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Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (New Degree Proposal - Undergraduate) - (Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education)

New Degree Program Request – Proposal for Bachelor of Arts in Education – Deaf Education Major (1 package)

04/02/15: Passed

04/08/15: Approved

06/09/15: UBOT

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Log Number: 201501-9

College of Education & Human Services (Undergraduate – New Degree Proposal)

Proposal for Bachelor of Arts in Education - Deaf Education Major - Undergraduate

Summary of the Changes:
The Department of Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education in the College of Education and Human Services (COEHS) proposes to elevate the existing concentration in Deaf Studies under the Bachelor of Arts in Education (B.A.E.) in Special Education to a stand-alone B.A.E. in Deaf Education, effective fall, 2015. The program will include ESOL endorsement to comply with the current state certification requirements.

The state of Florida currently requires a bachelor’s degree and a passing score on the state competency test to be certified as a teacher of the deaf. Large numbers of students in the undergraduate Deaf Studies concentration pass the state test and go directly into teaching without the benefit of the concentrated course work provided at the graduate level. This degree will specifically prepare teachers of the deaf to meet the standards of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that the faculty of the Department Exceptional, Deaf, and Interpreter Education believe are essential to meet the special needs of students who are deaf, at the undergraduate level.

The purpose of the new degree program will be to develop teachers capable of working with deaf and hard of hearing elementary and secondary aged students in a variety of educational settings including residential schools, self-contained classrooms, resource rooms, and inclusion settings, where services and supports are provided by an itinerant teacher of the deaf. In addition, the proposed B.A.E. in Deaf Education meets the current state mandate that all teachers be ESOL endorsed. The program will entail 120 credit hours, including a 12 hour internship at the conclusion of the program.

The proposed B.A.E. in Deaf Education with ESOL Endorsement program is anticipated to operate without increasing the existing budget. The program does not require additional classroom or laboratory resources. The COEHS is located in a newer building (completed 2009) that was built with program growth in mind. As new faculty members are added, office space will be required in Year 1. The department has space that may be converted to faculty offices as necessary. In addition, the existing library resources are sufficient with the recent availability of e-books and the extensive online databases available for UNF students.
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