Earle Traynham to discuss changes to the research grant application.  They approved the committee's changes.  Also, there are some additional funds available for inter-disciplinary grant applications - $10,000.  The committee is also looking at publishing the final grant reports on Digital Commons, so that they will get more widespread usage.  In addition, the committee is looking at adding a requirement that the recipient present the results of the grant research at a campus venue during the academic year after the grant is received.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Pingying Zhang/Pali Sen

    Pali Sen reporting.  The committee met with President of the Faculty Association on August 30 and elected Pali Sen as the incoming chair and Robb Waltner as the secretary for 2013-2014.  The committee will consider items such as freshmen enrollment and Academic Partnerships International. The committee's next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1 at 12:15 p.m.


    Support Services Committee - Alice Eng/Robert Schupp

    Alice Eng reporting.  The committee met on September 4 at 1:00 pm in the Library.  Bob Schupp is the new chair of the committee.  The committee discussed the role of the committee and possible speakers for the new year.


    Executive Committee - Scott Hochwald

    The committee met last on August 20 to set the agenda for today's Faculty Association meeting.  The Kick-Off Meeting of the committee will be on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at 11:30 am in the Talon Room on the 4th floor of Building 16.

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President John Delaney   
    There was no report.  


    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen

    The good economic news is that the Florida economy is growing.  Population growth is 1.2 %.  There will be no budget cut in the coming legislative session, although it will be non-recurring money.   


    The Board of Governors will meet this week, and will deal with a PECO list.  There is about $90 million to divide among the universities for maintenance and infrastructure.  Also, there will be one project per university, with UNF probably getting $18 million for the purchase of land for expansion. 


    The Budget and Finance Committee will deal with the division of the $20 million of the Governor's performance metrics funds among the SUS institutions. 


    The Board of Governors will appoint interim chancellor next week, since the current chancellor, Frank Brogan, is leaving in October to become chancellor of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.               


    United Faculty of Florida - Janice Swenson

    The next bargaining session will be on September 6.  On the agenda are will discuss the  salary and evaluation articles.  About the evaluation article, agreement seems to be close on service and research, but not on teaching.  


    With regard to the salary article, there is presently an offer of 2% above the $1000 or $1400 that the legislature gave to state employees.  The union had initially asked for a 3% raise, plus 1% compression inversion. 


    The union has proposed some changes to the conflict-of-interest article.  The administration has not yet provided any proposal on the Promotion and Tenure article. 


    The union has made a proposal on the article addressing promotion and evaluation of librarians; there has not yet been a reply from the administration.  Currently it seems that faculty will probably not get the raise by October 1.  There are bargaining sessions on September 6, September 30, and October 2.  The meeting on September 6 will be in Building 1, Room 1306.

  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    Question 1 to Vice-President for Administration and Finance Shari Shuman:

    The first is more a request than a question.  A faculty member noted that one of the two signs/maps that are on building 3 incorrectly joins the Communications and Fine Arts Departments.  Can we have the signage revised?


    Question 2 to President Delaney:

    Our Dean has informed us that our freshmen admissions yield has declined over the past two years, reducing significantly the number of FTIC students entering UNF. As a result we apparently have had to "backfill" with a larger number of transfer students than we would otherwise normally admit, to make up the enrollment deficit.

    Has the administration examined whether the declining numbers of FTICs is associated with freshmen mandatory housing and/or the desire to enhance the freshmen student profile through more stringent admission requirements?


    Question 3 to President Delaney:

    1. What is the status of the Provost search?
    2. Given that the faculty have selected those to serve on this committee, when will the President  appoint the additional members?
    3. When will the Presidential appointees to this committee be known to the faculty?
    4. When will the chair of the search committee be appointed and, thus, know to the faculty?
    5. When will the advertisement be placed for the position?
    6. Where will this advertisement for this position be placed?
    7. What time table does the President have in mind for the eventual appointment of the Provost?

    Question 4 to Vice-President for Administration and Finance Shari Shuman from Scott Hochwald:

    If I use a car for travel why can't I be reimbursed for any amount below the amount it would cost for me to use my own car?  I raise this question because I own a standard size car.   I own that size car because I do not want to drive a subcompact or compact car.  Hence, when I rent a car, I rent a standard-size or full-size car.  The cost for my rental car and the cost for gas is always less than the cost that I would be reimbursed for using my own car.  Sometimes the difference is over $100.  Yet, I am just reimbursed for the cost of the rental car at the subcompact or compact car rate.  Granted the amount of money involved is small, but it turns out I have to reimburse UNF for the difference.  The reason for this is that in order for me to not be charged tax for the rental, I must use my P card.  For one trip I owe $5.  How much will it cost for my $5 check to be processed by UNF?  Let's be sure to include in that cost the time I will spend delivering the check to the cashier's office and the time others will spend making sure it is credited to the right account.    Put another way, can I rent a car and request to be reimbursed for mileage for my own car? 

    There were no consent agenda items.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item# 1- FA 13-28: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    COAS (Undergraduate) - (Biology, Philosophy & Program of Religious Studies, Political Science & Public Administration): New Courses & Course Changes (5 packages)                                      

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 2- FA 13-29: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COAS (Graduate) - (Biology): New Course & Change of Programs of Study (2 packages)

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 3- FA 13-30: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    CCEC (Graduate) - (School of Computing): New Course (1 package)

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 4- FA 13-31: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COEHS (Undergraduate) - (Childhood Education, Literacy & TESOL, Exceptional, Deaf & Interpreter Education): New Course, Course Changes, & Change of Programs of Study (2 packages)

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 5- FA 13-32: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COEHS (Graduate) - (Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education): Add New Master Programs of Study (1 package)

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 6- FA 13-33: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    BCH (Graduate) - (School of Nursing): Course Changes, Terminate & Change Programs of Study (4 packages)

    Chair moves.  Item approved.


    Agenda Item# 7- FA 13-34: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    BCH (Graduate) - (Nutrition and Dietetics): New Master Degree Program Request - Proposal for Doctor of Clinical Nutrition - Nutrition Major (1 package)

    The committee chair moved the item.  The item was approved.

    1. Provost Search Committee Election Results
    2. Faculty Retirement Benefits 
    3. Talon Room & Faculty Lounge (Internal UNF)
    4. Usage Rules for the Faculty Lounge
    5. Faculty/Staff Resources Page
    6. 2013-2014 Standing Committee and University Committee Directories (click on the link)
    7.  Untaught Five Years Courses 
    8.  Who Do I Call When I Have A Problem
    9.  Annual Report of 2012-2013 Academic Programs Committee
    10.  Summary Report of 2012-2013 APC Workflow System Packages By Colleges & Departments       
    11.  Faculty Association 2013-2014 Schedule
    12.  Academic Programs Committee 2013-2014 Schedule
    13.  University matriculation Calendar 2013-2014 (click on the link)
    The meeting was adjourned at 12:57 pm.