Standing Committees

Meeting Schedule for December 2017

Committees Chair Date Time Location
Academic Programs Kim Cheek Thursday, December 7, 2017 10:00 AM OFE/FA Conf Rm
Academic Standards Alan Harris To be determined No Meeting Scheduled 12:00 PM
Adjunct Affairs Elizabeth Gregg Wednesday, December 6, 2017 3:00 PM Bldg 57/Rm 3201
Budget Advisory Jason Haraldsen To be determined
Campus Technology Georgette Dumont To be determined 3:00 PM OFE/FA Conf Rm
Faculty Affairs Gordon Rakita Thursday, December 14, 2017 12:15 PM OFE/FA Conf Rm
Faculty Enhancement Raphael Crowley/Claudia Sealey-Potts No Meeting Scheduled
Nominations & Elections Heather Truelove No Meeting Scheduled
Research Council Judith Ochrietor No Meeting Scheduled
Strategic Planning Advisory Paul Eason No Meeting Scheduled
Support Services Maria Atilano No Meeting Scheduled
Executive Committee David Fenner Tuesday, December 5, 2017 12:15 PM OFE/FA Conf Rm