Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, September 4, 2008 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:17 pm by Chip Klostermeyer. Chip Klostermeyer presented plaques of appreciation to Diane Tanner for her role as Acting Secretary for the past academic year and another to Kathy Robinson as Vice President for the past two years. Chip handed over the FA gavel to Kathy Robinson. Kathy Robinson presented a plaque of appreciation to Chip Klostermeyer for his leadership as Faculty Association President for the past two years.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – June 5, 2008 (2 minutes)
    A motion to approve the minutes was made by Chris Rasche.
    The minutes were approved, and July 3, 2008 meeting was canceled.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)
    Kathy Robinson, FA new president explained the role of the UNF Faculty Association to new faculty who may be attending this meeting. Having a direct democracy, the Faculty Association gives faculty a number of opportunities to participate.
    Kathy Robinson expressed her thanks to Chris Rasche and Judy Solano for providing support to her and answering questions.
    Judy Solano has volunteered to be the parliamentarian for the next two years.

    From Hugh Jones, represented Dr. Pierre Allaire:
    Nominations are being accepted for the annual Caring Award and a related fellowship. Chris Miller was recognized this past spring as the recipient of the Caring Award. This award recognizes students who have volunteer activities that reflect unselfish caring. The fellowship provides a student a ten to twelve week paid internship in Washington DC with the Heart of America who sponsors the rebuilding of public libraries. This year’s sponsors are Target Stores and Capital One. The selected student will working with other compassionate people. Rory was recognized as last year’s participant who went to Washington.

    Lyndse Costabile, Assistant Director of Annual Giving: The Faculty and Staff drive will kick off on October 15. Gifts can be designated to any department or fund on campus. Last year, we reached 24.5% participation which is the highest in UNF history. Contribution forms are available at the front of the room. Campus Update will include announcements. Donations may be made online and can be payroll deductions.

    Michael Cusack from the Library:
    The library has purchased 40 laptops available for checkout by students. The Library also has new computers with built in video cameras, huge 47-inch displays library news available. Two of the displays are tuned into News or weather stations. The Library also has a newly updated website as well.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)

    Academic Programs Committee – Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz
    The APC has a large agenda today appearing on pages 7 to page 24 of today’s agenda packet. The Committee met today from 10:00 AM to noon and meets every first Thursday at 10AM. The meeting schedule is posted on the web. Anyone wanting to submit APCs can find the deadlines posted on the FA website.

    Academic Standards Committee – Judy Solano for Marcia Lamkin
    The ASC met last week and elected Marcia Lamkin to continue as chair. Due to Marcia has a class during the FA meeting time block, Judy will present the committee’s report. 

    Adjunct Affairs Committee - Joe Flowers
    No report.

    Budget Advisory Committee - Jeffery Harrison

    The Committee met on August 21. Janet Owen met with the Committee and provided two handouts, which are attached as information items to today’s meeting packet. Janet will present an overview a little later in today’s FA meeting. The next meeting is September 17.

    Campus Technology Committee – Katharine Brown
    The CTC deals with technology on campus as it relates to faculty. The Committee wants to hear from faculty about any problems related to technology. CTC has a close relationship with ITS, CIRT, the Gang of Technology, the Distance Learning Committee, and the UTC Committees. Liaisons between the committees make sure that all technology groups are going in the same direction. The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.

    Faculty Affairs Committee - Chris Rasche

    Chris is reporting as last year’s chair of the Committee. An election will be held for her replacement at the next meeting scheduled for September 11 at 12:15. The Committee will continue on the Faculty Academic Misconduct Policy for which it is writing a revision and incorporate comments from the Marc Snow from the Legal Department on campus... Faculty Affairs deals with a range of activities that occur on campus relating to faculty. The Faculty Academic Misconduct policy has been the topic for most of the committee’s discussions for the past year. An open hearing will be held for all faculty to attend to ask questions and provide feedback to the Committee.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee - Gordon Rakita

    Gordon is last year’s chair and has rolled off the Committee. However, the Committee met without Gordon and elected a new chair, Rama Rao.         
    Rama Rao continued the report: The Committee met on August 28 and received its charge from the Provost. The meetings are scheduled on the fourth Thursday at 12:30 pm at the Library of Office of the Faculty Enhancement. 

    Nominations and Elections Committee - Robert Frankel

    No report. 

    Research Committee - Kathaleen Bloom
    The Committee met on August 28 and received its charge from Dr. Workman on the upcoming summer research awards. Information concerning the awards will be sent out during the next month.  Kathy Bloom has been reelected chair. The next meeting is scheduled on September 22.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Yemisi Bolumole

    Yemisi is the outgoing chair. The next meeting is scheduled for September 9.  Most of last year was spent working with the Provost’s Task Force in revising the University’s mission, vision, and goals. 

    Support Services Committee – Kristine Webb
    Webb has been elected as the incoming co-chair along with Dean Krunsienki. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 15 at 1:00 pm in the Faculty Association Meeting Room.

    Executive Committee - Elinor Scheirer
    Ellie is the incoming chair of Executive Committee with the responsibility of planning the Faculty Association meetings. The last meeting was held August 19. 

  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)

    President Delaney

    no report.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen
    Janet Owen is the liaison with local, state, and federal initiatives that impact higher education. The BOG has elected a new chair, Sheila McDevitt. In addition, Judy Solano has been appointed to the BOG to represent all faculty in the State of Florida.
    The State continues to have budget problems. General revenue, particularly sales taxes, is well under budget. Commercial construction is still big. Fiscal estimates were reduced by 1.8% as soon as the Legislative sessions were over. All State agencies were given another 4% state holdback. On September10, the Governor will convene the Legislative Budget Commission who may authorize the Governor to take money out of the Budget Stabilization Fund. 
    Part of the budget problem is that people are moving out of Florida. The situation is expected to turn around by January of 2010.
    There is a big Distance Learning taskforce going on. State Universities are interested in protecting the right to not charge more for online classes. Another task force on how the new Florida college system should be governed.
    Three amendments were struck down that were vague that would have a direct impact on our budget--vouchers, tax swap, school districts spending 65% of their budget in the classroom. More information on these can be found on UNF’s Governmental Affairs website.

    United Faculty of Florida –Henry Thomas
    This year’s bargaining with the University will begin September 9. The discussions will be dominated by the status of the budget. The second key issue is finishing up the bylaws of departments who have not completed them.

  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)
    Anonymous Questions For Dr. Jaffee or Provost Workman:
    (1) Given the current budget crisis, the fact that we have a full complement of advisors, and the fact that Banner produces student progress reports/roadmaps, why are we wasting money on "roadmap coordinator" positions when there is no discernable benefit to students and a considerable cost?

    Response from Mark Workman: 
    The Roadmap inception occurred in 2004 after a visit by Hank Camp, Karen Reedy, and David Jaffee visited UF to learn about its `-+-9system, which tracks the progress of students. Retention and graduation rates are very important to use, as Florida measures success on the basis of the efficiency of graduation and retention rates. It is very likely that graduation rates and retention will provide some basis for future State funding. This service is owed to our students to help them achieve their objectives in as expedient manner as they can. Retention and graduation rates are not as high as they should be based upon comparisons with other institutions in and out of the state.

    This past summer, Pierre Allaire, Mauricio Gonzales, President Delaney, and Mark Workman visited the University of NC at Wilmington, a school that has a great deal in common with UNF. It has higher retention and graduation rates. They have both a higher residential population and more full time students than UNF, which are factors that contribute to higher rates. We can supplement other factors such as the Roadmap program to improve our rates.

    The Deans met with the Task Force for Undergraduate Advising over the summer and expressed the need for more advisors. Resources are not available to provide them. The hope is by having a strong roadmap function; it will help facilitate the efforts in the colleges. It will be a process of discovery to see how effective it will be.

    The funding for the roadmap coordinator position came from a vacant A&P line that belonged to President Delaney. AA presented the roadmap idea to the BOT and they endorsed it.  If not effective, we will abandon the position. If it does approve to be effective, it will be expanded. A legislative budget request submitted to the BOG would have provided individual road map coordinators for each college but likelihood of funding is nil.
    The perception is that this may be perceived to be a move to centralized advising. Workman got the message that faculty were not in favor of jumping to a new advising system without review by a faculty committee. Dr. Workman requested the understanding and patience of faculty as we see how the roadmap coordinator position and plan works out. If roadmap initiative works, it will augment the existing structure and will not change it.

    Another Anonymous Question:
    (2) How many new positions have been created, or are proposed, within Academic Affairs in the last three years?
    Dr. Workman will respond in writing.

    Additional comments by Dr. Workman:   
    We are within days of submitting the compliance report to SACS, which is due on September 10. It will be reviewed in early November made up of an offsite group of peers. They will determine if we are in and out of compliance. We will be able to respond to any out of compliance area by creating a focus report, which will sent to an onsite committee will visit in February. The QEP report will be submitted in December and reviewed at the same time. The search for a Community Based Learning Center director is continuing.

    Kathy Robinson asked Marianne Jaffee to get the SACS timeline so we make it available to faculty.
  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list or 20 minutes to act immediately)

    Agenda Item# 1 - FA 08-28: Submitted by the Executive Committee
    The Proposed Move of the Program of Music Education from COEHS to COAS –Music Department
    Elinor Scheirer moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 2 - FA 08-29: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee 

    College of Arts and Sciences -
    (Art & Design; Mathematics & Statistics; World Languages):  New Courses, Courses Changes, & Programs of Study Changes (25 items)

    Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 3 - FA 08-30: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Computing, Engineering, & Construction -
    (School of Computing): Programs of Study changes (2 items)
    Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz moved the item.
    The item passed.

    Agenda Item# 4 - FA 08-31: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    College of Education and Human Services -
    (Childhood Education; Exceptional Student & Deaf Education; Foundations &  Secondary Education):   New courses, Course Changes, & Programs of Study   Changes (17 items)
    Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz moved the item.
    Comments from Scott Hochwald:
    On page 21, Scott Has a concern with items 440 and 441 with the math programs that are being changed in the College of Education and the removal of the computer programming course required for secondary education majors. The course is a prerequisite to the math program and was put in so that students in the College of Ed would have more flexibility. I think that every high school math teacher should know computer programming because it enhances their ability to do mathematics. Changing the requirement will put a severe gap in their knowledge.     

    Comments from Larry Daniels:
    The biggest reason for the change is a state requirement that a 3-hour course in teaching English as a second language course must be included. The College of Ed could not find any other way to fit it into the program. The State mandates so much of the curriculum and the program would exceed 120 hours. 

    Question from Chip Klostermeyer:
    Who winds up teaching computer programming in the secondary schools? 

    Response from Larry Daniels:
    I don’t know the answer to that. 

    Comment from Chip Klostermeyer: My guess is that it is the math teachers and we are doing a disservice to our high school students.          

    Comments from Scott Hochwald:
    Calculus III was moved from upper to lower division to free up three hours which should free up 4 hours that could be used for the extra course. It is now a program perquisite. The computer course is also a 2000 level course. 

    Response from Larry Daniels:

    That would have to be looked at further. Lower division coursework is also extremely tight. 

    Question from Judy Solano:

    Is there a time frame for the change to be made? Could it be possible to separate this item from the other APCs.

    Response from Larry Daniels:
    The TESL must be put into place right away. As it relates to the deletions, we would have to look at the hour count. Deleting is not as crucial. We would have to get permission to exceed 120 hours. 

    Question from Gordon Rakita:

    How much discussion occurred before this got to the APC level?    

    Comment from Richard Chant:
    At least one conversation occurred as Dr. Jones was consulted and signed off on it. This may not be another issue of pure hours, as it relates to the justification for the change, which appears in the APC description in the FA agenda packet. 

    Comment from Scott Hochwald:
    Programming is essential for anyone teaching math in this day and age.

    Question from Chris Rasche: If the middle school and secondary math program changes (#440 and #441) were moved out of agenda item #4 to be approved and sent back to committee, would that work? 

    Comment from Larry Daniels:

    It would not be the worst thing that ever happened.

    Motion from Chris Rasche:
    A motion to remove that the middle school and secondary math program changes (#440 and #441) moved out of the group of items agenda item #4 to be approved. 


    Question from Jeffrey Cornett:
    I need a clarification from Scott. Are you talking about a pedagogical knowledge or are you talking about teaching technology?
    Response from Scott Hochwald:

    A motion is to move middle school and secondary math program changes (#440 and #441) out of the group of items to be approved as indicated by Chris Rasche earlier put on the floor:

    Comment from Larry Daniels: The only concern is about the TESL requirement must be in place immediately. 

    Question from Kathy Robinson:

    Will it affect students enrolled this semester?  

    Response from Larry Daniels:
    Not this semester.           

    From Wanda Hedrick:

    A request to revise the motion with a friendly amendment to approve the TESL course and hold the rest of the items.

    Vote on the floor: To remove items 07/08-440 and 07/08-441 from the other items in Item 4.
    Item passed.

    Vote on the floor: Remaining items.
    Item passed.

    Pages 20 and 21, items 07/08-440 and 07/08-441 up for discussion as to disposition.

    Motion from Chris Rasche to send items 07/08-440 and 07/08-441back to the college for a discussion with the math department before moving back through the Executive Committee.  

    Procedure question from Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz:
    Where will the items go? They don’t need to come back to the APC committee. 


    Question from COEHS – Candice Carter:
    If it goes back to the college, will it be approved in time? Should the computing college be involved as well? 

    Comment from Judy Solano:
    The School of Computing exempted the TESL part of the program of study. There are so few students from this program that the numbers did not make a difference.

    Vote on the floor to send items 07/08-440 and 07/08-441 back to committee.
    Item passed.

    Agenda Item# 5 - FA 08-32: Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee
    Brooks College of Health -
    (Athletic Training & Physical Therapy): New Courses & Programs of
    Study Changes (8 items)

    Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz moved the item.
    The item passed.

    i. Faculty Association 2008-2009 Schedule

    ii. Academic Programs Committee 2008-2009 Schedule

    iii. University Matriculation Calendar 2008-2009
    (Not included in packet, please check on FA website under Schedules or Hotline)
    Kathy Robinson adjourned the meeting at 1:26 pm.