Agenda Item FA 14-21

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Education and Human Services (Graduate)

(Foundations & Secondary Education): Course Changes (1 package)

05/15/14: Passed

05/28/14: Approved

Log Number: 201401-42

  Foundations and Secondary Education – Graduate   


Change an existing course

Mlticl/Urban Foundations of Ed


Graduate (6xxx)


Changes to course title (from EDF6687, Multicultural/Urban Foundations of Ed to EDF6687, Foundations of Multicultural and Urban Education) and description will update course content and emphasis of research in urban and multicultural education as well as focus of graduate program. These revisions do not affect any current program of study.
New Course Description:
This course examines frameworks for deconstructing teaching and learning in urban school contexts. Students will examine myths, misconceptions, and instructional and institutional practices that influence the opportunity and achievement gaps for students-of-color and those who live in poverty. Emphasis is placed on understanding critical race theory, communities as funds of knowledge, and culturally responsive schools and classrooms that promote equity and social justice for all learners.


Change an existing course

Professional Lab Experience


Graduate (6xxx)


Revisions in course title (from ESE6947, Professional Lab Experience to ESE6947, Professional Internship) and description will more accurately reflect the diversity in students' needs based on professional experiences. Deletion of prerequisites (completion of 21 graduate program hours and ESE6215) is also necessary to accommodate more flexible programmatic scheduling needs. Revisions of course objectives will reflect measurable learner outcomes. These revisions do not affect any current program of study.
New Course Description:
(Competencies in management, assessment, and instructional strategies are necessary for completion of this culminating experience.) Designed as a culminating experience, this internship allows the student the opportunity to teach under the supervision of a master teacher and university faculty. Instructor permission required.