Agenda Item FA 12-37

Submitted by the Academic Programs Committee

COEHS - Exceptional, Deaf, & Interpreter Education

New Degree Program Proposal Master of Science - American Sign Language/English Interpreting

10/04/12: Passed

10/09/12: Approved

10/16/12: UBOT

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Log Number: 201205-5

New Degree Program Request - Graduate:

Proposal for a Master of Science - American Sign Language/English Interpreting Major-

This proposal is a request to migrate an existing online degree program from a concentration that was piloted under a M.Ed. in Special Education to a freestanding MS degree with an additional concentration. The original concentration was implemented in 2009 as a result of public demand for a graduate-level program in Interpreting, as there were only two other graduate programs in the U.S. The program is currently in operation via distance delivery with occasional onsite requirements. Transitioning the current program away from its present form as a concentration serves to distinguish Interpreting from Special Education, a philosophical milestone for the program. The program does not prepare K-12 teachers, as the name implies, and would more accurately reflect the nature of the profession if it were an M.S. degree. Transitioning to an M.S. degree to this more current perspective is also a key recruitment benefit for the program.

(Language/English Interpreting Proposal Attachment)