Agenda Item FA 14-09

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

College of Computing, Engineering, and Construction (Graduate)

(School of Engineering/Civil Engineering): New Degree Program Proposal of MS in Civil Engineering – Coastal and Port Engineering Major

04/03/14: Passed

04/15/14: Approved

06/10/14: UBOT

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Log Number: 201401-29

New Degree Program Request:  

Proposal for MS in Civil Engineering– Coastal and Port Engineering Major 


Summary of the Changes:
We propose a new major of Coastal and Port Engineering within the existing Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree. The emphases will be on engineering design in coastal and port areas, coastal processes, coastal and estuarine science, mitigation of coastal disasters, coastal water resources and green energy. This will be a 30 credit hour program.

Dean Tumeo certifies that no new resources will be required to implement the proposed new major. There will be NO reallocation of funds necessary to initiate this program because UNF has already provided CCEC the funding for the additional faculty needed.  The faculty involved (Dr. Resio, Dr. Bacopoulos and Dr. Dally) have all been hired and are already teaching in the Civil Engineering Program.  In addition, the program developed is a repackaging of courses that have been developed and taught as part of the existing Civil Engineering Master degree.  The budget includes on adjunct (Dr. Christopher Bender) who has taught select courses in the Civil Engineering Program during the past two years.  The expense for this adjunct is already included in the College’s adjunct budget and therefore does not require allocation.

 (Coastal and Port Engineering Master of Civil Engineering Proposal Attachment)