Minutes of Meeting

Faculty Association Thursday, February 5, 2009 at 12:15 PM

Location: Schultz Hall, 9/1421

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 12:19 pm by Kathy Robinson.
  • APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – January 8, 2009(2 minutes)
    A motion to approve the minutes was made by Chip Klostermeyer.
    The minutes were approved.
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)
    Zak Oviada, Facilities Planning, presented the Student Union Plaza Concept traffic pattern change intended to accommodate pedestrian safety by changing the interface near the arena. The plan is to close the loop road to all vehicles except for the shuttles and emergency vehicles in the student union area. Bollards will be placed to stop traffic that can be removed for events. Entry and exit to the parking garage will be through the eastern side only. Contact Zak with any concerns.           

    Question from Kathy Robinson: Will there be no way to circle campus?
    Response from Zak: That is correct.
    Question from Kathy Robinson: What are bollards?
    Response from Zak: Tubes recessed into the ground that can be removed to allow passage.
    From Jeffrey Harrison: Is there any plan to reroute the loop road later?
    Response from Zak: This will be part of the Master Plan process just started to
    be implemented over the next ten years. 
    From Terry Cavanaugh: Can the plan include a turn to go to the North/South Road to prevent circling?
    Response from Zak:
    From Tom Serwatka: An open session should be held to allow the campus community to comment and ask questions.

    We still need a COEHS representative on the Adjunct Affairs Committee.

    Cindy Chin’s mother has passed and she is currently in Hong Kong. The reservation book for the Faculty Commons has not been found.

    APC Program Changes:
    Major program changes (APC 3’s and any corresponding APC 1’s and APC 2’s will not be voted on during the summer term meetings of the Association (May, June, and July). Tuesday, February 17, 2009 is the final date major program changes can be submitted for consideration at the April 2, 2009 Faculty Association Meeting. Major program changes received after this date will not be considered until the September 3, 2009 Faculty Association Meeting.

    Temporary Operation Changes for the Faculty Association Office:
    For January 29 through February 20, the Faculty Association office will be closed. For questions concerning APC forms and the assignment of Log numbers, please e-mail Dr. Arturo Sάnchez-Ruiz, at (apc-chair@unf.edu). The 15 copies of logged APC forms including Original and CD, must be delivered to the Faculty Association Office during the following days and times:
    Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 2– 5 p.m.
    APC forms CANNOT be accepted by any other office.

    The SACs team will be here next week.
    The Nominations and Elections Committee will be taking nominations for Standing Faculty Association committees and University Committees. We will take nominations for the Distance Learning Committee. In the past, the members have been appointed by the Deans.  The DL committee needs to change its bylaws to allow the FA to run the election.
  • STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (2 minutes per report)
    Academic Programs Committee – Arturo Sάnchez-Ruỉz
    The Committee met today and processed several APC forms. The Committee has no items on today’s agenda. The APC schedule is posted on the Web.

    Academic Standards Committee –Judy Solano for Marcia Lamkin
    The Committee attempted to meet in January but had no quorum. The next meeting is scheduled for February 6. 

    Adjunct Affairs Committee - Robb Waltner
    The last meeting was held on January 26. The Committee sent a message to all adjuncts that described the purpose of the committee and listed the members’ names and contact information. The Committee received about a half dozen responses. The next meeting is scheduled for February 23. 

    Budget Advisory Committee - Jeffery Harrison
    The Committee met on January 23 with President Delaney as its guest. There were discussions of the short and long term funding prospects including possible budget reduction scenarios for the 2009-2010 budget period (6%, 10% and 14% deductions). Most of reductions taken so far have been handled through unfilled positions. A 15% tuition increase is coming down the road, but will only apply to those enrolled after July 1, 2009. Both President Delaney and the board are committed to doing something about  faculty compensation when able. Paul Mason submitted a funding proposal that the Committee presented to President Delaney, which proposed to treat the summer sessions as revenue enhancement opportunities. If Universities are allowed to keep summer tuition money, it could be a revenue enhancement. The next meeting is scheduled on February 24 at noon.

    Campus Technology Committee – Terry Cavanaugh
    Kathy Brown has stepped down as chair. Terry Cavanaugh will chair the Committee. The Committee met on January 15. Eluminate has been recommended as the official online synchronous learning tool. The hosting, pricing, and implementation options need to be considered. 

    Faculty Affairs Committee – Chip Klostermeyer

    The Committee has one item on the agenda, which is a minor update of the amplified sound policy aiming to address additional outdoor spaces, and to ensure that the existing policies are enforced.

    Faculty Enhancement Committee – Rama Rao
    The Committee met January 27 with David Jaffee. The next meeting is scheduled for February 24. 

    Nominations and Elections Committee – Mina Baliamoune
    The Committee will meet on February 11. There is one information item on today’s agenda concerning the upcoming elections for Faculty Association and University Committee vacancies. The Committee is now taking nominations.

    Research Committee – Kathaleen Bloom 
    No report.

    Strategic Planning Advisory Committee - Dan Richard for Yemisi Bolumole
    The Committee met on January 14 and discussed the issue of religious centers on campus and the opinions heard in the town hall meeting. The Committee also reviewed the charge from the Faculty Association and realized that the Committee’s members are all on the Provost’s planning task force. The Committee had planned to meet in February but had no quorum. The next meeting is set for March 2.

    Support Services Committee – Kristine Webb
    No report.

    Executive Committee – Kathy Robinson for Elinor Scheirer
    The Committee met on January 22 to set the agenda for today’s meeting. The next meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, February 17, to plan for March’s Faculty Association meeting.
  • SPECIAL REPORTS (10 minutes)
    President Delaney
    No report.

    Provost Mark Workman
    Provost Workman introduced Mark Falbo, Director of the Center for Community-Based Learning.
    The SACS Committee will be here next week and will likely want to discuss the QEP. By the time, they leave; we will have sense of where we stand.
    The Strategic Planning Initiative is trying to identify benchmark institutions. Tom Serwatka will meet with the benchmark subcommittee next week to review the institutions that have been proposed. Strategic planning is critical for this university in that it gives us the opportunity to define our priorities. With the fiscal challenges, the situation remains highly uncertain. All things will be considered in the days to come.
    A BOT workshop was held that focused on dealing with the challenges in the short and long-term.
    The review of the Office and Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is now complete. During early March, we hope to have an outside consultant to review it.

    From Marianne Jaffee: The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys will be sent out to freshman and seniors soon. Please encourage students to respond to the survey. The FSSE (faculty survey) will begin sometime in March.

    Legislative Liaison Report - Janet Owen
    Committee meetings are gearing up for the Legislative sessions. This morning in the Senate, the Chair of Higher Education Appropriations wanted to hear about state college system, the 2 + 2 system, and what models exist. The message was conveyed that the 2 + 2 system was working well.
    The worst case is a 15% budget cut. The State Government needs new revenue sources. There are 5 institutions that have the ability to increase up to 15%. The proposed bill will give the other 6 schools the ability to raise tuition up to 15%.

    Having Delaney as Interim Chancellor is a benefit to us .He is looking at 2 huge issues:
    1) The 5 schools that currently have the 15% tuition ability have no strings attached and don’t have required reporting. President Delaney is standing up for the other 6 schools to be allowed to control their tuition increases.
    2) UCF and FIU need new revenue for their medical schools. Delaney is pushing so that the funding to existing Universities is not cut in order to fund these medical schools.
    A bill to eliminate state aid to anyone with a M1 Visa is back.

    Senator Martinez and others are working hard to try to get the Federal stimulus package fixed for Florida. Tentatively, somewhere between $2.1 and $3.5 billion could come to Florida. Right now, there are 4 states that do not qualify with Florida being one of them.
    On the Governmental Affairs website, there is a bill-tracking chart for the Legislative session to find out information on any of the issues.

    United Faculty of Florida –Henry Thomas
    We are lucky to have Delaney represent us in Tallahassee. UFF now believes that we have elements at UNF that wish to engage in “strategic retrenchment.”  That is a nice word for layoffs. Until now UFF had believed that UNF wanted to pursue a different strategy than our sister institutions. UFF believes that our state revenue structure is increasingly making that differentiation impossible and that UNF will increasingly act like the others. Henry wants the FA to know that UFF at UNF and UFF at the state level will resist this strategy with every fiber.  He encouraged faculty to become a member of the union to get the full protection of the union.
  • QUESTIONS & RESPONSES (10 minutes)
    Questions from Scott Hochwald:

    1.  Concerning the changing traffic pattern: There is a light where UNF road meets the loop road. When leaving campus, the left turn lane allows traffic to go straight and to make left turns. Traffic is being held up as a result. This issue needs to be addressed.
    2.   Another noise issue: Rooms next to math classes have loud videos and are  distracting. Can something be done with scheduling so that noise can be taken  into consideration when room assignments are made?
    Comment from Judy Solano: The upgrade to Banner 8 will take care of
    these scheduling problems.

    Question from Kathy Robinson for Tom Serwatka: Are there any updates on the change in policy for family tuition policy?
    Family members will take effect during the summer term, which will allow
    family members to take either an undergraduate or a graduate course.

  • LEGISLATIVE ITEMS (5 minutes to reorder list or 20 minutes to act immediately)

    Agenda Item# 1 - FA 09-01: Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee
    Use of Music and Amplified Sound in the Courtyard and on the Green Outdoor Spaces. The item was moved by Chip Klostermeyer.
    A friendly amendment to change the phone extension to the Registrar’s office was requested to change the phone extension to 2780.
    The Faculty Affairs Committee accepted the amendment.
    A request was made that the wording implies that the Office of Student Life will make every effort to notify those that will be impacted.
    The item passed.

    Faculty Association Standing and University Committees
    Kathy Robinson adjourned the meeting at 1:07 PM.