Agenda Item FA 13-26

Submitted by the Academic Standards Committee

Military Withdrawal Policy

05/09/13: Passed

05/15/13: Approved

The Academic Standards Committee proposes the following changes to the Military Withdrawal Policy. These changes will allow spouses of affected students to withdraw from their courses if their spouses are called to military duty and are therefore unable to complete their courses here.


Military Withdrawal Policy  



To establish a University policy for students, and spouses of affected military personnel, who are called up for the purposes of military duty. 



Students who provide advanced notice are entitled to a leave of absence or complete withdrawal to engage in active duty, training for active duty, initial active duty for training, inactive duty for training, full-time National Guard duty, or attendance at an examination to determine their fitness for these kinds of duty.

These students will be provided with full refunds of tuition and other fees and will have a grade of"WS" posted on the transcript for the courses that were in progress at the time of their request. Additionally, a spouse of affected military personnel is granted the same consideration.

The degree requirements that were in effect at the time when continuous enrollment was broken, including pre-requisite and general education requirements, may be applied to these students' programs of study at the time of their return.  



Students and/or spouses of affected military personnel called to military service may withdraw themselves online in MyWings or in person at One-Stop Student Services up until the deadline to withdraw for the term. To receive a full refund, the student must provide a copy of his/her the affected military personnel's orders with a fee petition to the Controller's Office up to six months after the One-Stop Student Services for review in Records and Registration.

If the withdrawal deadline has passed, a copy of his/her the affected military personnel's ordersmust be submitted with a Waiver of University policy to One-Stop Student Services. After review by Academic Affairs, Records and Registration, the grade of WS will be recorded for ALL courses in which the student was enrolled (unless a grade of [Incomplete] was issued by an instructor or other arrangements have been made). Once the WS is assigned, tuition will be refunded for those courses.