Agenda Item FA 14-02

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Graduate)

(Public Health): New Course, & Programs of Studies Changes (2 packages)

01/09/14: Passed

01/24/14: Approved

Log Number: 201308-85

Public Health – Graduate  


Change a degree-major of an existing program
Master of Public Health - Community Health Major

Summary of the Changes:
The requested change to the MPH program is to remove the HSA6114 Health Organization & Delivery course from the required core and replace it with PHC6102 Public Health Policy & Management. The rationale is twofold. One, the course is offered through the Health Administration program. They are no longer able to teach a section for our students; they will still offer a section for their majors. Two, since the course is a Health Administration course, it was not designed to meet the required competencies for MPH students. The new course will address these public health competencies.
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Add a new course

Public Health Policy and Management (3 crs)


Graduate (6xxx)



Course Description:

The course examines the organization, financing, and delivery of public health and personal health services, with emphasis on major current health policy and management issues related to access, quality and cost.


Log Number: 201308-86

Public Health – Graduate  


Change an existing non-degree program                       
Certificate - Public Health Certificate

Summary of the Changes:
We are requesting to remove 2 courses from the Public Health Certificate (PHC) requirements (HSC6735 Health Science Research, PHC6103 Public Health Practice) and to add a new course (PHC6102 Public Health Policy and Management). These changes are requested to align the PHC with eligibility criteria to sit for the national Certified in Public Health (CPH) exam. Recently the exam board added new eligibility criteria that include taking one course in each of the five core areas of public health through a CEPH accredited institution (the UNF MPH program is CEPH accredited). The revised requirements include 5 courses covering the 5 core public health areas. It is anticipated this revision will increase enrollment in the program. The new PHC6102 course is being requested as part of the concurrent MPH program revisions. Total credit hours remained at 45.
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