Agenda Item FA 15-03

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Complete Withdrawal Policy (New Policy)

Interim Provost Earle Traynham approved the item with the contingent upon change by strikethrough and amended with yellow highlighted.

01/08/15: Passed

01/20/15: Approved

Complete Withdrawal Policy 




The Complete Withdrawal policy is new.  We knew the University was missing a clear process for complete withdrawals, and this need was amplified after implementing the Limitation on Course Withdrawals policy.  We frequently encounter students who want to leave UNF and cannot easily process over three withdrawals.  The Registrar Office wants to track students who wish to leave UNF and intervene if possible.  Additionally, we need to monitor withdrawal activity to be sure students are accurately portraying their intent to leave and not circumventing the limitation policy.



Policies & Regulations


Subject: Complete withdrawal from the University                           (Draft 1/8/2015) 





Checked    New Policy

Not Checked    Major Revision of Existing Policy

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January 2015




Responsible Division/Department:
Academic Affairs / Enrollment Services 


To establish a university policy for complete withdrawal from the University of North Florida.



Complete Withdrawal is the formal process of leaving the University. Dropping all classes or withdrawing from all classes in a term is not the same as a Complete Withdrawal from the University. It is the student’s responsibility to completely withdraw from or drop any courses for which the student does not wish to be enrolled by the date published in the Academic Calendar. Students must not assume that their classes will be canceled if they do not pay for the courses or do not attend class meetings. Once the Complete Withdrawal process has been completed, the student’s academic responsibility with the University will be discontinued. A Complete Withdrawal does not excuse the student from any financial responsibilities the student may have incurred with the University. A Complete Withdrawal must be initiated by a student’s academic advisor, and a student wishing to completely withdraw must meet with an academic advisor in person or through a mutually agreed upon meeting format.

Students who completely withdraw from the University, will receive a grade of CW (Complete Withdrawal) in each course. The assigned ‘CW’ grades will count towards the total withdrawals allowed and will remain on the academic transcript. A student who completely withdraws from the University may not continue to attend class. Complete Withdrawal from all courses will prevent registration for future terms and the student will become inactive. Inactive students who want to enroll in a future term must reapply to the University and be admitted. Complete withdrawal from all courses will result in a registration hold being placed on the student for future terms. Students who want to enroll in a future term must meet with their advisor, and the advisor must remove the registration hold. 

Students must consult with their academic advisors to initiate a Complete Withdrawal and must contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life, and Dining Services Meal Plan for questions regarding fee liability. Students receiving financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid via One Stop Student Services for questions regarding financial aid awards. One Stop Student Services will advise students if Exit Counseling is required. Students who completely withdraw from the University will be considered a “non-enrolled student” as of the date the Complete Withdrawal is processed. The student’s enrollment status will be adjusted based on the date of withdrawal.

The University of North Florida defines  continuous enrollment  as being enrolled in classes at UNF without a break of three or more consecutive semesters. Students who break continuous enrollment are subject to the program requirements published in the catalog for the academic year in which they re-initiate continuous enrollment at UNF. Additionally, a student who for each of three consecutive semesters either does not enroll or withdraws from all courses will be required by his or her academic department to convert to current program requirements. A student who breaks continuous enrollment must re-apply for admission and is subject to all admission requirements and criteria at the time of re-application.​


***Please note that a Complete Withdrawal DOES NOT relieve the student of financial responsibility. ***

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