Agenda Item FA 12-39

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

CCEC - Civil Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

Course changes & Program of Study changes (3 packages)

10/04/12: Passed

10/16/12: Approved

Log Number: 201205-4

School of Engineering/Civil Engineering - Undergraduate 

Change a degree-major of an existing program
Bachelor of Science – Civil Engineering Major

Summary of the Changes:


The Civil Engineering faculty would like to provide more flexibility for our students for a core course and major course. Currently, students are required to take CES 3104C Mechanics of Materials as a core course and CGN 3501C Civil Engineering Materials as a major course. Similar courses are also taught in mechanical engineering. The Civil Engineering faculty would like to enable students the option to take either civil engineering or mechanical engineering versions of these courses. The mechanical engineering course EGN 3331 Strength of Material is similar to Mechanics of Materials. The mechanical engineering course EML 3520C Engineering Materials is similar to Civil Engineering Materials. The requested change would provide students further flexibility and enable more to graduate on time since the civil courses and mechanical courses will be offered during different semesters thus providing more opportunities for students to secure these required courses.
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Log Number: 201201-63

School of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering - Undergraduate


Change an existing course Integrated Design/Manufacture EML Senior (4xxx) 320C

Remove current pre-requisite of EGN 3321 (Dynamics) as it is not necessary for the content of EML4320C (Integrated Design and Manufacturing). Add the new pre-requisite of EML 3535C (Modern Engineering CAD), as it introduces students to technical knowledge needed in EML 4320C (Integrated Design and Manufacturing).


Log Number: 201201-64

School of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering - Undergraduate

Change an existing course Strength of Materials EGN Junior (3xxx) 331

Please remove the co-requisite EGN3331L (Strength of Materials lab) from the course EGN3331 (Strength of Materials)as this co-requisite is no longer offered.