Agenda Item FA 12-41

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Course Withdrawal Limitation Policy

10/04/12: Passed

10/11/12: Approved

The Academic Standards Committee proposes the following Course Withdrawal Limitation Policy which sets a maximum number of withdrawals for both upper and lower level courses. This policy should encourage students to contact their advisors when they struggle in a course rather than just withdrawing from courses excessively. It should also increase graduation rates and brings UNF’s policy in line with other universities in the SUS, such as USF and UF.


Course Withdrawal Limitation Policy 


This policy applies to all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking undergraduate students, including current, transfer, first year, and post-baccalaureate students, regardless of when they first enrolled.


Withdrawal Limit

All undergraduate students will be limited to a total of six UNF course withdrawals.


The six course withdrawals, regardless of the number of credit hours per course, will be limited to:

  •  Three course withdrawals for 1000 and 2000 level courses, and
  • Three course withdrawals for 3000 or higher level courses     
Unused withdrawals are forfeited and may not be carried forward.

After the withdrawal limit is reached, students will be blocked from further course withdrawals by the University's registration system.


Any course withdrawals at UNF PRIOR to Fall 2013 are not counted towards this policy but will continue to be reflected on the student's transcript.



All courses with a grade of WM, WS, or WR are not counted towards this policy.