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September 6, 2012





  Jeffrey Harrison


June 7, 2012   


Lauren Newton, Chair
Campus Technology Committee 



At Jeff Harrison's request the following question from yesterday's Faculty Association meeting is being forwarded to your committee to take a look at and respond to.  The question came from Kathleen Delaney, Senior Student Government Advisorand the text of her question is as follows:

I'm writing with a request for information on the use of scantrons by faculty members for tests and exams.  As you may know, Student Government gives out free scantrons to the student body and at present, there are five different scantrons being used: red, green, brown, red, and blue.  I was wondering if individual faculty members determine which scantrons are used, or if it is up to each Department or the Faculty Association.




Written Responses to Questions






Zornitza Prodanoff


June 7, 2012


Dr. Thomas Serwatka
Vice President & Chief of Staff
to the President


There were two questions asked at yesterday's Faculty Association meeting that are being sent to your office for a response. One question was asked by Zornitza Prodanoff regarding homeless students living out of their cars and the other question was asked by James Sorce regarding the geese population.  The text of the two questions is given below. 

From  Zornitza Prodanoff

I've been made aware that we have homeless students living out of their cars.  How many students are in this situation and what is being done about it? 


For context, the following comments were made at the meeting about the above question:

Candice Carter indicated that she has some homeless students who live in Wal-mart due to the ease of restroom access. 

Terry Cavanaugh  also has a homeless student.

Elinor Scheirer who sits on the Campus Safety Advisory Council.

The Council has agreed to close down restrooms at UNF after a certain time for safety purposes and to prevent homeless people from using them.

Cheryl Frohlich:  Isn't there some sort of minimal living accommodations that can be offered to these homeless students?

Jeffrey Cornett:  SOS, Tom Serwatka, and the Ombudsman constantly deal with these issues once they have been aware of it. These students should seek out these offices.

Jeffrey Harrison read an excerpt from the UNF Work Plan  about a portion of the proposed tuition differential increase being allocated for charity or student aid and wondered if these funds could be used to assist the homeless students.

Judy Solano:  He is referring to the 30 percent of the tuition differential that must go to student financial aid.  Students seeking such support must go through the Financial Aid office to qualify.


From James Sorce
What can be done about the large geese population on campus?


A comment made by Marsha Lupi
Just yesterday I counted 65 geese walking from the fields to the pond.  They were all coming right towards me, which was pretty scary.






George Candler

March 1, 2012


Marianne Jaffee
Executive Assistant to 
the Provost & Director of Planning 


The faculty list of WebPages needs to be updated and current. It someone maintaining this and if so who should they talk to?








June 7, 2012


Jeffrey Coker 
Undergraduate Dean Office of the 
Undergraduate Studies 

To justify incoming freshman living on campus, UNF is citing data claiming that freshman who live on campus do better than those who do not. While I do not dispute that such may be true average, I doubt that such data exists for schools such as UNF that are public, located in a suburban area of a large city, and have a freshman profile such as ours. That is, it makes no sense to compare us to Princeton, Stetson, Iowa, or Wayne State, just to name a few schools that differ from UNF. In addition, I question whether such studies are prospective or prove causality. That is, would a particular freshman's performance really be improved by living on campus? Or are there self-selection biases that explain the differences in performance?






June 7, 2012


Jeffrey Coker 
Undergraduate Dean Office of the 
Undergraduate Studies



Are you aware of the UC Irvine study based on 2005 freshman stating:

For most of the variables in this study, there were no discernable differences between those who lived on campus their first year (residents) and those who commuted to campus (commuters). They were similar in terms of gender, ethnicity, average SAT scores, most college goals, self-reported academic gains, and quarterly and cumulative GPAs in the first year.





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