April 2, 2015

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Anonymous                  February 5, 2015
March 5, 2015
Shari Shuman, Vice President
Administration & Finance
The other day I did see my faculty colleague walking in our building with goose feces on her shoe. Due to my background, I do not say such things to people, but it is a concern of mine. With all of the geese and people that walk, we shouldn't have to suffer through this situation. Are there solutions? Can sidewalks be washed regularly? Must geese stay near people? Are there other options? Thank you for the consideration.

At the last meeting, my question was read and I sensed most people joking, so please let me try again to share the serious issue of the goose feces in building. Now I see the geese causing issues of making feces on sidewalks. I saw the students - and even the faculty - having the geese feces on their shoes and making public building carpets and floorings so messy. I researched the issue and found that Chattanooga State Community College had similar issue. Their maintenance crews remove up to 100 pounds of geese feces each day. Goose feces in ponds are bad for the water and cause much algae growth. Stony Brook University had similar issue and used the border collie dogs with trained handlers to humanely remove the geese. Other idea is the Solar Super Sonic system. With this technology, the system plays pre-recorded goose distress calls every ten minutes to alert geese of danger. There must surely be more options the university can enact before we have a feces crisis.
Response: Dr. Klostermeyer said the geese issue is being reviewed


Anonymous March 5, 2015   Jay Coleman, Associate Provost


I would like to see a breakdowns by college/unit for those awarded half-year, full pay sabbaticals. Although I have been at UNF for many years, I have never taken a sabbatical, and have been turned down for the half-year, full pay sabbatical (many faculty cannot afford the full year, half-pay sabbatical). I would also like to know if there will be an increase in the number of half-year, full pay sabbaticals as the number of faculty has increased steadily. Obviously, the odds have been skewed against the faculty with so few sabbaticals and so many more faculty competing for them than in years past.

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