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CCEC (Undergraduate) - School of Computing

New Course (1 package)

05/09/13: Passed

05/14/13: Approved

Log Number: 201205-8

School of Computing - Undergraduate



Add a new course Introduction to Music Informatics
(3 crs)
CAP Senior (4xxx) XXX
("COP3530: Data Structures"
OR "COP3538: Data Structures Using OOP")
AND ("STA2023: G(M) Elem Statistics-Business"
OR "STA4321: (GM)Probability and Statistics")
Course Description:

This course studies computer algorithms and technologies used in music analysis, synthesis, and processing. Topics include, but are not limited to: music signal processing, knowledge representation in digital music, interactive systems for music learning and composing, music emotion recognition and automatic music recommender systems. This course demonstrates how computing and engineering concepts, including programming, algorithms, data structures, algebra, probability/statistics, and signal processing, are applied to digital music research. The class includes weekly readings of contemporary scientific literature in the field of computational music research, project presentations, in-class discussions, and hands-on assignments. Students complete a final project in which they create software systems to improve everyday musical experiences via the use of computer technologies.