Agenda Item FA 14-15

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

Brooks College of Health (Undergraduate)

(Public Health): Course Change and Programs of Study Changes (1 package)

04/03/14: Passed

04/11/14: Approved

Log Number: 201401-32

Public Health – Undergraduate


Change a degree-major-concentration of an existing program                       
Bachelor of Health Admin. - Health Administration Major Aging Services Concentration

Summary of the Changes:
This request is for change to the undergraduate Health Administration (BHA) Program Aging Services Concentration which addresses course designation.
The change requested includes:
- Change to the course designation for one aging course (HSA3154 Aging Policy and Politics) from HSA to GEY (Gerontology).

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Change an existing course

Aging Policy and Politics


Junior (3xxx)


This course designation change is requested as the course (HSA3154 Aging Policy and Politics) is one of the required courses for the Health Administration aging concentration but is not assigned the same designation as the other Aging courses. The state has applied the GEY course designation to all UNF aging courses developed over the last several years and this course change is requested to make this course consistent with our other aging coursework.
New Course Description:

This course will introduce the students to aging policy at the federal, state and local level. Topics covered will include major landmarks in the development of public policy for aging and the influence of seniors and senior organizations on the political process.