Agenda Item FA 14-17 (1st Reading)

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

1st Reading - Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Academic Programs Committee - Charge Changes Proposal

04/03/14: 1st Reading

05/15/14: Withdrawn


 Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading

Academic Programs Committee Charge Changes Proposal


The proposed charges for the Academic Programs Committee are regarding methods for improving the functioning of the APC.
Section 4. 

A. The Academic Programs Committee (APC) shall review and recommend policies regarding degree requirements, academic programs and priorities, program evaluation, and major changes in the University's curriculum. curricular proposals for the creation, deletion, or modification of academic programs and courses. In their review of curricular proposals, members of the committee shall determine (1) whether the degree program or course is academically appropriate in a particular college or department, (2) whether there is overlap, repetition, or redundancy in the creation of new degree programs or courses, and (3) whether all relevant parties have been consulted and had the chance to review the proposal. Matters of presentation of academic curricula – the UNF Catalog, for instance -- are the responsibility of Academic Affairs; matters of compliance with accreditation standards are the responsibility of the relevant department/college and/or Academic Affairs.  College representatives to the APC shall initially review all proposals from their colleges and work with departments to formulate final submissions.