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Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Meeting Details

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:15 pm by Kathy Robinson.

Meeting Minutes

  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – November 5, 2009 (2 minutes)

    A motion to approve the minutes was made by Judy Solano. The minutes were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

    From Lyndse Costabile:
    All faculty and staff are invited to attend the UNFSTOCK – 60’s Themed Holiday Appreciation Event in the Student Union ballroom next Thursday, December 10 starting at 9 AM.

    Committee Volunteers Needed:

    Volunteers are needed for the following committee:
    University Appeals Committee – Alternate from CCB – 2 year term (9/2011)

    Check the Faculty Association website for Questions and Responses from the President and Provost.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee – Len Roberson
    The Committee has 7 items on today’s agenda. The committee did not meet today as they had no items to address. The next meeting is scheduled on January 7 in the AA Conference room.

    Academic Standards Committee – Judy Perkin

    The Committee met on November 4 and will meet again on December 7 from 10 to 11AM.

    Adjunct Affairs Committee – Carolynn McMahan
    No report.

    Budget Advisory Committee – Paul Mason
    The Committee has one information item this month having to do with relative average salaries for top level administrators, chairs and directors, and non-administrative faculty.  Tom Serwatka notified the Committee after the document went to the Executive Committee that the faculty salaries were 9 month salaries instead of annual, so the appendix data are more correct.  The committee was also not able to access data to separate out directors from chairs, but Tom provided data this week that identified that the average chairperson salary increase was 7.5% per year for 2004-05 through 2008-09 (although most of that was the 2006-07 conversion for chairs from 11/9 to 12/9), while the average increase for directors was 2.5% per year.   The data point out that non-administrative faculty have lost about 3% per year to inflation, while chairs have gained about 3.8% per year in total, but have lost 2.8% to inflation a year excluding the restructuring of chairs contracts, which was long overdue (this last statement is what we call normative economics, self serving though it is).  Directors have lost over 1% per year to inflation.  The upper administration has gained about 0.5% above inflation in this time period.  Bottom line, none of us is doing well in this climate.

    In keeping with Kathy’s commentary at last month’s meeting, the Budget Advisory Council decided to liven things up by piggybacking (pun intended) on the data I just presented with two gifts to Tom Serwatka, whose data analysis began this process.

    The first gift is a not so high quality rendition of artwork from the side of St John’s Church on Princes Street in England, revealing that although we on the committee are mostly economists, we have some culture too.  The artwork depicts pigs eating at the trough with the caption from George Orwell’s Animal Farm “Some Pigs are more equal than other pigs!

    The second gift is designed to assist Tom in his next data development project; a copy of the book by Darrell Huff entitled “How to Lie with Statistics.”

    Campus Technology Committee – Terry Cavanaugh
    The Committee is still investigating the use of computer labs as testing centers.

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Faiz Al-Rubaee
    The Committee met November 12 during which Academic Affairs made a presentation on web-based ISQs. The Committee will meet again on December 10 at 12:15 in the Faculty Association Meeting Room to address online ISQs.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee –Zornitza Prodanoff
    No report.

    Nominations and Elections Committee –Mina Baliamoune
    The Committee will meet today from 3:00 to 4:00 PM.

    Research Committee – Kathaleen Bloom
    No report.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee – Jeffrey Harrison
    The Committee has an information item in today’s packet. The Provost and Tom Serwatka provided a PowerPoint handout on strategic planning which appears in the document.  It provides data on how UNF stands against its chosen peer aspirants. Tom Serwatka indicated that there are a couple of errors in the document for which he plans to submit the correct information to Faculty Association as soon as possible. Jeffrey provided an overview of some of the important data in the document.

    Support Services Committee – Steven Williamson

    The Committee met with Rochelle Gottlieb, Vice President of Human Resources, last month.

    Executive Committee – Elinor Scheirer
    The Committee met last month and set the agenda for today’s meeting will meet again on December 8 at 11:00 AM, a new meeting time to accommodate final exam schedules.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    UNF President – John Delaney
    No report.

    Academic Affairs Vice President & Provost – Mark Workman
    As it relates to the metrics in the document presented by the Budget Advisory Committee, we chose peer institutions that we aspire to be like, rather than choosing schools that would make us look good compared to them. We overenrolled in the late 1980s and early 90s which drove down per capita for enrollment funding which has hindered out budget since.

    Ann Hopkins had hip surgery today.

    Faculty are invited to the Annual Holiday Gathering on December 17 at 3:30 pm hosted by Academic Affairs.

    Legislative Liaison Report – Janet Owen
    No report.

    United Faculty of Florida – Henry Thomas

    No report.
  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)

    Question from Dale Clifford: When will we hear the results of the summer grants?
    Response: Academic Affairs has received the recommendations for the summer teaching grants, but does not have the research grants yet.

    Question from Mina Baliamoune: Can Academic Affairs provide the faculty with a list of salary date by College rather than the average for the whole University as provided?

    Response from Tom Serwatka: To collect the data, we would have to go to the individual institutions and ask them to share their data by college/discipline. Tom Serwatka will provide the data by College for UNF to Faculty Association.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list) (20 minutes to act immediately on or remove item)

    Agenda Item# 1 - FA 09-26: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    Ellie Scheirer moved the item.
    Comment from Scott Hochwald: Scott thinks this may be a problem so that Faculty do not get locked out of classrooms. Judy Solano said that faculty are able to get keys for all classrooms and should do so.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 2 - FA 09-27: Submitted by the Campus Technology Committee

    Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading
    The Campus Technology Committee Charge Change Proposal.
    Terry Cavanaugh moved the item.
    Voting will occur next month as this is the first reading.

    Agenda Item# 3 - FA 09-28: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

    College of Arts and Sciences

    (Biology, Chemistry, English, International Studies, Mathematics & Statistics, Music, Philosophy, Physics, and Sociology & Anthropology): New Courses, Courses Changes, & Programs of Study (94 items)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 4 - FA 09-29: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    Coggin College of Business
    (Economics & Geography, Management, and Marketing & Logistics):  New Courses & Programs of Study (4 items)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 5 - FA 09-30: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction

    (Construction Management):  New Course (1 item)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 6 - FA 09-31: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Education and Human Services

    (Childhood Education, Exceptional Student & Deaf Education, Foundation & Secondary Education,  Leadership, Counseling & Instructional Technology): New Courses, Courses Changes, & Programs of Study (27 items)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    Comment from Scott Hochwald: The course name is called Math and Science. Should the description include a reference to math and science methods? Scott proposed a friendly amendment to add the label ‘methods.’
    Len Roberson: Accepted the friendly amendment to include the term ‘Method’ in the description.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 7 - FA 09-32: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    Brooks College of Health

    (Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences, Nutrition & Dietetics, Public Health): New Courses, Courses Changes, & Programs of Study (35 items)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 8 - FA 09-33: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Arts & Sciences/Student Affairs

    Army ROTC: Programs: Programs Of Study (1 item)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 9 - FA 09-34: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Arts & Sciences

    MACP: Counseling Psychology: Programs of Study (1 item)
    Len Roberson moved the item.
    Dr. Serwatka provided an overview of program termination process. New programs and terminations must be approved by the BOT.

    Len Roberson noted that the APC did not approve the request to terminate the program because there were differing opinions from both bodies. There is no faculty support. The College and department committees decided to not approve within the College.
    Discussion occurred of whether to postpone this item to the next FA meeting with some suggesting that we postpone to February to give people time to read the document. Len Roberson will post a few additional items of documentation to be provided by Mike Toglia for faculty to read.

    Comment from David Fenner: The program is now deactivated. Failing to terminate it will not automatically reactivate it.

    A motion to postpone the discussion of this item to the February Faculty Association meeting agenda, and to post additional documentation in the meantime was made.

    The motion is passed.

    I.    Results of Election for the Nominations and Elections Committee
    II.   UNF Strategic Planning Comparison Data – August 2009
    III.  Average Faculty Salaries versus Average Administrator Salaries 1999-2000 through 2008-09

    Kathy Robinson adjourned the meeting at 1:02 PM.