Agenda Item FA 13-54

Submitted by the Faculty Affairs Committee

ISQ and Grade Distribution Data


12/05/13: Passed

12/20/13: Disapproved

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Disapproval Response (ISQ and Grade Distribution Data)

ISQ and Grade Distribution Data  


In regard to the making of Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire (ISQ) and Grade Distribution data available via the University’s course schedule website;


The faculty proposes to the Provost that the ISQ and Grade Distribution data (1) be made available by the UNF library in a format to be determined by the library, and (2) that the links to the data in the catalog be removed.



The proper place for this information is the library since it makes more sense for students to research this information as they research other things; and 

The current location could be misinterpreted by students since it implies that such data should be used in the selection of courses; and

The information that is over two years old is not relevant and potentially detrimental to students making decisions about enrolling in courses.