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CCB (Graduate) - Marketing & Logistics

Course Change (1 package)

10/04/12: Passed

10/09/12: Approved

Log Number: 201201-34


Marketing and Logistics - Graduate


Change an existing course E-Supply Chain Management TRA Graduate (6xxx) 157

The current course title (E-Supply Chain Management) was created during the rising influence of electronic commerce. That title created the assumption that the course is solely concerned with the electronic component of supply chain management (SCM), which is untrue. The course remains focused on the broad, integrative nature and challenges of SCM and its associated technologies. In the course catalog description, two changes are needed: 1)remove the word "electronic" from line 2; and 2) replace the word "manufacturing" with "product" in line 3 below.  
New Course Description:

Prerequisites: MAN 6501 and ISM 6021, or permission of instructor. This course covers the integration, operations, management and strategic implications of supply chain management for product and service firms. Emphasis is placed on the processes spanning multiple firms within the supply chain from source to end-customer.