Agenda Item FA 14-34 (2nd Reading)

Submitted by the Executive Committee

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: SECOND READING

Proposed Change To Makeup and Name of the FA Research Committee

10/02/14: 1st Reading

11/06/14: 2nd Reading

  Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment:  Second Reading

Proposed Change To Makeup and Name of the FA Research Committee    


The charge of the FA Research committee includes being "advisory to the Assistant Vice President for Research and to the Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs." The current Vice President for Research has expressed his desire for (regular input from) an advisory council. Rather than form a second committee to provide input, which can lead to confusion, it seems better to broaden the membership of the FA Research Committee, so that:
(i) the committee has sufficient membership to carry out all its charges and;
(ii) the committee includes a diverse group of faculty actively engaged in research in order to provide the best counsel to the administration.
(iii) The name change to Faculty Association Research Council will better reflect the role of the committee.


Proposed Membership to the Faculty Association Research Council (new name) and revised charge.



SECTION 2. – I. 

The Standing Committees shall be: 

A. Academic Programs Committee
B. Academic Standards Committee
C. Adjunct Affairs Committee
D. Budget Advisory Committee
E. Campus
Technology Committee
F. Faculty Affairs Committee
G. Faculty Enhancement
H. Nominations and Elections Committee
I. Research Committee Research Council
J. Strategic Planning Advisory Committee
K. Support Services Committee
L. Executive Committee




All faculty members of standing committees shall be elected by the Association, and all members of the Association may vote for all standing committee faculty vacancies. The President of the Association, and the Chief Academic Officer or her/his designee, shall be ex officio non-voting members of all Association standing committees. Other membership on standing committees shall be:


I.  Research CommitteeCouncil:
The committeecouncil shall consist of seven faculty17 members: one from each of the colleges and the Library, and one elected at large.

VP for Research (ex-officio) 

13 members who will be nominated by Deans, and by the Faculty through the Executive Committee of the Faculty Association, and formally appointed by FA President: 

4 from College of Arts and Sciences
2 from Coggin College of Business

2 from College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction
2 from College of Education and Human Services 

2 from Brooks College of Health 

1 from Library 

3 members At-large, elected by the FA, at most two from any one college.


Terms for each member are two years. Members may be re-appointed or re-elected for another two years.




The Researc h CommitteeCouncil (RC)   shall recommend policies to the Association, as necessary and appropriate, with respect to research activities, facilities, personnel, allocation of monies, and intellectual property; and, shall be advisory to the Vice President /Assistant Vice President  for Research and Sponsored Programs  and to the Director , Office of  Research and Sponsored Programs and Services . They shall also coordinate the review process for internal grants related to research.