Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:16 p.m. by FA President, Patrick Plumlee and explained meeting is postponed from January 5 to January 12 due to avert any issues with meeting quorum.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – December 1, 2011 (2 minutes)
    A motion was made by Kathy Robinson to approve the minutes from December 1, 2011 (as posted on the web).  The minutes were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)
    - Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Distinguished Professor, Scholarship & Service Awards. The deadline to receive nominations is Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
    - A JAD BOG Workshop presentation on “A Roadmap for Measuring and Increasing Relevant Outputs For the State University System” is available on the hotline page of the Faculty Association Website
    - 9th Annual Us Group’s Luncheon/Lecture facilitated by Brooks College of Health is on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. in the University Center.  Tickets can be purchased at the UNF Box Office: $50.00 for individual & $400.00 for a sponsored table of 8.
    -The University has created a Class Cancellation Policy for purposes of Emergency Management.  It is posted on the hotline page of the FA Website.  If there are any questions or comments about this policy, please direct them to Newton Jackson, Associate Provost, in Academic Affairs.
    -Patrick will be disseminating two documents to faculty via email: (1) SUS BOG Strategic Plan 2012-2015 which indicates goals and objectives that the BOG would like to see the system achieve over the next dozen years (2) A document prepared by Rick Yost, BOG faculty representative, which is a compilation of what he considered the more salient metrics embedded in the BOG plan.
    -Melissa Hirschman, a member of CODI (Committee on Diversity and Inclusion), made an announcement about the upcoming “Week of One!” celebrations from January 23-27.  The events include: Come “Table” With US, Silent-Step Out and I Am Equal Photo Shoot.  The faculty is welcome to participate and should encourage their students to attend.  Additional information on these events can be found on www.facebook.com/weekofone.   Flyers were made available with the times and locations of these events.
    - Volunteer is needed for following committees:
    Strategic Planning Advisory - COAS vacancy (remainder term) (9/12)
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)
    Academic Programs Committee - Candice Carter
    The Committee met December 1 where they processed a large number of items that all appear on today’s consent agenda.  They are meeting virtually this month to deal with current APC business.

    Academic Standards Committee - Lisa Jamba for Diane Tanner
    The next meeting will be Friday, January 13 at 1:00 p.m. in 42/2004.  They have no agenda items today.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Peter Magyari
    The first meeting of the semester will be Friday, January 27 at 11:00 am in 39A/4136.

    Budget Advisory Committee - Zornitza Prodanoff
    The Committee will be meeting on Monday, February 13 at 1:30 p.m. in 10/1106 where they plan to conduct a series of meetings and conversations with the University budgetary officers.  Please forward any budgetary questions or items that you may have to this committee.

    Campus Technology Committee - Lauren Newton
    The Committee met Wednesday, January 11 at 11:00 a.m. in 12/2405.  There will be two upcoming product demonstrations for the Digital Asset Management System:  Kaltura (Thursday, January 19 at 9:30 a.m.) and ShareStream (Thursday, February 2 at 9:30 a.m.) both in 57/1100A.

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Elinor Scheirer
    The Committee met Thursday, December 8 and will be meeting again on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 12:15 p.m. in 57/3201.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee - Adel Boules
    The Committee will meet Tuesday, January 31 at 12:15 p.m. in 10/1106.

    Nominations & Elections Committee – Guy Yehuda
    No report.  They have one agenda item today.

    Research Committee - Stephanie Weiss for Caroline Guardino
    The Committee met December 2 and agreed to recommend to the Provost to fund 24 of the 51 submitted grant proposals. The Provost agreed with the recommendation.  They completed a three-year analysis of the recommended vs. funded proposals and created a summary chart of this data. Any faculty who were not funded may contact Caroline Guardino to request the comments on their proposal.  The next meeting will be Friday, January 27 at 1:30 p.m. in 57/3510 where Dr. Workman has been invited to discuss issues related to the research funds and the funding process.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Alan Harris for Christopher Brown
    The next meeting will be Friday, January 13 at noon in 50/2500.

    Support Services Committee – Alan Harris
    The Committee will meet Friday, January 20 at 10:00 a.m. in 50/3300 where Deb Miller from CIRT will be the guest.

    Executive Committee – Jeffrey Harrison
    The Committee met December 6 to set the agenda for this meeting.  The next meeting is onTuesday January 17 at 12:15 p.m. in the Faculty Commons in 10/1102.  Patrick Plumlee, Jeff Harrison and Kathy Robinson who all sit on the Advisory Council of Faculty Senates will be attending a meeting in Tallahassee on Friday, January 20 to meet with the Chancellor and much of the BOG staff to receive a number of updates on various issues.  Jeff welcomed Kathy back from her medical leave.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)
    President John Delaney
    No report.

    Academic Affairs Provost & Vice President Mark Workman
    There is a BOG meeting next week in Tallahassee where the agenda is expected to be more staid than in recent meetings. There has not been a response from the Governor, as of yet, on the data that he requested pertaining to University accountability. J. D. Alexander who also requested a large amount of data was expected to meet with the Chancellor on Friday, January 13 to discuss what the Universities had submitted but has cancelled this meeting. However, there will be a series of upcoming meetings held by Bill Proctor, Chair of the House Education Committee at the authorization of Dean Cannon, Speaker of the House. The Provost read comments made by Dean Cannon who is urging for dialogue on higher education reform.  The Presidents of each institution have been invited to individually spend an hour (framed with data) in front of the House Education Committee where the primary focus will be on the mission of each institution and what they each do uniquely well. UNF should be represented well by our President.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen
    No report.

    United Faculty of Florida – Cheryl Frohlich

    UFF has held meetings with the President and Provost to address a number of questions.  The notes from these meetings will be posted on UFF’s website.  Any additional questions can be forwarded to Cheryl. With respect to grievances, one faculty member approached UFF with a grievance but was unable to have representation due to not being a UFF member and had to hire an attorney instead.  With respect to bargaining, there have been several scheduling issues with the Chief Negotiation Officer.  There is not an upcoming bargaining meeting at this time.  Membership is growing as a result of Membership Blitzes as UFF strives for at least 50% membership.
  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)
     A written question from Matt Gilg to Megan Kuehner:
    SYNOPSIS: Why is it that the length of semesters can vary by as much as a full week, 150 minutes of class time?
    Megan Kuehner will respond in writing.
    A follow-up question from Doria Bowers about the semester schedule:  There are two Reading Days at the end of this semester on a Thursday and Friday.  I was always under the impression that classes do not meet on Reading Days but it says on the web that classes can be held.  Can you clarify this?
    Megan Kuehner will respond in writing.

    There were several questions from the floor with regards to the Republican Debate being hosted at UNF.
    A question from Mary Borg:
    My students had mentioned that they heard that campus will be closed on the entire day of the debate.  Is that true?
    Mark Workman: NO, classes are being cancelled or displaced, including those in the Fine Arts Center.
    Michelle DeDeo: How will parking be affected on the first floor of the Fine Arts Center garage?
    Shari Shuman: As of right now (things may change), the first floor of the Fine Arts  garage will remain open until 5 p.m. while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors will be closed.  Students are encouraged to park in the UNF Hall lot that has 800 spaces and shuttle services that will be added that day to express students to campus from that lot.  There are a few hundred spaces that may be available in Lot 18 in the morning but will probably be crowded by the afternoon.
    Michelle Dedeo: If the garage closes at 5 p.m., will you still be able to get out after 5 p.m.?
    S hari Shuman: Yes, you will be able to get out.  Parking will be very busy that day with 150 print media and 150 CNN employees parking on campus that day.  There should be a lot of communications coming out about this over the next couple of weeks.
    Pam Zeiser: Will there be particular times of day where large amounts of people will be coming on campus?
    Shari Shuman: We already know that CNN will be here a few days prior and that several local TV media will camp out the night before.  All of the TV trucks will be parked in front of the Student Union and the Boathouse will be used for backdrops.
    Doria Bowers: Will there be heightened security measures?
    Shari Shuman:  None of the candidates at this point require Secret Service Protection.  The better security will be here and UPD will be highly involved. You will not be able to get into the Fine Arts Center unless you are credentialed which is already being worked out with those building occupants.
    Marsha Lupi: If you have principal parking and can’t find a spot and have to park in the UNF Hall lot, will you get a ticket?
    Shari Shuman: Anytime you park in the discount lots, any pass higher than that will not be ticketed (as long as it is not in a residential lot).
    Patrick Plumlee: Will there be overflow space for students or faculty who may want to observe the debate?
    Shari Shuman: My understanding is that we are trying to do overflow watching in the Student Robinson Theatre but that is limited to only 800 seats.  If you are interested in this, please contact Sharon Ashton’s office.
    Ellie Scheirer:  Will all this information be disseminated to faculty so we can share it with students?
    Shari Shuman: Yes. Sharon Ashton will be sending out many communications in various ways.  Now is a good time to follow your Campus Updates.  
    FA President Plumlee will present the consent agenda items # FA 12-01, FA 12-02, FA 12-03, FA 12-04, & FA 12-05 for approval.
    A motion was made by Candice Carter to approve the consent agenda.  No discussion.  The motion passed.
    Agenda Item# 2- FA 12-01: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    COAS (Undergraduate) – (Chemistry, English, Languages Literatures & Cultures, Mathematics & Statistics, Philosophy & Program of Religious Studies, and Physics):  Degree Major Changes, New Courses, Course Changes, Course Terminations, & Minor Changes (29 packages)

    Agenda Item# 3- FA 12-02: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    COAS (Graduate) – (Philosophy & Religious Studies, Political Science & Public Administration): Degree Major Changes, Course Changes, New Courses, & New Concentrations (14 packages)

    Agenda Item# 4- FA 12-03: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    COEHS (Undergraduate) – (Foundations & Secondary Education): Degree Major Changes (1 package)

    Agenda Item# 5- FA 12-04: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    COEHS (Undergraduate) – (Childhood Education): Existing Course Change (1 package)

    Agenda Item# 6- FA 12-05: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    Honors (Undergraduate) – (Honors Program): Degree Major Change (1 package)
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)
    Agenda Item# 1- FA 11-68: Submitted by the Nominations & Elections Committee
    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading
    Nominations and Elections Committee Online Elections Changes Proposal
    A motion was made by Jeff Harrison to move the item.  No further discussion.  The item passed. 
    A motion for adjournment was made by Kathy Robinson.  The meeting adjourned at 12:49 p.m.