Agenda Item FA 13-34

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate-Doctoral) - Nutrition and Dietetics

New Master Degree Program Request – Proposal for Doctor of Clinical Nutrition – Nutrition Major (Graduate) (1 package)

09/05/13: Passed

11/05/13: Approved

01/07/14: UBOT

Log Number: 201301-42

Proposal for Doctor of Clinical Nutrition - Nutrition Major - Graduate


Summary of the Changes:
The proposed distance learning Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) program is an advanced clinical practice doctoral degree. The emphasis will be in advanced evidence based practice, chronic disease prevention, and treatment of underserved populations. In that more than half of the ten major causes of mortality in the United States are related to nutrition, the degree has important social, economic, and health relevance. Moreover, the proposed degree is consistent with the SUS Strategic Planning Goal related to "Teaching and Learning Excellence and Productivity: Strengthen Quality and Reputation of Academic Programs." Currently there is only one other Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition in the United States (in the northeast). The proposed degree also addresses the profession's strategic plan to increase academic training of practitioners. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics House of Delegates' Executive Summary Spring 2012 stated that "A constant flow of high quality, professional education opportunities must be provided, using all available technology and delivery methods to facilitate movement up the career ladder and support the growth and development of specialty and advanced practice." This degree will position the UNF Department of Nutrition and Dietetics as a leader in the preparation of advanced practice nutrition and dietetics professionals. The degree will provide a career ladder for both current UNF Master's and other Master's level nutrition graduates throughout the U.S.
(Doctor of Clinical Nutrition Proposal Attachment)