Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:16 p.m. by FA President, Patrick Plumlee.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – March 1, 2012 (2 minutes)
    A motion was made to approve the minutes from March 1, 2012 (as posted on the Web).  The minutes were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)
    Congratulations to the elected 2012-2014 FA Officers: President-Gordon Rakita, Vice President-Scott Hochwald, Secretary-James Gleaton.

    Online Elections for 2012 Distinguished Professor & 2012-2014 Standing & University Committees started today at 9:00 a.m. and will close on Wednesday, April 11 at 5:00p.m.Judy Solano clarified one of the technical features of the online electronic ballot.

    The 2012-2013 Faculty Association Schedule, 2012-2013 Academic Programs Committee Schedule, and Spring Term Exam Schedule are included in the agenda packet.

    The Office of Human Resources Training & Professional Development invites all faculty & staff to the 8th annual Professional Development Forum scheduled for May 8 from 8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.  This year’s forum features many workshop sessions including: “Connecting for Collaboration” and “Managing for Employee Engagement”. At lunch, President Delaney will present the Excellence Awards. Faculty can register for this free event on the HR training website beginning April 9.

    Congratulations to Judy Solano on her impending retirement. Judy was given a standing ovation in appreciation of her service. She will be invited back for the September 6, 2012 Faculty Association meeting to extend more formal recognition and present her with a plaque.

    Mr. Chris Wrenn, Associate General Counsel, spoke on the nuisance issues with solicitation from many of the book buyers that come on campus as well as the potential contractual violations with Follet that they pose. There is a strongly worded statement that has been made available on the General Counsel’s website that faculty may print out and disseminate to them. Additionally, faculty should be aware that there is a full complement of standard release forms for a variety of settings (i.e. taking students off campus, minors coming to campus, etc.) that are also posted on the website.  If there are any additional questions feel free to contact Chris via email or phone at Extension 1007.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)
    Academic Programs Committee –Candice Carter
    The Committee has five agenda items today. One from COAS (Undergraduate), two from COEHS (Undergraduate & Graduate), and two from BCH (Undergraduate & Graduate).  None of these items will appear on the consent agenda.

    Academic Standards Committee – Diane Tanner
    The Committee met March 9 but did not have quorum.  The Committee discussed a new letter grade assignment of “FN” for students who never attend a class and needs reporting for financial aid purposes. They hope to have a drafted policy for next month’s agenda. They also discussed a policy to limit the number of withdrawals that a student can have.  Several schools across the state have already implemented such a policy. There are two agenda items for today: one for a policy on credit-bearing undergraduate certificate programs and one for Associate in Arts degree requirements.  The next meeting is April 20 at 1:00 p.m. in 42/2004.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Jeff Harrison for Peter Magyari
    The Committee met March 30 with two adjunct faculty in attendance to discuss a recent online workshop titled “Supporting Adjunct Faculty” that Dan Richard had been involved with. The next meeting is April 20 at 11:00 a.m. in 39A/4136.

    Budget Advisory Committee – Zornitza Prodanoff
    The Committee has an information item pertaining to the potential impact to UNF for the one-time $300 million dollar cut within the SUS. Included in the agenda packet are a number of attachments and figures that faculty may review including UNF’s 2011-2012 operating budget, E&G funding trends, E&G allocations, and the proposed 2012-2013 SUS budget. The lawsuit pertaining to the 3% pay cut related to Florida Retirement System funds is still ongoing and may go to the Federal Supreme Court.  The possible impacted funds from this lawsuit have not been included in the budget estimations.

    Campus Technology Committee – Patrick Plumlee for Lauren Newton (read a written report)
    The Committee met March 28 to discuss potential problems with the user retention process in Blackboard (especially where students, upon graduation, have their user accounts disabled and all grades and associated assignments permanently removed). If faculty members want to retain access to those assignment and grade records they will need to back up the Blackboard course appropriately.  CIRT can help out and answer any questions about this process. The next meeting is April 18 at 11:30 a.m. in 12/2405.

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Elinor Scheirer
    The Committee met March 8 but did not achieve quorum.  They continued discussions on managing the faculty awards process and the level of involvement in faculty governance.  The next meeting is April 12 at 12:30 p.m. in 57/3201.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee - Adel Boules
    The Committee met March 27 and finalized the recommendations to submit to Academic Affairs and discussed the initiatives of the director of Faculty Enhancement. The next meeting is April 24 at 12:15 p.m. in 10/1106.

    Nominations & Elections Committee –Guy Yehuda
    No report.  The online elections have begun.

    Research Committee –Patrick Plumlee for Caroline Guardino (read a written report)
    The Committee met March 20 to continue work on revising the Research RFP for the 2013 funding cycle.  The next meeting is April 10 at 3 p.m. in 57/3510 where they hope to finalize the revisions and submit them for approval.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee – Chris Brown
    The Committee met mid-March and did not have a quorum; however, they continue to discuss the Campus Climate Survey and a possible complement to or a replacement survey similar to the model in the Chronicle of Higher Education that may have better benchmarks. The next meeting will be April 13 at noon in 50/2500 to discuss this further.

    Support Services Committee – Alan Harris
    The Committee met March 29 where Jeffrey Bowen from the Library gave a demo of the Digital Commons System. The next meeting is TBA.

    Executive Committee – Jeffrey Harrison
    The Committee met March 20 to set the agenda for this meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for April 17 at 12:15 p.m. in the Faculty Commons 10/1102.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)
    President John Delaney
    No report.

    Academic Affairs Provost & Vice President Mark Workman
    As indicated by Zornitza, there still remains much uncertainty on the budget primarily due to a potential requirement that the University restore the 3% pension reduction. The more immediate uncertainty is that BOG has not yet approved the 15% tuition differential which has already been assumed into next year’s funding. BOG will take up this issue again and hopefully make a decision on it at their June meeting.

    Faculty members are highly encouraged to attend the Spring Commencement to honor our students and several of our own retiring faculty.

    An update on the annual tenure & promotion process: (i) One candidate was put forward for promotion to Associate University Librarian which was endorsed (not reviewed by the P&T Committee) (ii) The Committee reviewed 13 candidates for tenure and promotion to Associate Professor of which 11 were recommended.  The Provost recommended 12.  (iii) The Committee reviewed 11 candidates for promotion to Full Professor of which 6 were recommended and split its vote on 2.  The Provost recommended 9.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen
    More bills are beginning to trickle in now that the redistricting process is complete. As of this morning, 87 bills are currently on the Governor’s desk with 147 additional bills expected which includes the budget. The Governor will have 15 days to respond to the budget bill once it is received and is expected to respond quickly as he is already reviewing the figures. There will be a public hearing next Thursday, April 12 to discuss the Academic & Research Excellence & National Preeminence Act and its impact on Universities such as UF and FSU and the associated issues with tuition increases.  Janet will forward any additional information on the budget as it becomes available.

    United Faculty of Florida – Cheryl Frohlich

    Next Wednesday & Thursday (April 11-12) there will be an election for the following committees: Promotion & Tenure, Sabbatical Selection, and Professional Development held in the Faculty Commons. This election is open to everyone for voting.  There will also be elections for next year’s UFF officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, & Treasurer) as well as for Senator and alternate Senators but will only be open to UFF members.

    There has been a settlement reached and approved by the administration on the grievance about the bylaws in the Department of Psychology. There are ongoing issues and grievances in BCH, a new grievance in CCEC, and a potential grievance in COAS. 
    The bargaining committee is still discussing Article 18 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement on how faculty should be evaluated.

    Campus Safety Advisory Committee– Joann Campbell
    A recent change in the bylaws allows for a non-faculty member such as Dr. Joann Campbell, Associate VP Compliance Officer, to serve as chair of this committee. The Committee is currently reviewing its mission and focus to ensure that the items undertaken by the committee are more global University wide safety & security issues rather than individual ones.  The Committee is currently researching other universities’ focus and mission statements as it pertains to this committee. Faculty can forward to this committee any safety issues that they would like to see addressed.  There will be a meeting next Monday to plan the activities for the upcoming year. 

    Parking Advisory Council - Diane Tanner
    Two emails have already been distributed describing changes made to the parking permits and how to purchase them.  The Designated Parking permit will now be called Faculty/Staff parking.  There are 100 additional parking spaces with this new designation compared to last year’s designated parking availability. The email contains a link to purchase a parking permit (of any designation) online.  They should be purchased in a timely manner otherwise they will be placed on a waitlist.
  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)
    An anonymous written question directed to the Graduate Dean and Provost
    How was UNF’s Graduate Admissions Policy 2.0630P vetted via constituent groups and promulgated? Are meeting minutes and vote tallies available?  UNF’s policy omits two options (i.e. 6C9-3.006(b)(2) & (3), detail below) from the prior/historical framework.
    Len Roberson will reply in writing

    A question from Kathy Robinson to Joann Campbell
    Whatever came of the results from the survey about skateboarders that was completed about a year and a half ago?
    Joann Campbell: There is already an approved skateboard policy in place. 
    Ellie Scheirer: The results were discussed in the Safety Advisory Council but not disseminated to faculty.  SGA was supposed to handle the distribution of some of the survey items.
    Joann Campbell: I have reviewed all of the Safety Committee meeting minutes over the past year and the only two related agenda items were Smoking Policy and Skateboarders which are both enforcement issues.
    Patrick Plumlee: There doesn’t appear to be any enforcement on the policy as I was almost hit yesterday and similar incidents seem to happen daily.

    A comment from Judy Solano to the faculty
    There is a very well written editorial about the cost of public education and associated tuition issues that  appeared in the April 4 Spinnaker.  It is worth reading.

    A question from TJ Mullen to Janet Owen
    Is there any information or plan of action for a faculty member who signed an offer letter and  accepted a   position at UNF before the State Legislature required 3% of our pay to be contributed to the Florida  Retirement System, but who actually started working at UNF after the law was enacted?  In my particular  case, I accepted an offer in February 2011 under the old law, and then the law changed over the summer  before I taught my first course in August 2011.
    Janet Owen: The trial court was in favor of the employees and it has since been passed up to the Supreme Court. It may be September or October before we get an opinion from that court.  If you had money taken out from the 3% then you would be eligible to get it back under the law.
    Len Roberson: It is an undetermined issue that the courts have yet to decide to determine whether it  applies to everyone or to those hired after July 1.
    There are no consent agenda items for this meeting.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item# 1- FA 12-15: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 
    COAS (Undergraduate)-(Communication, International Studies, and Political Science & Public Administration): New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study (13 packages)
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to move the item.  No discussion.  The item passed. 

     Agenda Item# 2- FA 12-16: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 
    COEHS (Undergraduate)-(Childhood Education and Foundations & Secondary Education): Course Changes & Program Changes (4 packages)
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to move the item.  No discussion.  The item passed. 

    Agenda Item# 3- FA 12-17: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 
    COEHS (Graduate)-(Foundations & Secondary Education): Program Changes (2 packages)
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to move the item. No discussion.  The item passed. 

    Agenda Item# 4- FA 12-18: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 
    BCH (Undergraduate)-(Public Health): New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study (5 packages) 
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to move the item. Mike Lufaso proposed a friendly amendment to correct the course prerequisite requirements for the Foundations in Community Health to be CHM2045 & CHM2045L rather than CHM2045C (lecture and lab classes are no longer combined classes). No further discussion.  The item passed. 

    Agenda Item# 5- FA 12-19: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 

     BCH (Graduate)-(Public Health): New Courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study(5 packages) 
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to move the item.  No discussion.  The item passed 

    Agenda Item# 6- FA 12-20: Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee 
    Credit-bearing Undergraduate Certificate Programs 
    A motion was made by Diane Tanner to move the item.  No discussion.  The item passed 

    Agenda Item# 7- FA 12-21: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 
    Associate in Arts Degree Requirements 

    A motion was made by Diane Tanner to move the item. Judy Solano asked whether a previous policy existed.  Diane indicated that there was never an official policy. Kathy Brown pointed out an error in the last sentence of (3) pertaining to when a student can apply for the degree once completing 60 hours.  Diane offered a friendly amendment to strike the sentence completely. No further discussion.  The item passed.

    1.Vitae Summaries of 2 Finalists for 2012 Distinguished Professor Award
    2.Faculty Association Standing and University Committees & DP Elections
    3.The Potential Impact to UNF Budget Cut

    A motion for adjournment was made by Judy Solano. The meeting adjourned at 1:03 p.m.