Agenda Item FA 14-18 (1st Reading)

Submitted by the Executive Committee

1st Reading - Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Nominations and Elections Committee - Additional Proposal for the Voting

04/03/14: 1st Reading

05/15/14: 2nd Reading


 Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading

Nominations and Elections Additional Proposal for the Voting


The Faculty Affairs Committee has discussed the possibility of Faculty Association committees having representation from colleges who are chosen only by members from those colleges to have access to vote.


Nominations and Elections




At the March meeting, the Nominations and Elections Committee shall submit such nominations as are necessary for all vacancies scheduled to occur on all standing committees of the Association and any other University committees that have regular faculty representatives that request participation in this election process. These nominations shall be in accord with the representative apportionment described in Article VI. Procedure for these committee elections shall be as follows: 

(1) The Chairperson of the Nominations and Elections Committee shall advise the Committee members of all vacancies occurring. 

(2) Nominations and Elections Committee members shall canvass (preferably by memo or E-mail) their constituent groups for consenting nominees.


(3) Representatives shall forward all names to the Nominations and Elections Chairperson, who will have the slate prepared in time for the Executive Committee meeting immediately preceding the March Faculty Association meeting. 

(4) Additional nominations for positions on these committees may be made from the floor at the March meeting or sent to the Nominations and Elections Chairperson prior to the March meeting of the Executive Committee, at which the April Agenda is set.


(5) Web-based electronic ballots will be available beginning at 9:00 AM on the day of the April Faculty Association meeting and ending at 5:00 PM on the following Wednesday. 

(6) Ballots will be tabulated and the list of successful candidates shall be sent to the Faculty Association’s Executive Secretary, to be posted and included with the May Agenda.


(7) For all the Faculty Association Standing committees and the University Committees that have college-specific representation, only members of the relevant college may vote on their college representatives.