Agenda Item FA 14-25 (2nd Reading)

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: SECOND READING

Campus Technology Committee Charge and Membership Changes Proposal

09/04/14: 1st Reading

10/02/14: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: Second Reading  

  Campus Technology Committee Charge and Membership Changes Proposal  

The proposed changes to the membership and the charge for the Campus Technology Committee (CTC) attempt to form a single centralized committee with membership and charge similar to that of the previous CTC and the University Technology Committee (UTC).  If approved, the UTC will sunset and thus the changes will enable the CTC to be the primary campus committee devoted to academic technology, thereby enhancing the importance and impact of the committee and providing a stronger voice for faculty.  


  Section 3. – E. 

  E. Campus Technology Committee:   

The committee shall consist of seven faculty membersrepresentatives chosen from the colleges: two from the College of Arts and Sciences, one from each of the other colleges and the Library, and one at largeNon-voting ex-officio members shall include: the Chief Information Officer; the Director of Academic Technology; the Director of CIRT; the Director of Networking, Systems, and Security; the Director of User Services; and the Director of Enterprise Systems. The chair of the committee shall be one of the seven faculty representatives. The Faculty Association President may appoint other ex-officio members for a period of one year as needed.


Section 4.  – E.  

    E. The Campus Technology Committee (CTC) shall review and recommend policies, regulations, and practices concerning: technology support; classroom, library, and computer lab technology; learning and research technologies; academic and career advisement technology; instructional media, telephony, and communication services; and any other academic technology services.It shall provide advice and recommendations to the University’s administration and to Information Technology Services (ITS) concerning IT strategic directions, operating policies, and faculty IT needs. It shall liaison with the University community to provide a forum for the expression of views and ideas concerning IT services, facilities, and needs.It shall be advisory to ITS, the Distance Learning Committee, and the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT). The chairperson of this committee shall serve as one of the faculty representatives on the Faculty Association Executive Committee, and the University Technology Committee. Additionally, the chair or a designee shall serve on the University’s Distance Learning Committee.