Agenda Item FA 14-29

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate)– (School of Computing & School of Engineering/Civil)

Course Change & Change of Programs of Study (2 packages)

09/04/14: Passed

09/14/14: Approved

Log Number: 201308-90

School of Computing – Undergraduate

Change an existing course

Experiential Studies in CIS


Junior (3xxx)


Course name is being changed to reflect all majors within School of Computing. Current students are confused that this course is for computer science majors only. We would like to change the course name from CIS 3949 Experiential Studies in Computer Science to CIS 3949 Experiential Studies in CIS, to reflect that any computing majors can take this course.
New Course Description:
Prerequisite: Acceptance into the cooperative education program is required as a prerequisite. 
Experiential learning (Co-op) opportunities are available for students with a minimum of 6.0 credits of core computing courses completed. Students will participate in supervised work experiences related to the computing field. 
No more than six credit hours of experiential learning (co-op) credit may be applied to a student's program of study. All co-op proposals must be approved by the director of the School. Co-op experiences may only be used as a free elective at either the lower or upper level.


Log Number: 201401-50

School of Engineering/Civil – Undergraduate


Change an existing non-degree program                        

Certificate - Coastal & Port Engineering certificate

Summary of the Changes:   
Some of the course names have been updated since the certificate was originally approved. (APC Log #201208-68). A few of the courses that were taught as special topics courses now have permanent course numbers. Risk Assessment, CGN 4430 was added as a new elective course. Please see attached program of study for updates.   ( Click here for the program of study )