Agenda Item FA 14-44

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Undergraduate) -

(Construction Management & School of Computing): New Course & Programs of Study changes (3 packages)

12/04/14: Passed

12/11/14: Approved

Log Number: 201408-22

Construction Management - Undergraduate


Add a new minor

Construction Management for Civil Engineering Majors 


Summary of the Changes:  

The Construction Management Department is proposing a modification to the Construction Management Minor to include a special program for Civil Engineering students. Civil Engineering student meet many of the required classes for the minor. The field work closely together and Civil Engineering students will benefit from the additional coursework in their future careers. 

Log Number: 201408-49

Construction Management - Undergraduate


Change a degree-major of an existing program  

Bachelor of Science – Building Construction Major


Summary of the Changes:

The CM Department is proposing to include a mandatory minor in Business Administration in our Building Construction degree program. To accomplish this we will increase our required credits from 120 back to the original 126.  MAN3025 Administrative Management (3 credits) is moved from core BCM classes into business minor requirements. FIN3405 Financial Management (3 credits) is added to business minor requirements. Originally students are asked to pick either ACG2071 Principle of Managerial Accounting (3 credits) or MAR3023 Principles of Marketing (3 credits) as business electives. Now both of the courses are business minor requirements. The above changes make 120 credits to 126 credits.
We have met with and requested that the Coggin College of Business allows us to require a Business Administration minor.  Please see the attached memo stating the approval from Coggin. This action is in-line with the construction industry and was requested and voted on by the CM faculty.  Adding a minor in Business Administration to the degree program will add a dimension to our students and will give them an advantage in the work place. Furthermore, the minor will allow our students to move into the MBA program with no prerequisite classes. The faculty has made this request after discussing it with the industry and feel that it is the best course of action for our students.  

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Log Number: 201408-19

School of Computing - Undergraduate

Add a new course

Creating Mobile Apps (3 crs)


Freshman (1xxx)

984 L


Course Description:

This course is designed for students of all majors who want to develop mobile apps. Students will learn to create technology, not just consume it--to understand technology, not fear it. Students will be creative and learn in an interactive, team-oriented environment. Students will learn about privacy, security, and social implications of computing, and the digital future.
Students will develop apps that scan, talk, play music, play video, take pictures, make phone calls, and games that depend upon tilting of the phone. The apps will be for real-world purposes from variety of fields.
Computing concepts covered include: the architecture of an app, software engineering principles, programming an app's memory, creating animated apps, conditional block for decision making, programming lists of data, iteration, procedures and reusing blocks, database (both local and cloud-based), reading and responding to sensors, and communicating with Web APIs.