December 4, 2014

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Scott Hochwald                  November 6, 2014       Shari Shuman, Vice President
Administration & Finance
He presented the clock from the department office and noted that the clock has not been set to daylight savings time and that there was not a way to manually set it from what he could see. He requested that the clocks be adjusted.
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Scott Hochwald       November 6, 2014     Edwin Harris, chair
Academic Standards Committee
Megan Kuehner, University Registrar
Registrar’s Office 
He noted that the metrics used for the 2nd year GPA can be impacted by WP/WF grades. He asked the group how many were in favor for late withdrawals with WP/WF grades rather in just W. Three faculty said that they preferred the WP/WF option be kept.


                                  Anonymous                                                                                                                                September 4, 2014                                                                                                Shari Shuman, Vice President  Administration & Finance                                                                           

Has UNF revisited the tuition benefit policy for spouses and faculty members?


Anonymous  November 6, 2014  John Delaney, President
University of North Florida
I recently learned that UNF has established a Confucius Institute. In recent years there has been significant debate about Confucius Institutes at other US universities; in particular, many faculty have expressed concern about the extent to which financial support from China will pressure faculty to avoid studying topics that are viewed negatively by the Chinese government. In July, the AAUP issued a report that was highly critical of the funding model for Confucius Institutes, saying that they “sacrificed the integrity of the university and its academic staff.” The AAUP report recommended shutting down Confucius Institutes until issues of academic freedom could be appropriately addressed. Some US universities, such as the University of Chicago, have followed this recommendation and closed their Confucius Institute. In light of these issues, I would like to ask the administration to comment on the extent to which faculty and the Faculty Association were involved in the decision to open a Confucius Institute at UNF. I would also like to ask them to comment on what measures have been taken to ensure the academic independence of UNF faculty who are associated with the Confucius Institute or who study issues related to China and the Chinese government. 

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Anonymous November 6, 2014 Mark Falbo, Director
Center for Community-Based Learning

Is UNF charged either on a yearly basis or when we apply for the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification?


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Scott Hochwald              November 6, 2014 Shari Shuman, Vice President
Administration & Finance
He noted that the Parking Committee said that they would not support providing faculty reference for parking renewals because the waiting list will be taken care of by the additional spots. Dr. Hochwald noted that he would like to suggest that a report be done annually to determine how many people are able to renew faculty/staff parking without issues. It was noted that eighty-one faculty members are on the wait-list and UNF will be getting 80 spaces in addition to possibly 20 more that are returned by employees.    
Anonymous November 6, 2014 Earle Traynham, Interim Provost
Academic Affairs  
It has come to the attention of a number of faculty that some faculty members are not actively participating, such as by only Skyping or phoning in for planned meetings, even ones where they have a say in the date and time of such meetings. These meetings have included hiring committees, promotion committees, and the review of doctoral candidates as they make their final presentation after approximately five years of dedicated work. If indeed our tenant is that there is “no one like you, and no place like here” how does such faculty’s behavior in lacking in propriety, follow such a motto. While these behaviors have been brought to the chair of the department, no actions have yet occurred. What is the response from administration of a faculty member who has taken to such “phoning” in their required work with the university?

Responses by FA president, Dr. Chip Klostermeyer on the floor:

Please note that for the following question, that I answered it from the floor as follows. "It is important that faculty follow through on service commitments they make so that the work does not fall only to a few."



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