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November 1, 2012


Shari Shuman, Vice President
Administration & Finance

Is informing "UNF employees" of significant changes in the cleaning of their offices by publishing this information under the heading "Change in Campus Custodial Services Starts Today" in the Osprey Update of April 30, 2012 (at the end of the Spring semester) an effective way to communicate such policy changes to UNF employees? (1)
Can the cleaning of offices be reduced to emptying trashes once a week? Is this sufficient? Is the implication here that UNF employees should clean their offices?
Could the sudden and unprecedented occurrence of fruit flies in some  of our offices have been avoided by a more effective information campaign in regard to "Change in Campus Custodial Services"? 
Is the line of trash cans laying outside of our offices adding to the so-much worked for aesthetic quality of our campus? 
Furthermore, are the decrease in office cleaning, limited circulation regarding to policy changes affecting the cleaning of employees' offices, and the spraying of our offices with pesticides evidence of RATIONAL CHOICES in the long term? Could such changes negatively impact the environment and employees' overall health? Are these decisions in line with our alleged commitment to a cleaner environment?  In light of this all, is the Change in Campus Custodial Services" cost-effective? 

(1) The following was the only source of info regarding change in campus custodial services I was able to identify:

Change in Campus Custodial Services Starts Today
Beginning today, custodial services to the campus community will change. Through attrition, custodian staffing has been reduced, resulting in a $200,000 annual savings. As of today, individual offices will be cleaned weekly instead of daily. Custodial staff will continue to pick up trash daily, as long as the trash cans are left outside individual office doors at the end of the work day. Trash pick-up for employees in cubicles won't be impacted. Classrooms, restrooms and all other common spaces will continue to be maintained on a daily basis. For more information, contact Shelia Lopez in Physical Facilities. Contact: Sheila Lopez at or (904) 620-1979


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