Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:45 PM

Location: Talon Room, Ospreys Commons, Building 16, 4th Floor

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:52 pm by Faculty Association President, Gordon Rakita.
    The minutes of the meeting of April 3, 2014 were approved as posted on the web page.

    Associate Vice-President for Administration and Finance Scott Bennett announced that the Policy and Compliance Committee will be coordinating an examination of all non-academic university policies.  Many policies have been found to be out of date.  The policy review will be completed in time for the fifth –year SACS review, so that the university will be compliant with all policies by that time.


    President Delaney has decreed extra days off during winter holidays and spring break for all support, law enforcement, administrative, 9- and 12-month faculty, and executive service employees.


    President Rakita asked the members of the association to offer welcome to the new Vice-President for Development & Alumni Affairs, Joshua Merchant.


    The following information items are included in the agenda packet:

    2014-15 Faculty Association Schedule

    2014-15 Academic Programs Committee Schedule

    2013-14 Faculty Award Winners

    2014-15 Committee Elections Results and Distinguished Professor Election Results

    2014-15 Standing and University Committee Directories

    Program of Study Guidelines & Requirements, from the Academic Programs Committee

    UFF Acknowledgement Letter from President Delaney

    Faculty Allocation Model by Associate Provost Jay Coleman

    Usage Rules for the Faculty Lounge


    Academic Programs Committee - Cheryl Frohlich
    Cheryl Frohlich reported.  The committee met on Thursday, May 1 and will meet on the first Thursday in June to discuss courses that have not been taught for the past five years.


    Academic Standards Committee - Elinor Scheirer

    Elinor Scheirer reported.  The committee met on April 18 and continued to discuss development of a policy on in memoriam degrees and posthumous degrees.  They may meet in late August to finish developing the policy, which should be ready for consideration by the Faculty Association no later than October. 


    Adjunct Affairs Committee - Daniel Dinsmore

    Daniel Dinsmore reported.  There was no May meeting; the committee will meet on Monday, August 4 at 2:00 pm in the College of Education and Human Services, room 2032. 


    Budget Advisory Committee - Jeffrey Harrison/Paul Mason  

    Jeffrey Harrison reported.  The committee met on Tuesday, May 13 at 1:00 pm in the Brooks College of Health.  Paul Mason presented updated information pertaining to Associate Provost Jay Coleman’s faculty and staffing model.  During the period from 2007 to 2011, excluding adjunct faculty, there was a decrease of 29 faculty member, or 4%.  There was, however, a net increase of 28 tenure-track faculty members during that time, with decreases in instructors and visiting faculty.  The committee also discussed President Delaney’s letter from March 13 about administrative pay raises.  The next committee meeting will be on August 26 at 1:00 pm in the Brooks College of Health in the Public Health conference room. 

    Campus Technology Committee - Donna Mohr  

    There was no report.


    Faculty Affairs Committee - David Fenner

    David Fenner reported.  There is one agenda item.  The next committee meeting will be in the Fall.


    Faculty Enhancement – Georgette Dumont/Alan Harris

    Georgette Dumont reported.  The committee met in April to finalize the rubric to be used for the summer teaching grant proposals.  The next committee meeting will be in August. 


    Nominations & Elections Committee – Albert Loh

    There was no report.


    Research Committee – Tammie Johnson

    Tammie Johnson reported.  The committee did not meet in May.  They will meet next on August 20 at 1:00 pm in Building 39, in the 4th floor conference room. 


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Pali Sen

    Pali Sen reported.  The committee did not meet in May.  The next meeting will be in August.  There is one information item in the agenda packet.


    Support Services Committee - Robert Schupp

    Robert Schupp reported.  The committee did not meet in May. 


    Executive Committee - Scott Hochwald

    Faculty Association Vice-President Scott Hochwald reported.  The committee met on April 22 to set the agenda for this meeting.  The committee has two items on the legislative agenda.  There will be no May and June executive meetings.  The June and July Faculty Association meetings are also cancelled.


    President John Delaney

    “Despite my expressed worries about the legislative session, the legislature approved a significant funding increase for higher education in general and UNF in particular.  Janet will, of course, provide details in a few minutes. 


    We will be proposing raises for faculty and staff to the respective unions, and subsequently to the Board of Trustees.  I would like to address compression and inversion for faculty as part of a salary package. 


    The performance funding plan was accepted by the legislature, and in a more acceptable format.  Also, the first phase of renovations for Skinner-Jones Hall was funded at about $13 million. This last project is subject to gubernatorial veto, and we are working to keep funding for this project. The funding is a sign of an improved Florida economy and augurs well for the next few years. 


    I recently met with the Faculty Association’s Executive and Faculty Affairs Committees jointly.  I hope to institutionalize such a meeting on a regular basis as a format for discussions on items of shared governance.”


    Legislative Liaison Report – Vice-President for Governmental Affairs Janet Owen

    “In this session, it was good, money-wise as well as legislation.  Even the ‘no’s’ were good – no pension/retirement changes, no health insurance changes, no textbook affordability bill, no gun legislation.  So the ‘no’s’ were good; and the ‘yes’s’ were even better. 


    We had the biggest budget in Florida’s history, $77.1 billion.  And it was great for the state universities - $200 million in a performance funding package.  Of course, a large part of that – about $80 million – comes from base budgets.  But, thankfully, UNF is in the winning category; we have enough points to get our base budget cut… contribution to the pot returned, as well as additional money.  And then, we were successful in getting about a $2.5 million recurring add to our base, that we said was to help us with performance funding metric(s) in the future… so, in terms of academic enhancements and student support services that we need to address to look at graduation and retention rates and those kinds of things.


    PECO was wonderful, and I’ll tell you why.  We need to thank the commissioner of agriculture, who came up with an initiative where he transferred some tax on energy to the PECO trust fund as a(n) every-year recurring contribution of about $160 million to a fund that was dying.  So, we’re really appreciative of that, which allowed there to be PECO projects.  It was $11.750 million for Skinner-Jones Hall; and our BOG approval was for $9 million; so that was more than we were actually even approved for.  We have to thank a lot of our legislators for coming together and supporting that.  But, I really want to give a special thanks to you all and individually to Dr. Jay Coleman, Dr. Barbara Hetrick, Dr. Mark Tumeo, Dr. Garner, Dr. Eason, and Dr. Pyati, who, on 24-hours notice, turned around incredible letters of support, each one individually written, specifically talking about that corporation or company’s tie to UNF and what they do and why the renovations in 3 and 4 are so important.  And we got letters from the JAX Chamber, USA Partnership, Stash Investments, Shahid Khan’s business, Haskell, two from Mayo, the Department of Defense Army Research Lab, Vistakon, Saft Batteries, Stellar, Goodrich Corporation….   That’s just to name a few; and then a ton of engineering firms and other environmental companies here in town who support.  So, I’m hoping we can, you know, tap that energy and keep going with it. 


    Like I said, probably together with the special that we got and our performance funding, we’re probably upwards to about $10 million to our base recurring, which is going to be very helpful, and especially as we look to the future.


    Differential tuition, which I am characterizing, I think appropriately, as 15% authority given to the Board of Governors to consider requests by the universities, which, of course they have not given us in the last two years.  But, nonetheless, that authority was removed from statute.  I think, it’ll be, in an election year, characterized as:  ‘We got rid of your 15% increase.’  But the truth is, it was authority to the Board of Governors that was repealed from law, so they won’t be considering that for the rest of us.  They will be able to consider up to a 6% of a tuition increase for the pre-eminent universities based on their performance on three metrics that represent two points per metric… and, anyway, just for Florida and Florida State.  The inflationary adjustment is also gone; but the good news is, they did approve a waiver of the out-of-state fee portion for undocumented students; the big Florida GI bill also provides a waiver for out-of-state military veterans….


    But, I will get my report out later today, and if you need particular bills – and particularly I’m thinking nursing and education – you want to look at those, just holler and I’ll get them to you.“


    United Faculty of Florida – Janice Swenson

    Cheryl Frohlich reported.  “We had our elections just recently, and we have a new president that will be coming in, John White; and I am sure that he’ll be here and be informing you on all the things that will be changing at the next meeting.” 


    Diana Tanner – Parking Advisory Council Report

    “There will be a change to the daily permit fees, right now, it costs $3 to get a daily permit; the new rates will be $5 for premium; and that’s to put us on par with the other universities around the state.  Discount will be $2; so it’s being lowered a dollar.  Hopefully that will make students not lie when they come to you and ask for a daily permit; because they’ll have to pay $3 less to be able to go out in a discount lot to park.     


    There’ll be no changes to the locations in which specific groups park, the hierarchy of permit sales, citation fees, permit categories, or sales ratios.  There’ll be a couple of minor changes to some parking spaces over near the housing areas; that will be converted to housing from premium.  Alumni Hall parking will change from premium to discount.


    And I’ve been waiting for this part for a long time; no longer will we call the parking spaces premium; we’ll call them the blue spaces; and the discount spaces will be called the gray spaces; and that will begin on August 16.  Faculty/staff parking will eventually become yellow parking – they’re trying to stay away from pairing orange with blue


    There is a new garage that they began construction on May 1; it should be finished January 1; it has four stories, 554 parking spaces.  It’s for use primarily for housing, so it’s going to sit behind the other parking garage.  The top two floors – there’ll be four floors – floors four and three will have ramps that go over to the current parking garage, so that they can make those two floors premium, or they can block them off and make them just for housing.” 


    Shari Schuman noted that registered guest permits are still $2.


    Question 1, for President Delaney: 

    “At a recent Faculty Association meeting you were asked about the growth of administrators at UNF over time.  You indicated that the university’s overall jump in administrative numbers was due to the use of director titles.  Why then are we filling the position of Director of Academic Technology in ITS when Kathy Hughes retires when we already have an AVP of Academic Technology in Academic Affairs?  Would you consider revisiting this decision since it appears somewhat redundant and presents us with an opportunity to save some money as well as eliminate one director position from our numbers?”

    Response from Shari Schuman, Vice-President of Administration and Finance:  

    “I just wanted to give a little bit of background on the position and why we established it to begin with and put Kathy Hughes in it.  So it’s not a new position.  We did a re-organization – I had three or four directors that retired out of Information Technology – and if that’s not an opportunity to do a re-organization, what is?  And so, we did a task force that had faculty members that participated on that task force as well as administrators, that was led by Scott Bennett.  And, one of the things that was loud and clear was that there was a thought, especially by faculty and some others, that IT did not spend enough time on academic technology; that they were focused on the Enterprise systems, the student system, Blackboard, and those sorts of things, and that we needed someone who would focus and advocate on behalf of faculty within IT. 


    And so, what we’re looking at… and that’s what Kathy has done for thirty years, for those that know Kathy.  And she unfortunately did decide to retire; that was her right.  And so, we put out a search, that failed.  And then we put out a second search, and decided, who better to advocate for faculty than a faculty member?  And so, we did a search, and, as you know, it did get announced that Gordon accepted that position, starting June 9.  He’ll stay in a faculty line, and he’ll still be a faculty member.  What we look at this position doing is also helping in regard to coordination, identifying research projects that we can help leverage with our Florida Lambda Rail, LLC (FLR).  Also, there’s a Sunshine State Education and Research Computing Alliance that we work with – CCEC in particular – that’s also research and has other aspects.  So, not only will they be looking at and working with CIRT, with classroom technology, and coming up with innovative and ‘what’s the next thing?’, along with CIRT.  But they’ll also be working with the faculty on research… ‘do you have a database that you need for a classroom?’  That’s some of the stuff that Kathy’s done.  There’s just different things, and we want to put an emphasis on what you need.  And I seriously mean that.  We do understand that there’s more than just running the numbers and running the administrative systems, that faculty matter and faculty care, and we want to help you.  So, that’s the reason for the position.“ 


    Question 2, for President Delaney and Interim Provost Earl Traynham:

    From the Faculty Enhancement Committee - “Could someone in the administration clarify intellectual property rights as related to course development – online, hybrid, and face-to-face – online instruction, and creative content?  Also, with regard to intellectual property rights for 9-month faculty?  Also, address the relationship between those who teach during the summer and those who do not?”

    Response from Interim Provost Earl Traynham:  

    “I think really a forum is the best way to deal with this particular topic, because it is a complex issue.  There is collective bargaining language already that addresses this issue, maybe in a too-simplistic way.  And it’s kind of a hot-button issue.  My own personal opinion is that it is an issue in which there’s probably more smoke than fire – that it’s really not as much of an issue, crucially, as sometimes we’re making it.  So I think that that might be the best way to deal with this.  You can be sure that it is an issue that’s going to be addressed in the upcoming bargaining, to try to reach some clarification about intellectual property rights.  But probably a forum would be a very good way to deal with that.”


    Question 3, from Faculty Association Vice-President Scott Hochwald:  

    “There are two business models out there – the Jaguar one and the Wal-Mart one.  And I’d like the parking services to be the Jaguar one, as opposed to the Wal-Mart one, so that when the premium spaces go on sale, that if you have one of those, especially if you’re faculty and staff, you get the invitation to keep it, as opposed to being told, ‘You have 30 minutes to get online, buy it, and if you don’t make it, you can park way away.’   I’ll let you know I didn’t make it; I’m late all the time; and if I’m serving on any committee with you, I will be later.”

    There were no consent agenda items.

    Agenda Item# 1- FA 14-17: Submitted by the Executive Committee

    SECOND READING:  Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Academic Programs Committee Charge Changes Proposal.

    The proposal was withdrawn by the Executive Committee for further consideration.            


    Agenda Item# 2 - FA 14-18: Submitted by the Executive Committee

    SECOND READING:  Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Nominations and Elections Committee Additional Proposal for the Voting

    The chair moved the item.  The item was passed.

    Agenda Item# 3- FA 14-20: Submitted by the Executive Committee  

    University of North Florida Final Draft 2014

    The chair moved the item.  The item was passed.


    Agenda Item# 4- FA 14-21: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COEHS (Graduate) – (Foundations and Secondary Education):   Course Changes
    (1 package)

    The chair moved the item.  The item was passed.


    Agenda Item# 5- FA 13-26: Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

    Resolution on Distance Learning

    The chair moved the item.  The item was passed.

    1. UFF Acknowledgment Letter Relative to the Contract in Hiring Faculty
    2. Faculty Association Standing and University Committee 2014-2016
      & 2014 DP Election Results
    3. Faculty Association Standing & University Committee Directories (2014-2015)
    4. Program of Study (POS) Guidelines & Requirements
    5. 2013-2014 Faculty Awards University Selection Committee Members     
    6. 2013-2014 OT Undergraduate College Screening Committee Members
    7. 2013-2014 OT Graduate College Screening Committee Members
    8. 2014-2015 Faculty Association Schedules
    9. 2014-2015 Academic Programs Committee Schedules
    10. Faculty Allocation Model
    The meeting was adjourned at 1:29 pm.