Agenda Item FA 12-32

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCEC - Construction Management & School of Computing

Add New Minor, Terminate & Change of Programs of Studies (3 packages)

09/06/12: Passed

09/12/12: Approved

Log Number: 201201-47

Construction Management - Undergraduate

Change a degree-major of an existing program

Bachelor of Science - Building Construction Major

Summary of the Changes:
The Construction Management department is requesting to move MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing from the "Core Requirements" section of the degree program to the "Business Elective" section. In addition, we would like to request to move MAN 3025 Administrative Management from the "Business Elective" section to be required in our major and listed in the "Core Requirement" section. This action is a response to the ACCE accreditation visit. ACCE listed a weakness due to a "general business" class requirement. MAN 3025 meets this requirement. However, it is not a required class. Marketing does not meet the ACCE requirement. Hence, we are requesting to make MAN 3025 a required class and MAR 3023 an elective.  
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Log Number: 201201-55

Construction Management - Undergraduate

Add a new minor 
Construction Management Minor


Summary of the Changes:

The Construction Management department is proposing a new minor in Construction Management. The minor includes 18 credit hours of prerequisites and 12 credit hours of upper level construction management coursework. This minor is a direct response to interest from students of other majors in obtaining estimating and scheduling skills to help with their career path. Students must complete the necessary prerequisite classes for the minor.
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Log Number: 201108-100

School of Computing - Undergraduate

Terminate an existing non-degree program
Certificate - Leadership Development Certificate 

Summary of the Changes:

We are requesting the deletion of the Leadership Development Certificate offered through CCEC. Only two students have pursued this certificate since its inception in 2005. With other leadership programs offered on campus, this certificate is no longer viable. Since the last student enrolled in the certificate was in 2009, this deletion has no impact on the enrollment of units listed in the program of study.  
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