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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:18 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

  • Approval of the Minutes:

    The minutes of the October 4 meeting were approved as posted on the web.
  • Announcements:

    • Caroline Guardino had two announcements:
      1. With regard to faculty obligations under the state's Protection of VulnerablePersons Act, Contacted Counseling Center, she proposes creation of a brochure and/or video to inform faculty, staff, and administration about their obligations under the provisions of this act.
      2. She spoke in favor of contributing to the Annual Giving Campaign, of which she is chair.
    • Student Government President Carlo Fassi and Student Senate President Zakariya spoke about the AIM Higher campaign, a project initiated by the Florida Student Association. The campaign wants to have 1000 letters from students and faculty at UNF to state legislators by the March beginning of the legislative session urging them to vote for adequate funding for higher education. Faculty are also invited to participate in the AIM Higher campaign video. President Rakita said that there would be an electronic version of the handout in the December agenda packet.
    • The 2012-2013 Promotion and Tenure Timeline is in the agenda packet, Information Item 4.
    • Online Election for the Nominations & Elections Committee starts Monday, November 5 through Monday, November 12.
    • Outstanding Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Awards nominee materials are due on Wednesday, November 14 at 5 p.m.
  • Standing Committee Reports:

    Academic Programs Committee - Candice Carter

    The committee has 4 items on the legislative agenda.


    Academic Standards Committee - Oliver Schnusenberg

    The committee met last on October 12. The committee approved an update to the Latin honors program. The committee also approved a collaborative degree program policy, so that courses that students take at other universities will be displayed on their UNF transcripts. The committee tabled a discussion of a policy to require that a student meet with an academic advisor after the student's first course withdrawal, and also tabled a discussion of the final exam policy mentioned at the last Executive Committee meeting. The committee will develop a survey to assess what faculty are doing in hybrid classes or online classes about final exams. The next meeting will be on November 16, at 11:45 a.m.


    Adjunct Affairs Committee - Peter Magyari

    The committee met October 12. They discussed the growth of the numbers of adjunct faculty and the orientation of the adjuncts to UNF. The committee contacted Human Resources about the need for adjunct orientation. As a result, Greg Catron, Associate Director for Employee Labor Relations; Cheryl Gonzalez, Director of the Equal Opportunity Program; Newton Jackson, Associate Provost for Faculty Enhancement; Marianne Jaffee, Executive Assistant & Director of Planning; and Associate General Counsel Marc Snow will attend the next meeting of the committee to discuss adjunct orientation. The next committee will be on November 9 at 2 p.m. in the School of Nursing Conference Room in the Brooks College of Health.


    Budget Advisory Committee - Jeffrey Harrison

    The committee met on October 16. Joann Campbell, Associate Vice-President and Compliance Officer, attended the meeting to discuss UNF's comprehensive safety and security plan, the Higher Education Act, , the UNF compliance calendar, export control, distance learning, FERPA training, abuse reporting, and other issues. This month, Shari Shuman, Vice-President for Administration and Finance, will be meeting with the committee to discuss budget trends. The next committee meeting will be on Tuesday, November 13, at 2 p.m. in the Brooks College of Health, Room 4032.


    Campus Technology Committee - Diana Tanner

    The committee met on October 12. The committee has been discussing Scantron machines and the types of Scantron forms that can be used with these machines. They will also be discussing classroom clickers at their next meeting. CIRT has a new poster printer, a new color laser printer that prints up to tabloid size, new video recording equipment, and a class set of 7 I-Pads. The committee has one item on the legislative agenda, and one information item. The next committee meeting will be on November 9 at 9 a.m. in Building 42, Room 2004.


    Faculty Affairs Committee - Elinor Scheirer/David Fenner

    The committee met on October 11. The committee approved a recommendation to the Association, to be on the December agenda. This recommendation concerns even spacing, at 5 years, of awards for Undergraduate Teaching, Graduate Teaching, Scholarship and Service. The committee also discussed how to rectify the problem that some retired faculty are not receiving Campus Update. The next meeting will be on November 8, in Building 51 in the COAS Dean's conference room.


    Faculty Enhancement Committee - Irma Ancheta

    The committee met on October 26. The committee discussed measurement of faculty workload to determine how much of a faculty member's work is devoted to each of the expected tasks. The committee also received several teaching grants, and will be distributing the grants to the reviewers at the beginning of the week of November 5. The next meeting will be on Thursday, November 29, 3 p.m. in OFE Library.


    Nominations & Elections Committee - Guy Yehuda

    Today is last day for nominations to the committee. One position from the College of Arts and Science; one from the Coggin College of Business; one from the College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction; one from Brooks College of Health; and one at-large. It was noted that there are already many nominations. Jeffrey Harrison nominated Mei Zhao for the BCH position.


    Research Committee - Caroline Guardino

    The committee met on October 17. The committee had received 59 proposals. The committee will complete the reviews of by November 12; and meet on November 14 to decide on funding recommendations to the Provost. Dr. Christie and Dr. Rakita met with the committee to discuss the ORSP task force; the committee will wait for the task force recommendations, and then seek further assistance from the task force before moving on the recommendations.


    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Jeremy Carter

    Susan Massey reported. The committee met on October 15. Dr. Scheirer also met with the committee for a discussion of the use of the Campus Climate Survey and portions of the Chronicles of Higher Education's Great Colleges to Work For Survey. Committee will submit other questions to the Faculty Affairs Committee for possible inclusion in the Campus Climate Survey next year. The next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 6 at 12:15 pm in the Faculty Association meeting room.


    Support Services Committee - Alice Eng  

    The committee met on  Monday,  October 8. The next meeting will be on Monday, November 5 at 1:30 p.m. in the Library Small Conference Room. The speaker at the next committee meeting will be Alison Cruess, Assistant Director of ITS; she will speak about ITS services. 


    Executive Committee - Scott Hochwald  

    The committee met on Tuesday, October 16.  Dr. Hochwald attended the Orlando meeting of the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the Faculty Associations. At that meeting, General Education and standardization of Distance Learning were discussed. The University of Central Florida (with approximately 50,000 students) presented results from ISQ data.  

  • Special Reports

    President John Delaney

    There was no report.


    Academic Affairs  Provost & Vice President - Mark Workman

    The President and Provost met with some retired faculty to discuss their ongoing engagement with the University. Presidential Professor Committee met last week to convene a group to begin the selection process for the Terry Presidential Professorship, with applications due in the Spring, with a decision to be made near the end of the academic year. The Provost will soon get the report from the ORSP task force. General Education reform is progressing, with a meeting in Tampa last week to discuss the realignment. Several representatives from UNF attended, participating in different subcommittees. The subcommittees are charged with identifying learning outcomes in Humanities, Mathematics, Social Science, Communications, and Science, and to identify the courses that will enable students to achieve those outcomes. The state group is charged with identifying the first 15 hours of the General Education requirement; the individual universities will identify the remaining 15 hours. The Provost expressed gratitude for the efforts of student government with regard to their efforts to promote adequate funding for higher education. Next week, the Provost will report to Board of Governors about the university's legislative budget request, including funding for new faculty lines, as wells as an allocation for data analytic programs on campus for analyzing student data and tracking student performance. Faculty members are invited to a forum at the end of November to review the university's vision and mission, and to discuss strategic goals.


    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen

    There was no report.


    United Faculty of Florida - Cheryl Frohlich

    In discussions with the Provost, it was found that there was wording in contract problem on the issue of Tenure and Promotion - the contract calls for two department votes, one vote by the department Tenure and Promotion Committee and a second vote by all tenured faculty members in the department. The proposed change to the contract will state that there will be only the committee vote, without the second vote by all tenured faculty members. Also, both sides agreed that the future, the contract should provide that only full Professors will vote on promotion of colleagues from Associate Professor to full Professor. Both sides agree that every regular faculty member will be offered at least one summer course. The issue of clinical faculty members in the Brooks College of Health is still being negotiated.


    Intercollegiate Athletic Committee - Jay Coleman   

    Overall Information:

    • 287 student-athletes (headcount) in 19 sports (some participate in multiple sports): 8 men's teams and 11 women's teams
    • Participant distribution was 58.5% female in 2011-2012
    • Awarded $2.16 million in financial aid; 61% of that goes to females
    • 48 coaches (20 female)
    • Athletics total revenue in 2012-2013 is estimated at $8.05 million (was approx. $7.43 million last year)
    • $6.7 million of revenue is from student athletics fees (second largest source was game guarantees of about $580,000)
    • NCAA provides about $307,000 in additional funding
    • As comparison, the top 5 athletics revenue schools are Texas ($150 million), Ohio State ($132 million), Alabama ($125 million), Florida ($123 million), and Michigan ($123 million)
    • No monies  come from funds that could otherwise be used for academics
    • Relatively new "Osprey Nation" student booster group up to more than 800 members vs. only 60 last year ($10 per year, or $30 for full college career, gets a t-shirt and preferred seating for basketball)
    • Finished third in Atlantic Sun All-Sports Trophy competition; would have won had the league counted our championship in the inaugural season of women's sand volleyball
    • Won three conference titles: women's tennis, women's sand volleyball, and men's golf (men's golf went on to finish 12th in the national championship tournament, tied with Florida)
    • Had six students win Atlantic Sun Athlete of the Year awards in their respective sport
    • 11 secondary (minor issues) NCAA violations in 2011-2012, which is quite normal vis-à-vis others (and is indicative of active, good faith compliance efforts)



    • 2011-2012 mean GPA: 3.02 (across men and women): 2.85 (men), 3.15 (women)
    • Fall 2012 incoming freshmen admissions (n=19): mean weighted GPA = 4.014, mean SAT = 1170  
    • Summer 2012 incoming freshman admissions (n=17): mean weighted GPA = 3.431, mean SAT = 1020  
    • Graduation rate for 2005-06 freshman cohort (within six years): 63% (57% men, 67% women), versus 50% mean of all students
    • Four-class average (incoming in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005) graduation rate: 67%, versus
      48% for all students
    • Graduation rate rises to 83% when adjusted for transfers, mid-year enrollees, and those leaving in good academic standing
    • 53% of student-athletes have a GPA over 3.00
    • None of our teams have any issues in regard to the NCAA's Academic Progress Rate necessary to avoid penalties such as being ineligible for post-season competition, financial aid reductions, reductions in practice time or competition, coaching suspensions, etc.
    • Kayla Conrad (women's track) was awarded the prestigious NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship, one of only 13 women chosen nationally (and represented second straight year UNF had a winner of that scholarship)
    • 145 student-athletes currently go to supervised study hall each week, including all new and any deemed "at-risk"; morning and afternoon study hall sessions are staff-monitored; many also use A.C.E. for tutoring

    Online Sources 

  • Questions & Responses

    Anonymous question received by President Rakita on October 31.

    Is informing "UNF employees" of significant changes in the cleaning of their offices by publishing this information under the heading "Change in Campus Custodial Services Starts Today" in the Osprey Update of April 30, 2012 (at the end of the Spring semester) an effective way to communicate such policy changes to UNF employees? (1)

    Can the cleaning of offices be reduced to emptying trashes once a week? Is this sufficient? Is the implication here that UNF employees should clean their offices?
    Could the sudden and unprecedented occurrence of fruit flies in some  of our offices have been avoided by a more effective information campaign in regard to "Change in Campus Custodial Services"?
    Is the line of trash cans laying outside of our offices adding to the so-much worked for aesthetic quality of our campus?
    Furthermore, are the decrease in office cleaning, limited circulation regarding to policy changes affecting the cleaning of employees' offices, and the spraying of our offices with pesticides evidence of RATIONAL CHOICES in the long term? Could such changes negatively impact the environment and employees' overall health? Are these decisions in line with our alleged commitment to a cleaner environment?
    In light of this all, is the Change in Campus Custodial Services" cost-effective?
      (1) The following was the only source of info regarding change in campus custodial services I was able to identify:


    Change in Campus Custodial Services Starts Today

    Beginning today, custodial services to the campus community will change. Through attrition, custodian staffing has been reduced, resulting in a $200,000 annual savings. As of today, individual offices will be cleaned weekly instead of daily. Custodial staff will continue to pick up trash daily, as long as the trash cans are left outside individual office doors at the end of the work day. Trash pick-up for employees in cubicles won't be impacted. Classrooms, restrooms and all other common spaces will continue to be maintained on a daily basis. For more information, contact Shelia Lopez in Physical Facilities. Contact: Sheila Lopez at or (904) 620-1979.

  • Consent Agenda

    There were no consent agenda items.
  • Legislative Items

    Agenda Item# 1- FA 12-42: Submitted by the Campus Technology Committee

    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading

    Campus Technology Committee Changes Proposal

    The chair moved the item; the item was approved.


    Agenda Item# 2 - FA 12-43: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COAS (Undergraduate) - (Art & Design, Mathematics & Statistics, & Music): New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study changes (6 packages)

    The chair moved that all four of the items (Item #2 through Item# 5) be considered collectively; the motion was approved. The chair moved all items; all items were approved.


    Agenda Item# 3 - FA 12-44: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COEHS (Undergraduate) - (Leadership, School Counseling, & Sport Management): New Course and Programs of Study Changes (2 packages)


    Agenda Item# 4- FA 12-45: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee   

    COEHS (Graduate) - (Leadership School Counseling, & Sport Management): New Course and Programs of Study Changes (1 package)


    Agenda Item# 5- FA 12-46: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    BCH (Graduate) - (Public Health): New Course and Programs of Study Changes (1 package)

  • Information Items


    1. Election for the Nominations & Elections Committee
    2. Distinguished Professor Award Honorarium Increases
    3. Transitioning to Qualtrics - The New Online Survey Tool
    4. 2012-2013 Promotion & Tenure Timeline


  • Adjournment

    The meeting was adjourned at 1:14 p.m.