Agenda Item FA 13-45

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Arts and Sciences (Graduate)

(Music): New Degree Program Request – Proposal for a Master of Arts – Music Major (1 package)

12/05/13: Passed

12/13/13: Approved

01/07/14: UBOT

Log Number: 201308-14

Proposal for a Master of Arts – Music Major -Graduate   

Add a new degree-major program                   
Master of Arts - Music Major

Summary of the Changes:
Summary of the Changes:
To meet the growing demand for trained musicians in the northeast Florida and greater southeast region demonstrated through hundreds of requests from local students, public school and private studio teachers, church musicians, and professional performers, the University of North Florida Music Flagship Program plans to initiate a Master of Music (M.M.) performance degree, with concentration areas in conducting and jazz studies, woodwind, brass, percussion, strings, piano, and voice.
The M.M., a practice-oriented degree designated by the National Association of Schools of Music, will consist of 36 credit hours of graduate courses offered by the Department of Music. After completion of the two-year M.M. degree program in Performance, students will have the option of pursuing a doctoral degree in another school; serving as musicians and music leaders in religious and civic settings; and performing regionally, nationally and abroad. Music educators currently certified to teach will benefit from pursuing the M.M. by adding to their expertise as musicians, and having the option to pursue career paths in administration, which requires a Master’s Degree. Duval County teachers hired before July 2011 will receive a sustained salary increase for achieving a Master’s Degree.
Resources Information:
Faculty Salary and Benefits:
Flagship Funds ($1.5 million from 2011-12 through 2015-16) are being used to add three new lines which will continue to be supported by the university after the Flagship funding period ends.
The addition of these lines make it possible to offer the M.M. without the addition of any new lines. Drs. Gosden and Provost are listed on Appendix A, Table 4 as “New faculty to be hired on a new line.” They are listed as such because they were hired to teach undergraduate courses and to develop and teach our graduate offerings. However, no new expense will be incurred to launch the M.M. degree, as the lines were initiated with Flagship funds, and will be sustained by the university as if they were pre-existing lines.
Most, if not all of the M.M. students will be taught by ranked faculty. As such, we do not anticipate added OPS expenses, and no other support staff will be added, too.
Additional Resources Information:
The department will attempt to utilize academic out of state tuition waiver (OSTW) awards ($100K currently budgeted annually), Graduate Assistantships awarded by College of Arts and Sciences ($15K to be awarded annually beginning in fall 2014), newly created Graduate Fellowships ($15K annually from a gift, to mature in 2014-15), and Foundation Scholarships ($28.5K currently budgeted annually).
Library Expenses: Our library holdings are first rate, and were well received by NASM during our accreditation visit in October, 2012. The department will continue to add to these holdings utilizing the library budget. No additional expenses will be incurred.
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