Agenda Item FA 12-42

Submitted by the Campus Technology Committee


Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment of Campus Technology Committee Change Proposal - ARTICLE VI:Section 3. - E.

10/04/12: 1st Reading

11/01/12: 2nd Reading

Faculty Association Bylaws Amendment: First Reading

Campus Technology Committee Change Proposal The Campus Technology Committee proposes the following change to the Bylaws to remove the requirement that the chairperson of this committee serve as a faculty representative on the Gang of Technology (GOT) Committee. GOT is no longer an existing committee.

Section 3.

E. Campus Technology Committee:

The Campus Technology Committee (CTC) shall review and recommend policies, regulations, and practices concerning: technology support; classroom, library, and computer lab technology; learning technologies; academic and career advisement technology; instructional media, telephony, and communication services; and any other academic technology services. It shall be advisory to the Center for Instruction and Research Technology (CIRT), meeting regularly with its Director. The chairperson of this committee shall serve as one of the faculty representatives on the Faculty Association Executive Committee, and the University Technology Committee, and the Gang of Technology (GOT) Committee. Additionally, the chair or a designee shall serve on the University’s Distance Learning Committee.